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Dandelion Pipkin Da Heisenplay (also known as "Harry" Houdini) is a minor character in DC Super Hero Girls who, along with her partner Merlin, appears in the episode "Adventures In Bunnysitting".


Dandelion Pipkin de Heisenplay is a small and fluffy rabbit with large ears, buck teeth, thin whiskers like a cat's, small feet and paws, and red eyes. Her tail looks just like a cotton ball. She looks exactly like her partner, Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo 3rd, because they are both twins. The only way to tell her and Blackberry apart is by saying her name and determining how they hold the bars on their cages.


Dandelion Pipkin de Heisenplay is a happy and loving rabbit who likes to play around with Kara Danvers and Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo 3rd. As well as her partner, she is only 2 years old in rabbit years, but she is always having fun with anyone that is around her, and she also considers Zee Zatara as her mother. Most of the time, she is inside of her cage, but she mostly wants to be together with Blackberry, but Zee told Kara to not put her and her partner together. At one time, she was feeling very sad due to not being out of her cage. She always communicates with squeaks and shows her emotions by the look on her face.


Her favorite thing is to be with Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo 3rd and can get very sad and hates when she is seperated from him, but Zee told Kara to not put the two together. In the second part of the episode of Adventures in Bunnysitting, she is mostly seen hugging Blackberry, which can show that he is in love with him. According to Zee, Dandelion Pipkin de Heisenplay is a magical rabbit with a carefully chosen name, which is soon changed to Harry Houdini by Kara, despite Harry is a male name and Dandelion is female.


His only appearance (so far) was in the Season 1 episode, Adventures in Bunnysitting. In her only appearance, she was first seen as a cute, loving and quiet bunny, who loves to play around with Kara and Blackberry. When Kara puts her and Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III together, the pair begin to cause mischief all over Metropolis by multiplying more than a thousand bunnies together, all while hugging each other.


  • Her name, as well as Blackberry's, is a reference to the characters of the book/movie Watership Down.
  • Her only appearance was in the episode Adventures in Bunnysitting, after that, she, along with Blackberry, haven't been seen again (so far).
  • Her love interest is Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III.
  • The nickname Kara Danvers gives her is Harry Houdini, despite Harry being a male name and Dandelion is female.
  • She doesn't have any roman numerals at the end of her name, but Blackberry does, as he is named Blackberry Hazel-Von Oslo III
  • Her last name, de Heisenplay, is German.
  • The way she hold her cage is by holding her paws on the opener.
  • She communicates by squeaking when she's happy, and wailing when sad.


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