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β€œ - Trust me, I'm just as good as Kal. So, zip your lip and take me prisoner, or me and my gal pals are gonna kick your butts back through that portal!
- No.
We're gonna kick their butts back through that portal!
~ Supergirl and Hal Jordan

#DCSuperHeroBoys is the twentieth and twenty-first episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


While investigating the appearance of strange graffiti at sites all over Metropolis, the girls run across a second group of heroes looking into the matter as well.

This team, the Invinci-Bros, consists of Aqualad, the Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and Hawkman; their leader is Steve Trevor, on whom Wonder Woman still has a crush. The Bros and the girls race to reach the next expected site, but find the graffiti appearing by itself and acting as a signal to open a dimensional portal.

Three evil Kryptonian prisoners emerge - Ursa, Non, and General Zod, who had been locked away by Supergirl's mother just before Krypton exploded. The villains overpower both teams and threaten to crush a bus filled with passengers unless Superman surrenders himself to them. Hal sends Steve off to get donuts, snapping Wonder Woman out of her crush and sparking her to organize an offensive.

The heroes keep the villains distracted long enough to drain their powers with a chunk of kryptonite (retrieved from the museum by Bumblebee and Hawkman) and drive them back through the portal. Afterward, the Bros credit Steve with saving the day, since his departure allowed Wonder Woman to think straight - to the girls' annoyance.




  • This episode marks the debut of the Superhero Boys (a.k.a. Da InvinciBros) as a team.
    • It is mentioned by Hal that Steve Trevor has attended a military academy, meaning that this episode takes place after "Crushing It."
  • Early versions of Green Lantern, Flash and Hawkman were the founding members of the Justice Society of America, the first Super Hero Team ever.
  • This episode reunites Yuri Lowenthal, Kari Wahlgren and Liam O'Brien from the English dub of the anime show, Naruto.
  • According to Lauren Faust, Suicide Slum was renamed Sinister Slum because standards and practices would not allow the word "suicide" on television[1].
  • In this episode, the Superhero Girls and the Superhero Boys reveal their identities/aliases to each other.
  • This marks Hawkman's first appearance in the series; he later appears as Carter Hall in "Scrambled Eggs."
  • This is General Zod's first appearance.
  • The scene when the Invincibros and the Super Hero Girls (minus Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman) got squeezed in an alleyway was used for the San Diego Comic Con 2019 poster.
  • According to IMDb[2], the two-part special had the highest rating of the series so far. (8.8 out of 10 stars for Part 2).
  • The fight between the heroes against Zod and his henchmen emulates scenes from the film Superman II starring Christopher Reeve, especially the scene in which Ursa and Non take passengers hostage on the bus; with the difference that here the latter are crushing the bus.
  • Zod said that only a force of nature can defeat him and the only heroes or villains capable of defeating him would be Aqualad, Poison Ivy (G2), Livewire,The Flash (G2) (because it can create tornadoes) and Terra.
  • STACKTV accidentally promoted this episode as a season finale though it wasn't the final episode of the first season aired.


  • This is the very first half-hour special of the series.
    • Also, this is the second multi-part episode of the series. The first multi-part episode was "Sweet Justice".
  • This the first time the heroes are never seen in their civilian forms.


  • At the end of the battle against Zod, where The Superhero Girls and The Invinci-Bros are eating donuts while on an iron beam, the scene resembled the fame black-and-white photograph "Lunch atop a Skyscraper"



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