Cyborg (real name Victor Stone) is a recurring character.


Cyborg is a large teenage boy who has dark skin and black short hair. The right half of his face is robotic with a red robotic eye, and the other half is human, with a brown eye. His body is a large metal suit with black sleeves and red rectangle with a gear logo inside on his chest. Most of his body is grey and white.


  • Technorganic Physiology
  • Jet Propulsion
  • Aerial Combat Mastery
  • Aerial Adaptation
  • Atmospheric Adaptation
  • Levitation
  • Flight
  • High-Speed Flight
  • Energy Resistance
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Mechanical Intuition
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Strength Combat
  • Supernatural Speed
  • Speed Combat
  • Supernaturally Dense Tissue
  • Supernatural Stamina
  • Shapeshifting
  • Shapeshifting Combat
  • Partial Transformation
  • Natural Weaponry
  • Laser Beam Emission
  • Photokinetic Combat
  • Telescopic Vision
  • Sound Attacks
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Sonokinetic Combat
  • Electricity Generation
  • Electrokinetic Combat
  • Shocking
  • Grappling Proficiency
  • Hook Proficiency
  • Electromagnetic Vision
  • Infrared Perception
  • Motion Sense
  • Energy Resistance
  • Computer Interaction


He is voiced by Khary Payton in the English version of the cartoon.

Cyborg appears as part of the crowd listening to Amanda Waller.[1][2]

He appears in the hallway with Lady Shiva.[2]

Cyborg appears in the courtyard with Lightning.[3]

Cyborg teams up with the The Flash in a Tennis Doubles tournament against Supergirl and Katana.[4]


He is described in the prologue as an unsurprising candidate for expulsion, being described as as "boisterous". He later is seen playing SaveBall.[5]



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