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Darkseid, also known under the alias Dr. Seid, is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips, and is the main antagonist of the final three-part episode.

Depiction in the series[]

Season two[]

In the special Super Hero High, Darkseid is mentioned by Principal Waller as having hijacked the Boom Tubes years ago inside Super Hero High School to send his army to invade Earth. She continues that Super Hero High's heroes nearly lost the battle against him and so she is now the only who has access to the Boom Tubes. Later, after gaining control the students' minds, Granny Goodness announces that they will be her army to help pave the way for Darkseid to conquer Earth. In the film Hero of the Year, after reforming, Big Barda tells Wonder Woman and her friends that Darkseid has a "zero tolerance policy for girls gone good" after they show her to her dorm room at Super Hero High.

Season three[]

In the film Intergalactic Games, Big Barda tells Lashina that she and the other Female Furies could go good and "break off from Darkseid", but she refuses.

Season five[]

In Spell-shocked Part 1, Darkseid, disguised as Super Hero High's new math teacher Dr. Seid is introduced by Vice Principal Grodd to Wonder Woman and Batgirl and tells them he will be excited to work with "the most brightest minds in the galaxy", adding "and others" as Harley Quinn runs through the halls smashing her mallet. Later, as Raven travels through a portal to the future and arrives at a destroyed SHHS, she is attacked by a shadow, but fails to remember much else after she returns to the present. Batgirl, Supergirl and Raven then ask Dr. Seid what he knows about it, but he says they cannot know without more knowledge of the portal she created. Raven then saves him when he falls off his ladder with her telekinesis. In Spell-shocked Part 2, Dr. Seid appears being chased by his ladder after it is brought to life by the Book of Legends. After Raven and Wonder Woman save him, Batgirl asks him about the equation he is writing on the chalkboard. He covers it and tells her they are just “meaningless scribbles” to keep his brain occupied.

In Haunted Harley, Dr. Seid makes a cameo appearance writing an equation on his blackboard while his students write an algebra quiz. In Mindscape, Darkseid’s shadow appears over Bumblebee after she falls asleep after trying to solve a math problem for math club. After she falls into a coma, Miss Martian enters Bumblebee’s dream to wake her up, where she is attacked by a pair of red eyes, which shoot lasers at her. After Miss Martian defeats it, she and Bumblebee wake up and Raven tells them that the presence in Bumblebee’s mind has fled. When Miss Martian tells her that the red eyes she saw were creepy, it reminds Raven of the red eyes in a silhouette she saw in the portal to the dark future during “Spell-shocked Part 2” and deduces that the dark future must be near.

In the first part of My So-Called Anti-Life, Bumblebee mentions that Dr. Seid selected his top students to participate in the Tri-Mathalon, as she, Harley Quinn and their other friends attend his math club. At the math club, Dr. Seid gives them a multiple-choice exam to prepare them for the first leg of the Tri-Mathalon. After the exam ends, he notices that Harley had the highest score, inspiring him to carry the one on his calculation on the blackboard. Now having solved the Anti-Life equation, he transforms into Darkseid, and acknowledges that Dr. Seid “served his purpose” and that he came to Metropolis to “use the best brains in the galaxy” to solve the equation to conquer the world. In the second part, he reveals his name to be Darkseid and that he had sent the Female Furies and Granny Goodness to unsuccessfully destroy the Earth for many years. He announces that he will use the equation to remake all of existence in his image. He briefly battles the students before flying to the amethyst crystal on top of the school to transmit the equation. As Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Starfire fly up to stop him, he transforms Wonder Woman into a clone of himself. Raven remembers that in her vision, she saw a world filled with Darkseids and realizes that the future she saw can no longer be stopped. Darkseid does the same to Supergirl and Starfire before he and his clones begin transmitting the equation through the amethyst to create more clones of himself. In the third part, as the school becomes populated with clones of Darkseid greeting each other, the remaining students track down each of the clones and deduce the identify of who they used to be before they became clones. They turn them back by giving them their personal belongings, such as by giving the Wonder Woman clone her tiara to giving the Katana clone her sword. As more and more of the clones turn back into Super Hero High students and staff, Darkseid realizes that his plan is being reversed and Batgirl tells him how they changed the solution of the equation by adding more variables. As he attempts to fight them himself, he is defeated by Batgirl and her friends. As the other students begin surrounding him, he retreats through a portal, vowing revenge. Batgirl vows that they will be there ready and waiting if he ever comes back.


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