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This is the Manual of Style for DC Super Hero Girls Wikia. Please do not reorganize and cleanup any wikitext on this wiki unless you are fixing things to follow this style guideline. Review what you wrote and try to make sure that there are no spelling errors, missing punctuation, or grammatical errors.

American English vs. British English

  • American English spelling, grammar conventions, and terminology (eg. program, gray, zucchini) are more commonly over British English spelling, grammar, and terminology (eg. programme, grey, courgette) in article edits as DC Super Hero Girls is an American series. However, exceptions apply such as:

Editing articles

  • If possible, a Tab template should be included.
  • If you don't know enough information on a topic, or you know there's more, add a stub to it. To do so, try this: {{Stub}}

And people will know that it's a stub by looking at the stub category. Generally the {{Stub}} template is put at the bottom of the page.

  • If possible, a navigation template should also be included.


  • Character articles should have an Infobox with all known information (First Episode, Voice Actor, Quote, etc.)
  • It should have a character Biography if possible.
  • It should have a character Trivia if possible.
  • Every character article must be categorized with the category: Characters.

Point of View

  • Situations must be told in a disinterested tone, giving no bias or preferences and avoiding giving unimportant issues undue weight. The use of imperative form and second person (you) when writing articles must be avoided.
    • As such, avoid using subjective adjectives (such as famous, iconic, good, bad, etc.) unless they are part of a quotation or when used from a specific perspective.


This is often a disputed part of writing articles. Trivia can be difficult to write as it varies from article to article and their sections can be short or long. The general rule for writing trivia on the wiki is to firstly consider, "Is the fact notable?" "Would a staff member share a fun fact of it?" In general, consider common sense and logic to make trivia clear and straight to the point.

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