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Date with Disaster is a graphic novel based on the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise written by Shea Fontana and art illustrated by Yancey Labat. It was released during Free Comic Book Day.

Official Description[]

The girls think they have a day off, when suddenly there is a big explosion over at S.T.A.R. Labs. Not to worry, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Ivy, Catwoman and Katana are off to the rescue! As the heroes work together to save the day, Lois Lane investigates the incident and discovers something fishy. In her search for the truth, Lois must team up with the DC Super Hero Girls to unravel what really happened at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Meanwhile, Batgirl takes on a side project: finding a date for her dad! She sets up an online dating profile for Commissioner Gordon and gets the perfect candidate lined up. Can Jim Gordon find love again? Will Lois Lane and the team be able to uncover the truth about the explosion?  Tune in to find out in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: DATE WITH DISASTER! This story continues to develop the relationships forged in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: FINALS CRISIS, HITS AND MYTHS, SUMMER OLYMPUS, PAST TIMES AT SUPER HERO HIGH and OUT OF THE BOTTLE.


Chapter One: S.T.A.R. of Metropolis[]

In Super Hero High, Batgirl tells her father over the phone of an encounter she had with Cheshire, chasing her in an alley at nighttime. They fight, and Batgirl manages to knock her down, though Cheshire manages to get back on her feet. Batgirl ends the story by telling him that she got Cheshire to the authorities unharmed. When Commissioner Gordon reminds her of their dance date Friday night, Batgirl tells him that she already told Cyborg that she will go to the dance with him, and clarifies that they are going as friends when he expresses alarm. As the call ends, Batgirl encounters Catwoman in the bathroom while preparing for bed. When Batgirl expresses her exasperation at her father's protectiveness, Catwoman tells her that she should get him a girlfriend to get him to "lay off the helicoptering". Batgirl spits out her toothpaste in disgust, replying that her father does not date. Catwoman then leaves the bathroom through a window and begins prowling in downtown Metropolis. An explosion occurs near her at S.T.A.R. Labs, and Catwoman contacts Batgirl while she is in bed to report it to her. Batgirl calls her friends Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to report the emergency to them. All except Harley, who destroys her phone to continue sleeping spring out of bed into action. The heroes fly to S.T.A.R. Labs where Wonder Woman and Bumblebee begin rescuing the people inside, Catwoman rescues lab rats and Ivy and Supergirl enter through the blasted window on the thirteenth floor. Supergirl extinguishes the fire using her freeze breath and finds Dr. Falkner lying inside unconscious. Supergirl takes Dr. Falkner to a hospital where she is taken care of as she mutters "don't tell Ivy". Meanwhile, Lois Lane approaches S.T.A.R. Labs to report on the explosion only to be denied access by Mayor Sackett, who tells her that the explosion was nothing more than a lab accident and tells her to leave. While Mayor Sackett chats with nearby police officers guarding the entrance to the Labs, Lois sneaks inside. Batgirl and Bumblebee begin investigating the explosion, with Batgirl concluding that "it had all the trademarks of a plastic explosive", despite not finding any remnants of an explosive device or mechanism. Wonder Woman tells them through their communicators that a cleanup crew has been sent, and that their work is done, but Batgirl and Bumblebee stay to investigate a bit longer. While wondering what has been experimented at the lab, they encounter Ivy and go to the break room to investigate their suspicious intuitions. They eventually find Lois Lane in a janitor closet, saying she was trying to find the exit, who greets Bumblebee, with whom she attended the same middle school. As they discuss the explosion, Lois tells them that Mayor Sackett said it was a lab accident, which Batgirl doubts as not even the detectives have seen the crime scene yet. As Lois and the heroes exit the building, they are greeted by Mayor Sackett, who invites them for photo op. He asks how Lois got inside, to which Batgirl replies that she is with them. As Jimmy Olsen takes the picture and Ron Troupe writes the story, Lois and Ron both ask why Lois does not get to cover the story. Mayor Sackett replies that Jimmy and Ron are employees of his favorite newspaper, The Daily Planet. Back in Batgirl's batcave, Batgirl reads the headline Mayor Sackett says that S.T.A.R. Labs is safe after an explosion drill. Deducing that the Mayor is lying that it was a drill, she gets Oracle to contact Lois Lane. Walking through downtown Metropolis with Lois, Batgirl tells Lois that the evidence at the scene is inconsistent with what Mayor Sackett said. She abruptly ends her sentence upon seeing her father through a window of the restaurant they are passing by having a dinner date with Silver St. Cloud.

