DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Speaker Dialogue
[Opening time-skip. Comic Book Store.]
Batgirl [gasps] I don't believe it!
Harley Quinn It's... It's...
Batgirl and Harley Quinn THE LIMITED EDITION "CLOWNS VS. BATS" NUMBER 187! [starts to grab the book and stops]
Batgirl Oh, I didn't know you collected this title.
Harley Quinn And I didn't know you collected this title.
Batgirl Wow, and would you look at that. It's the last copy.
Harley Quinn Only one left in the whole city.
Batgirl Yep.
Harley Quinn Yep.
Batgirl and Harley Quinn [to each other] YOU SHOULD TAKE IT!
Batgirl What? No, I couldn't!
Harley Quinn Well, I couldn't either. You should be the one who has it.
Batgirl But I wouldn't even enjoy it knowing how bad you want it.
Harley Quinn And I wouldn't enjoy it knowing how bad you want it.
Batgirl You're such a good friend, Harls, but I insist!
Harley Quinn Nope, it ain't happening. It's all yours, Batsby!
Batgirl You take it!
Harley Quinn YOU take it!
Batgirl No you take it!
Harley Quinn NO YOU TAKE IT!!
Man Are you girls done not buying things? I gotta close up.
Batgirl You know what, leany-beany? If you can't have it, I don't want it.
Harley Quinn You're right, badly-boo, I mean, who wants a dumb comic about clowns anyway?
[Time-skip. Nighttime.]
[Harley Quinn giggles as she kicks the door open so Batgirl gasps and has a comic book.]
Batgirl Whoa-whoa-whoa!
[Batgirl slowly puts the comic in the bag.]
Harley Quinn Good thinking.
[Batgirl and Harley Quinn fight.]
Harley Quinn BOO!
[Harley Quinn stops as Batgirl hits her on a head with Harley Quinn's hammer. Batgirl and Harley Quinn fight again.]
Batgirl [gasps] Oops!
Harley Quinn Huh..?
Batgirl and Harley Quinn NOOOOOOOOO!
[Batgirl and Harley Quinn still fight. The bomb starts the explosion.]
Batgirl and Harley Quinn [gasp] THE COMIC!
[Explosion sounds.]
Batgirl Got it! [gasp] At least... the comic... is in... one... piece.
Harley Quinn [laughing manically] Clowns Vs. Bats! I just got it!! Huh? [Batgirl punches her]