DC Super Hero Girls Wikia

The DC Super Hero Girls Magazine was first released in the UK on July 26th,2017, and was published by Egmont. The magazine was also released in Germany and America on the same day.

UK Edition[]

"Based on the world of DC Super Hero Girls, the magazine is bursting with action-packed, all-new comic strips as well as puzzles, games and creative activities to enable readers to find the Super Hero inside themselves. An integral part of the magazine package is a bespoke Super Hero themed cover-mounted gift with every issue.”

The DC Super Hero Girls Magazine was published by Egmont in the UK and around the world, a magazine aimed at girls aged 7-12. The magazine has an overall cover price of £3.99 in the UK, with a higher price of £4.99 for higher value issues of the magazine. The magazine was published in partnership with both Mattel and DC Comics, being released in a variety of different retailers, such as supermarkets an through a subscription service.

Cover Issue Date Content
Issue -01
#01 July 26th,2017 * free gift: Stationary set
#02 August 30th,2017 * free gift: Flying Twirler