Chapter Two: The Cat's Tale[]

At Capes & Cowls Café, Harley discusses the upcoming dance with the other members of the Dance Committee. Meanwhile, Bumblebee receives an order of beverages for her and her classmates from Steve Trevor. As she leaves, she asks Steve if he is going to the dance, but he declines, saying that the Super Hero High dance is not for “non-super guys” like him. Not wanting the dance to go like the Starfire’s Tamaranean dance in Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, Harley ardently tells her friends that it is up to them that the dance go off without a hitch. Supergirl tells Harley that she is planning to prepare heat vision-baked cookies on the spot as refreshments, Bumblebee tells her that her DJ playlist is ready and Katana will carve ice sculptures with her sword. Harley then reports that far more singles tickets are being purchased than couples tickets, and encourages her friends to do matchmaking. While Frost and Katana express disinterest, Supergirl and Bumblebee offer to help, with Bumblebee looking at Steve as she thinks of where to start. Meanwhile, at Batgirl’s Batcave, Batgirl expresses her incredulity to Lois Lane that her father was dating Silver St. Cloud, thinking he must be brainwashed  or mind-controlled, and calling Silver St. Cloud a spoiled brat, citing her reality show. Lois tells Batgirl that she could not help being born rich and that she is actually quite nice, having interviewed her for her blog. She shows her pictures on her phone showing that her art gallery has lots of free after-school programs for neighborhood children and that she does charity work with the local police department, showing a picture on her phone of her and Commissioner Gordon holding a check for $100,000. Batgirl dismisses it, saying that “all the worst supervillains” do charity work to hide their villainous reputations. Lois tells Batgirl to give her a chance, to which Batgirl replies that she will give “someone more suited to him and less likely to break his heart” a chance before updating her father’s dating profile on MetropolisMatch.com. They also plan to ask the person who witnessed the explosion as part of their investigation at S.T.A.R. Labs. They ask Harley as she is using a tape measure to measure streamers if she has seen Catwoman. She replies that she is “practicing her prancin’ in the gymnastics zone”. As they are about to leave, she asks them about their date plans. Batgirl tells her that Cyborg asked her out two weeks ago, and Lois replies that she doesn't even go to school at Super Hero High. They interview Catwoman as she is practicing gymnastics on a balance beam. She tells them that she was out there as she struck a deal with Principal Waller a few months ago to be part of a night watch, and rejecting partnership with other night owls as she prefers the solitude, having grown up in crowded orphanages and noting that Super Hero High dorms can also be crowded. After taking the city watch from Hawkgirl and Katana, she prowled the city for a few hours before noticing Principal Waller canoodling with a man with a mustache named Floyd. As Lois and Batgirl dismiss those details as unimportant, she continues her story, detailing how she saw Dr. Falkner being attacked by Killer Croc outside S.T.A.R. Labs. As Croc chases her into the building and demands that she “change [him] back”, Catwoman intervenes and prevents him from entering the building. They battle, with Catwoman jumping into a tree and defeating him by jumping off and landing on Croc with her feet. After treating herself to a cup of milk at Capes & Cowls, she notices Mayor Sackett walking with a woman who accuses him of lying to her, before she enters S.T.A.R. Labs. Catwoman tells them that the explosion happened a few minutes later, after which she called Batgirl. Catwoman confirms that the woman arguing with Mayor Sackett entered the building but was gone by the time she and the other heroes got there. When Batgirl asks her what she looked like, Catwoman provides little physical description, admitting that she has catnaps sitting behind Batgirl during Commissioner Gordon’s Forensics class. She then tells them that if they want to know about S.T.A.R. Labs. they should talk to Ivy as she is the one with “history”. As Batgirl and Lois walk to the Super Hero High greenhouse, Batgirl gets a message from MetropolisMatch.com, deducing it was a response to the dating profile she put up for her father. The response is from a Canadian woman named Bette Sans Souci from Montreal who, unbeknownst to her, resembles the woman in Catwoman’s flashback. Batgirl notices that she likes jigsaw puzzles and spaghetti, and concludes she is a perfect match and orders Oracle to send a reply to meet her tonight.

