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Crazy Quilt is a recurring character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the supersuit design teacher at Super Hero High School.


Crazy Quilt is a black-haired man with a mustache and a small beard. He wears glasses with three lens in different colors, a purple suit with deep purple tie and trousers, and a vest made up of disjointed patches of different colors.


  • Costume Specification
  • Hypnosis
  • Telepathic Combat
  • Laser Beam Emission
  • Light Generation
  • Light Beam Emission
  • Photokinetic Combat


Season one[]

In Crazy Quiltin', Crazy Quilt appears teaching a supersuit design class, saying that a suit must exhibit creativity, craftsmanship and practicality, and assigns the students to complete their first suit by the end of the semester.[1] In Designing Disaster, Wonder Woman mentions him and his grading criteria of creativity, craftsmanship and practicality when reviewing a super-suit design.[2] In Saving the Day, he begins the grading for the students' first suit design. As Wonder Woman shows hers off, it is interrupted by the Save the Day alarm. After Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Bumblebee save Mr. Fox when his invisible jet pack gets him stuck on the amethyst in front of Super Hero High School, he reappears to tell Wonder Woman that the final is over, having seen her suit in action while she and her friends saved Mr. Fox and gives her an A+ grade for being "one of the finest examples of super-suiting [he has] ever seen".[3]

Season two[]

In the special Super Hero High, Crazy Quilt appears in front of the school with the rest of the students and staff welcoming Supergirl as she first arrives at the school. The next day, he makes a background appearance eating with other staff in the cafeteria during lunch. After the Female Furies' takeover of the school is defeated, he appears in the audience for the assembly celebrating the school's victory and applauds as Batgirl is announced as the school's newest student. In Batgirl vs. Supergirl, he appears in a school hallway as Batgirl and Supergirl race to the cafeteria over the last slice of super food cake, and ducks under Batgirl's batrope, dragging her as it is attached to Supergirl as she flies. He comments, "They've gone cape crazy!"

In Hero of the Year, he supervises decorations for the Hero of the Year ceremony in front of the school, praising Poison Ivy and Star Sapphire's decorations and rebuking the Cheetah as she carries the Hero of the Year trophy, ordering her to put it back where she found it. He later coaches a student dance show in the school auditorium for the ceremony, and criticizes the Cheetah's dancing. Principal Waller asks him for more students to watch the amethyst after it becomes the subject of suspicious activity. He is initially reluctant to let one of his dancers go, but then lets them have Cheetah, whose dancing still has not improved. Later, he appears outside the school the day of the ceremony. After Dark Opal and Eclipso are defeated when they try to corrupt the amethyst, he presents the Hero of the Year gala in the auditorium, only to find it empty, save for Beast Boy, who tells him that they have to get him to the party at Jonathan and Martha Kent's farm. At the party, he gives a box of macaroons to Martha Kent, kissing her and gives the Hero of the Year trophy to Bumblebee for her sacrifice in their victory against Dark Opal and Eclipso.

Season three[]

In For Art's Sake, Crazy Quilt makes a non-speaking cameo appearance attending the Super Hero High School Student Art Show Fundraiser in the school foyer, and watches as Katana and Supergirl chase after the Double Dare Twins after they steal Silver St. Cloud's painting. In Stealth 101 Part 1, he makes an abrupt stealth appearance at a super-suit class before giving his students an assignment to create stealth suits with partners. When selecting Batgirl's partner, Beast Boy and Katana each try to get selected, with the latter starling him by sneaking up on him, before he eventually chooses Poison Ivy, much to both of their disappointment. He is later seen in Batgirl's Batcave monitor being kidnapped by Killer Moth in the super suit design classroom. In Stealth 101 Part 2, Killer Moth takes him to his hideout in an abandoned movie theater and forces him to make him the "super-est super-suit". He agrees, calling his current costume "a fashion abomination". While working on it, Ivy and Batgirl, wearing their stealth suit assignment projects stealthily rescue him before defeating Killer Moth. After Killer Moth is led into the Battywagon, he gives the Ivy and Batgirl partnership an A+ grade, having seen the success of their stealth costumes in action. In It's a Superful Life, he stands by Principal Waller with the other staff as she wishes happy holidays to the students during the Winter Holiday tree ceremony in the school foyer.

