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Crazy Quiltin' Transcript

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Scene: Dressing class.

Crazy Quilt: A super-suit must exhibit creativity, craftsmanship, and... (chuckles) practicality. Your first suit is due at the end of the semester.

Scene: Wonder Woman's room. Wonder Woman marks the end of the semester on her calendar.

Wonder Woman: Ohh...
Harley Quinn: Why so frowny, Wonzie? We all gotta make a suit when we get here! It's tradition!
Wonder Woman: Designing costumes is just not my thing.
Harley Quinn: Wait a minute, there's something you ain't good at?! Ha! (Wonder Woman glares at her) Anyway, I gotta brainstormie for ya! Why make a new one when you already got a snazzy super-suit?!
Wonder Woman: Harley, I can't wear that! I need something that shows the new Super Hero High me!
(Harley addresses Bumblebee and Katana, who are seated on couches in the common area.)
Harley Quinn: Okay, you guys, be nice! She is terrible at this. Oh, hi, Wondy!
Wonder Woman: (emerges from behind a changing screen wearing a bright pink, blue, and yellow outfit) Modern? (Harley Quinn gives a thumbs-up. Wonder Woman next appears in a wrestling-like uniform with her red, blue, yellow, and white colors) Strong? (Harley covers her face as Katana and Bumblebee grimace. Wonder Woman kicks down the mirror, now wearing basically her previous suit but with her hair in an 80s beehive style) Courageous?
Harley Quinn: Ohh... let's help her!
Bumblebee: Do-over!
Katana: Girl, we got this!
Bumblebee: I'll get the thread!
Katana: I got the shears!
Harley: I call snap duty!
(Wonder Woman smiles as they approach her.)