Chapter Three: Ivy’s Roots[]

As Lady Shiva and Wonder Woman study physics at Capes & Cowls, Bumblebee and Supergirl pull a string attached to a cup on their table, causing it to spill. Steve arrives at their table to clean it up, while Bumblebee and Supergirl hope he will ask her to the dance, only for it to fail as he returns to the counter. As Bumblebee and Supergirl continue to discuss their plans to get them to hook up outside the Café, they encounter Mayor Sackett who tells them that Dr. Faulkner has been released from the hospital and invites them to accompany him to S.T.A.R. Labs, but declines when Bumblebee considers bringing Wonder Woman as well. Meanwhile, as Lois Lane and Batgirl wonder what Ivy’s history with S.T.A.R. Labs might encompass, Harley pushes the Flash to Lois, who asks her out to the dance. Lois accepts and the Flash runs away, while Batgirl asks Harley if she is playing matchmaker, to which she playfully denies. Inside the greenhouse, Ivy gives flowers to Harley for the dance, and Lois and Batgirl ask her about the history with S.T.A.R. Labs as mentioned by Catwoman. Ivy recalls that a few years ago, her class took a field trip to S.T.A.R. Labs, with Dr. Faulkner as their tour guide. She wandered off from the tour into a restricted area after seeing plants she had never seen before in a room. There, she gets attacked by a giant Venus Fly Trap that bit her on the arm. As a young Harleen Quinzel and Dr. Faulkner find her lying on the ground unconscious, Dr. Faulkner gives her an untested antidote despite fears over its potential side effects on humans. Four days later, Ivy wakes up in a hospital with Harley, and they soon realize that Ivy can control plants. Ivy was later released from the hospital and began enjoying her new powers with Harley before encountering Dr. Faulkner again. Dr. Faulkner took her in and brought Ivy back to S.T.A.R. Labs to let her train and study her powers. As Ivy ends her story, she hopes Dr. Faulkner is better as she was always so nice to her, and Harley adds that she even promised Ivy a job after graduation. Ivy also adds that she saw Dr. Faulkner after the explosion and does not believe it was an accident, but rather someone trying to hurt her. Lois and Batgirl then speculate that S.T.A.R. Labs is intentionally manufacturing superpowers, and that the explosion may be a result of when something goes wrong at the building. Lois adds that Ivy’s story is too long for her blog, and Batgirl tells her to go to the Daily Planet while she checks the records to find anything that corroborates Ivy’s story. Back in her Batcave, Batgirl hears a noise before hearing a disembodied voice greeting her. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Mayor Sackett brings Supergirl and Bumblebee up an elevator, where they encounter Jimmy Olsen, who tells Mayor Sackett that he just needs to return to the Daily Planet to take care of a “thing”. Mayor Sackett then takes Bumblebee and Supergirl to Dr. Faulkner, who both express surprise that she got better very soon. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon has a date with Bette Sans Souci at the Café Marie as organized by Batgirl. As they leave, Bette Sans Souci tells Commissioner Gordon that she has always had a fascination with Super Hero High, but never had the chance to go on a public tour day. Commissioner Gordon then takes her on a private tour, showing her his Forensics classroom and passing by the Weaponomics vault as she takes her to the faculty lounge. Bette Sans Souci asks him about it, and Commissioner Gordon tells her that it is highly secured and Principal Waller would fire him if he showed her inside. Bette Sans Souci then announced that they will have to do this the hard way, and tells Deadshot, who emerges from another hallway  to bring in Batgirl, being held hostage at gunpoint.

