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Darkfire (real name is Ryand'r) is a student at Super Hero High. He is the younger brother of Blackfire and Starfire. He is a Prince of Tamaran and a student at Super Hero High School. He made his first and so far, his only appearance in the webisode, "Welcome to Super Hero High".


  • Tamaranean Physiology: TBA
  • Aerial Adaptation TBA
  • Space-Vacuum Adaptation TBA
  • Atmospheric Adaptation TBA
  • Immunity To Illnesses/Diseases TBA
  • Immunity To Fire/Heat/Cold TBA
  • Self-Sustenance TBA
  • Linguistic Assimilation TBA
  • Invulnerability TBA
  • Longevity TBA
  • Decelerated Aging TBA
  • Accelerated Healing Factor TBA
  • Solar Empowerment TBA
  • Solar Energy Enhancement TBA
  • Solar Energy Manipulation TBA
  • Solar Energy Generation TBA
  • Solar Energy Distribution TBA
  • Solar Energy Projection TBA
  • Ultraviolet Manipulation TBA
  • Ultraviolet Energy Generation TBA
  • Ultraviolet Energy Absorption TBA
  • Ultraviolet Energy Projection TBA
  • Radiation Manipulation TBA
  • Plasma Manipulation TBA
  • Plasma Emission TBA
  • Starbolt Blasts TBA
  • Starbolt Bursts TBA
  • Starbolt Waves TBA
  • Starbolt Eye-Beams TBA
  • Stellar-Nova Explosion TBA
  • Superhuman Strength TBA
  • Superhuman Speed TBA
  • Superhuman Stamina TBA
  • Superhuman Senses TBA
  • Superhuman Endurance TBA
  • Superhuman Agility TBA
  • Superhuman Reflexes TBA
  • Levitation TBA
  • FTL Flight TBA
  • Interstellar Travel TBA