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Cythonna is the main antagonist of the crossover movie Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse. She was the goddess of darkness, blight, and suffering.


Cythonna was known on Krypton to be a cruel, evil, ambitious, and sadistic Goddess who delighted in filling the hearts of her victims with evil in order to become stronger.

She can be quite manipulative and persuasive, as she was able to persuade and manipulate Lex Luthor himself.

Physical Appearance[]

Cythonna is a very tall, beautiful Kryptonian Goddess with a curvaceous hourglass figure, light lilac skin, pupil-less icy-blue eyes, dark purple narrow eyebrows and wavy, ankle-length white-and-icy-blue streaked-hair with bangs. She also wears lavender eyeshadow and lipstick that is colored in two shades of dark blue. When up-closed, she has noticeable fangs inside of her mouth.

In terms of attire, Cythonna is dressed in a tight-fitting indigo leotard with dark navy-blue long sleeves and a periwinkle high-collar that overlays the shoulders, and it also creates a star-like opening that reveals her mid-chest. She also wore dark navy-blue tights, and both dark indigo gloves and thigh-high stiletto boots, with the diamond-like spiked-cuffs being adorned with actual diamonds.

When she is a ghost, Cythonna's appearance is nearly the same, with the exception of her being translucent with a purple tint, her gloves being more simple-looking and her sporting a ghost tail.


Goddess Physiology: Cythonna being a goddess has all the standard attributes of one such as great strength, agility, and reflexes. Seems lesser effected by Kryptonite, was able to destroy the Kryptonite prison and completely neutralized the lasting negative effect on Supergirl's body.

Using Supergirl as vessel she defeated Wonder Woman and the Super Hero Girls fairly easily. Supergirl admit, she would be unable to defeat Cythonna in reality, but was convinced inside her own mind she has the advantage, yet was still "no match". Appears as the predominant kryptonian god, with the power to declare entire universes her domain or by her own words, to "destroy" them.

  • Immortality: Being a Goddess Cythonna cannot die in any way she can only be locked up but never killed.
  • Mind Control: Cythonna can control the minds of her victims and turn them evil or their servants.
  • Astral Projection: Cythonna can project her spirit outside of her prison.
  • Worship Empowerment: As a goddess, Cythonna received more power the more she is worshiped in her case, all the while more hate and evil she consumes from her victims and followers.
  • Flight: Cythonna possesses the ability to fly, as per being a Kryptonian Goddess.
  • Possession: Cythonna can possess people and make them her hosts.
  • Telepathy: Cythonna can mentally communicate over great distances to speak and send messages.

Dark Magic: Cythonna is also known as the goddess of darkness as she can manipulate dark magic and negative energy which manifests itself in a mass of spheres of bright indigo and violet colors.

VideoCapture 20220603-131149

Cythonna's dark magic aura

  • Energy Projection: Cythonna can fire powerful beams of dark energy from her hands. Even imprisoned and her power only partially restored, she still could reshape and damage earths moon, leaved a big "Boo!" and a crack on the surface. The beam erupt from the crystal, reached the moon in few seconds.
  • Portal Creation: Cythonna is capable of creating portals capable of tearing the fabric of reality and traveling between multiple universes and dimensions. Which makes her multiversal-level threat.
  • Telekinesis: Cythonna can move objects and people with just her mind or a movement of her hands.

Crossover Appearances[]



Thousands of years ago, Cythonna ruled Krypton causing terror in the locals of the planet and desolating it as a garbage dump. That is, until her brother Rao, the Sun God, encased her in an amulet and sent her out into space. For eons, the Kryptonians spread the story of the Goddess of Darkness as a legend and that if they saw a shooting star in the sky they said it was Cythonna, coming for them.

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse[]

After the destruction of Krypton, the Amulet of Cythonna was found by one of Lex Luthor's satellites while searching the remains of the dead planet. Locked in her gem-crystal prison, Cythonna manipulated Lex Luthor into gathering various villains and forming the Legion of Doom in order to free herself of her and possess a new Kryptonian vessel.

Following Cythonna's orders, Luthor imprisons Superman in a box made of kryptonite while the Legion locks John Stewart and Aquaman in the Phantom Zone. For her part, Harley Quinn helps Wonder Woman escape from the Hall of Doom. The United Nations gives the world to the Legion of Doom, while Lex is controlled by the Kryptonian Goddess who asks him to show her his new host. But seeing Superman, she rejects him revealing that she wanted the strongest Kryptonian: Supergirl. Nonetheless, she decides to use Superman as bait to lure Kara out.

When Supergirl arrives at the Hall of Doom, the Legion tries to trap her, but they are stopped by Cythonna, who controls them with her power. Cythonna asks Supergirl to join her in showing the world the true meaning of the power, but when the latter rejects her alliance, Cythonna again uses a weakened Superman to make her change her mind, or else she would kill him. And to top it off, she locks Supergirl in the box to let her think about her decision. Overloaded with the Legion's evil, the Amulet shatters, freeing the heroes. Under the control of the goddess, the Legion fought against the Super Hero Girls, the Invinci-Bros, and the Justice League who defeated them. Seeing Cythonna break free from her prison, Supergirl having no choice, decides give up to the goddess, who enters her and puts the Legion out of her reach.

Cythonna, inside Kara's body as her host, fights the Super Hero Girls, easily defeating them. But when she was about to hit Bumblebee, she then yells for Kara telling her to stop. Kara comes to her senses upon hearing Bumblebee, and then confronts the evil Kryptonian goddess inside her mind. But soon she is overpowered and again fights Supergirl's friends. Batman attempts to use a Kryptonite Batarang to save Kara and stop Cythonna, but is stopped by Wonder Woman. She, along with her friends call Kara to keep fighting Cythonna. Superman still weak, encourages her to defeat the goddess. Supergirl then pulls out a crystal and imprisons Cythonna inside the crystal, freeing herself. Supergirl, along with Zatanna, banish the evil goddess out of her universe, and together, the team share a victory hug.

Later in Sweet Justice, the Super Hero Girls along with their new member, Harley Quinn (whom they accepted into the team), celebrate their victory over Cythonna. At that, Jessica question Zee where she sent the Cythonna crystal, to which Zee confirms that she left it up to her to decide; and it is revealed that the goddess traveled to the dimension of Teen Titans Go!, where Beast Boy used the crystal to use as a support for an old television; and would also reveal that she possessed to Control Freak to retrieve the crystal again. The Teen Titans foil her attempt to destroy their universe, and she is once again banished by Raven. Robin question Raven where did send Cythonna and the crystal go. Raven told him "Somewhere", leaving Robin shocked.

Later, the crystal ends up stranded in the dimension of Super Friends. The Super Friends plan to send it back, but they take one look at the Teen Titans fighting over the remote and decide not to.



  • This is Cythonna's debut in DC animated media.
  • Aside from being the main antagonist of the movie, Cythonna turns out to actually be the most heinous villain in the DC Super Hero Girls franchise.
  • Despite the comedic tone of the movie, Cythonna darkens the movie every scene she appears in and is never played for laughs. Despite still having a few comedic moments, Cythonna is still a dangerous taken-seriously threat.