Chapter Four: The Whole Truth[]

Commissioner Gordon agrees to open the vault and Bette Sans Souci causes an explosion to warn Batgirl when she tries to reach her utility belt. Bette Sans Souci reveals that she got powers from S.T.A.R. Labs and became Plastique and that she caused the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs to give them a "taste of their own medicine" as she is now a human bomb. Deadshot and Plastique begin looting the weapons inside the vault, before Plastique locks them inside with a time bomb, despite being sure Commissioner Gordon can disarm it, as she needs to buy herself more time. Plastique and Deadshot leave for the Daily Planet, as Plastique rages at them covering up a story for too long. Locked inside the vault with the bomb, Batgirl realizes that Lois is in danger at the Daily Planet. In the Super Hero High gymnasium, Harley, Katana and Frost finish preparing for the dance and wonder where Supergirl and Bumblebee didn’t come to help them. They encounter Deadshot and Plastique, who warn them to stay away from them. Frost manages to freeze them, but Plastique uses her powers to blast them free from the ice. As the heroes chase Deadshot and Plastique, Plastique orders Deadshot to use a multi-blast shocker they stole from the vault, which they successfully use to escape them. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Mayor Sackett tells Bumblebee and Supergirl that he and Dr. Faulkner want to invite them into a Super Hero Club that they are establishing. Bumblebee expresses confusion at how Dr. Faulkner is completely better now, despite being sent to the hospital in very bad shape after the explosion. As Supergirl asks if she is “some sort of “Super Doctor”. Dr. Faulkner transforms into Rampage, saying that Dr. Faulkner is who she was when she was a mere mortal. Supergirl and Bumblebee battle Rampage, who tears up her own lab and tells them of her plans to help Metropolis and save the world using “super-powered kids” like them while Mayor Sackett cheers for Rampage. As Bumblebee and Supergirl attempt to use Coach Wildcat’s Binder-Rozankis play against her, Supergirl is shot by Rampage with a Kryptonite gun while Mayor Sackett uses an electromagnetic gun on Bumblebee, disabling her suit while she is shrunken. With Supergirl tied to a chair with liquid kryptonite and a shrunken Bumblebee is trapped in a glass tube with her suit disabled, Rampage transforms back into Dr. Faulkner and tells them that she plans to study for Supergirl’s sun-charged strength and Bumblebee mechanical marvel of a suit. Dr. Faulkner and Mayor Sackett explain their plans to create an army of supers like themselves to make Metropolis the “safest utopia in the entire world” so that the Mayor Sackett will get the credit and get voted "Prime Minister of the World". They add that they have already unknowingly given super powers to many test subjects in Metropolis, who all signed up to be in their Super Hero Club. Bumblebee protests that they cannot force superpowers onto people, Dr. Faulkner begins dissecting her suit. Meanwhile, outside the Daily Planet, a thief steals a woman’s purse, while a monster named Giant Turtle Boy suddenly appears and recovers the purse. Upon returning it to the woman, she complains that the strap is broken. Lois Lane attempts to interview Giant Turtle Boy, who disappears in an alley. As Lois enters the alley, she encounters Jimmy Olsen, who denies having seen a new super hero running past when Lois asks him. Lois tells Jimmy about a big news story she has for the Daily Planet about S.T.A.R. Labs. Upon entering the building, Lois gives her story to acting editor-in-chief Ron Troupe, who expresses concern at how explosive the story is and Jimmy considers not publishing it. Lois tells them that people need to be able to make informed decisions, while Jimmy tells her that Mayor Sackett said that by controlling the news, they are “protecting the people from wasting their time worrying”. As Lois expresses incredulity at what Mayor Sackett said, Plastique arrives to hold them hostage, showing off her combustion powers. As the others inside try to escape, she tells them that Deadshot is watching. Plastique tells Lois and Ron to write a story about how she was tricked and her powers were forced onto her. When Lois guesses that Dr. Faulkner did so, Plastique creates an explosion, accusing them of knowing, but not reporting it, and betraying her when she trusted them of holding the people in power accountable, while Ron, Jimmy and Lois hide behind Ron’s desk.