Season four[]

In Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1, Crazy Quilt teaches some students how to dance in the school auditorium for their upcoming Tamaranean dance for Starfire. He calls the students "caterpillars" that will soon become his "little dancing butterflies", and describes the beauty of dance as working "together to the beat of the music". When Supergirl and Wonder Woman over-spin their respective dance partners, the Flash and Cyborg into the floor and the ceiling respectively, Beast Boy transforms into a hedgehog, not wanting to dance with Katana, causing Crazy Quilt to facepalm. In Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, he looks into the dance with Korugar students in the school foyer, which is actually a Tamaranean domination battle. He sheds tears of joy at the magnificence of his "little butterflies'" dancing as they defeat the Korugar students while Wonder Woman calls out dance moves from a microphone.

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Crazy Quilt has a panic attack over a fashion emergency just before the final Intro to Super-Suits class before Semester Finals. Wonder Woman calms him down by suggesting he is just being a trendsetter. He then takes attendance for the class; when he gets to Supergirl, he finds that she is absent and asks the other students if they have seen her. Batgirl tells him that she thinks "she wasn't feeling well" as she sees her fly away from the school. Later during the class, he congratulates Batgirl for her "excellent work" when she shows off her stealth wear. As the class ends, he wishes the students good luck with Semester Finals, and tells Poison Ivy to "topsy-turvy [her] frown" as she leaves. She responds by saying that she can't because she has detention.

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, when the Flash's friends tell him that Professor Etrigan is part of Principal Waller's program to reform villains when he reminds them that he is a demon as they run to his office in the SHHS hallway, Crazy Quilt peers out of a door and remarks that the program worked for him. He later appears in Miss Moone's flashback receiving an invitation to the surprise party she is throwing for Professor Etrigan, and remarks that he does not recall him talking about anyone outside Super Hero High when she asks him if he knows any of his friends she should invite. He then appears in her flashback surprising Professor Etrigan during the party. He also appears in Professor Etrigan's flashback, surprising him during the party when he tells Wonder Woman why he is imprisoned in the underworld.

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, Crazy Quilt appears in an alternate timeline with the other villainous faculty of Savage High being ordered by Vandal Savage to attack Batgirl and Harley Quinn when they arrive in front of the school to recover the missing pterodactyl egg. He throws goo grenades at Harley, which she remarks is uncharacteristically unfashionable of him. As Batgirl and Harley's friends join the battle, Batgirl advises her friends to defeat the teachers with the best advice they gave them in their timeline. Katana applies what Crazy Quilt taught her to exploit the flaws of a lackluster enemy's style by hanging him by his shirt on her sword, giving on him a wedgie. After the timeline is restored, the evil Crazy Quilt presumably merges with the reformed Crazy Quilt from the restored timeline.

Out of the Bottle[]

In Out of the Bottle, Crazy Quilt appears in Katana's comics project for art class, calling for someone to stop the Mad Hatter as he runs off with a bag of stolen hats at the Trendies fashion award show. After Katana defeats the Mad Hatter and recovers his hats, she gives the bag of hats back to him while he accepts an award for "Fashion Designer of the Year". When the award is reawarded to Katana for her "brilliant moves and stellar style", he is carried off by Vice Principal Grodd while remarking that she deserves it.

Search for Atlantis[]

In Search for Atlantis, Crazy Quilt appears in the supersuit design room as Bumblebee makes costumes identical to her own for three of her friends. He complains to her that it will take her more than twenty minutes to make two more costumes given how she took seven hours to make the first one. After he falls asleep, Bumblebee gets Raven to use magic to duplicate the costume into a total of three costumes.



  • Unlike other versions of Crazy Quilt, this version is not blind and is not a villain.


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