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DC Super Hero Girls Blitz is a videogame for Android and iOS featuring the Super Hero Girls. The game was released on May 29, 2019. The gameplay consists of 24 minigames, four per character, where the player has to rapidly complete a short task. The games get more difficult and the time limit gets shorter as the player progresses.



  • Tap the display so Supergirl flies faster and wins a race against Superman
  • Drag Kara while she sleep-flies to avoid obstacles
  • Swipe according to the direction of the arrows so Kara plays an electric guitar

Wonder Woman[]

  • Swipe according to the direction of the arrows so Wonder Woman blocks Cheetah's attacks
  • Tap so Wonder Woman uses her lasso to swing over gaps
  • Memorize then select the ingredients that Diana asks for
  • Tap musical notes so they don't hit Diana while she dances with Steve


  • Drag pieces of Bumblebee's suit to put it together
  • Drag Bumblebee so she avoids obstacles


  • Swipe over the display to unveil an object that Zatanna uses to attack Giganta
  • Tap so the bunny-spawn monster is reduced to a pile of bunnies and the magical bunnies pop out of the pile in their cages

Green Lantern[]

  • Move a shield to protect Green Lantern from the attacks of Star Sapphire.
  • Select rock, paper, or scissors in a game of rock-paper-scissors against Star Sapphire.
  • Drag the appropriate food item to each animal.


  • Swipe across ladders so Batgirl climbs up a building to defuse a bomb on the roof.
  • Tap so time Batgirl's aim of her grappling hook into a target.
  • Memorize then select the ingredients that Barry asks for.



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