Chapter Five: Blow Back[]

Lois offers to hear Plastique’s story. Plastique confirms that she caused the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs, believing it to be the only way she knew to attract attention. She adds that it started when Mayor Sackett recruited her to help make a utopia out of Metropolis, but was instead turned into a weapon by Dr. Faulkner, while Jimmy recalls in fear that they were not supposed to tell anyone. Back at Super Hero High, Katana, Harley Quinn and Frost recover from their disorientation, while Principal Waller questions them over what happened in the wrecked gymnasium. Harley explains to her that the wreckage was due to Deadshot and Plastique, and shows them on a security video. As Principal Waller realizes that she fell for Deadshot’s "old sweetheart scheme", as he was the man who Catwoman saw dating her. Frost tells her it was not her fault that she let them into the vault, surprising her as she did not do so. Back in the vault, with seven seconds left on the timer, Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl argue over which wire to pull to deactivate the bomb. Principal Waller suddenly enters the vault with Harley, Katana and Frost and deactivates the bomb the way Commissioner Gordon planned to, by cutting the blue wire first instead of the red wire with one second left on the timer. Frost then activates the Save the Day alarm and races to the Daily Planet with Batgirl, Harley and Katana to pursue Plastique and Deadshot. In Capes & Cowls, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Lady Shiva also hear the alarm, and leave the Café. As Steve is left alone and dusts a Customer of the Month portrait of Wonder Woman, he receives a text message informing him that he has been selected and to immediately report to Mayor Sackett at S.T.A.R. Labs, and closes the restaurant early. Wonder Woman, Lady Shiva, Frost, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, the Flash, Catwoman, Katana and Batgirl gather outside the Daily Planet. Wonder Woman sees Plastique in a window with Lois and Ron and breaks through the window, believing Lois is being held hostage. Meanwhile, Batgirl identifies the Apokoliptian Agony Matrix on the front door, and prevents her friends from going through it. As Catwoman considers picking it, Deadshot warns them to stay away from the door while aiming at them from a nearby rooftop. As Harley defies him, he shoots her into the window, where she gets shocked by the agony matrix. Batgirl then huddles with the heroes and instructs Katana, Frost and the Flash to get Deadshot, instructs Catwoman to scale the building and help Wonder Woman, and instructs Lady Shiva to help her disarm the agony matrix. Noting its Apokaliptian nature, Lady Shiva calls Big Barda for her help, believing that her Hero Ball game should be over by now. However, Barda does not pick up as the game goes into overtime and her phone remains in her bag. Batgirl then says although she does not know how, her father does, and Commissioner Gordon suddenly arrives and deactivates the agony matrix. Meanwhile, Frost, Katana and the Flash battle Deadshot, and eventually defeat him, when the Flash pulls off his wrist guns and Frost freezes him while he focuses on battling Katana. Catwoman manages to ascend the building and enter through the open window, where she notices Plastique accusing Wonder Woman of being sent by Mayor Sackett to stop her. As Batgirl informs her on her wrist communicator that they have disabled the agony matrix and defeated Deadshot, Plastique gets angry as Wonder Woman tries to turn off her communicator. Plastique threatens Lois for duping her, while Lois tries to remind her that she wants to help people and is stronger than the weapon they made her. Plastique replies that she cannot stop, and Wonder Woman tries to contact Supergirl to block the explosion. When she fails to come in, Catwoman pulls Lois out of the way, while Wonder Woman flies Plastique out of the building. As Plastique apologizes to her as she did not want to hurt anyone, Wonder Woman reassures her that they will get through this together. Plastique creates a large explosion, causing both her and Wonder Woman to fall out of the sky, before she lands on Wonder Woman on the street. Commissioner Gordon arrests Plastique, while Lois reassures her that she will tell her story as part of her journalistic duty to inform people and gives Plastique a card to call her from jail. Meanwhile, at S.T.A.R. Labs, Dr. Faulkner begins her plan to create the perfect “super-machine” using Bumblebee’s brains and Supergirl’s brawn, revealing that she had already succeeded in creating superpowers with herself, Killer Croc, Plastique and Giant Turtle Boy, Jimmy Olsen, who she injected with turtle DNA. She also reveals that she learned the benefits of youth in her experiments, perfecting her experiment with Ivy. She then calls in Mayor Sackett, who brings in Steve for the next “super transfusion”.

Chapter Six: Consequences[]

Dr. Faulkner has Steve lie in a bed, telling him that it is how he will get into the exclusive inner circle of the club. She reassures him that they are the "good guys" and that she can give him super powers like Wonder Woman so he can help Metropolis. Bumblebee manages to push over the glass tube she is inside off a table, causing it to shatter and free her. Bumblebee tells Steve to get out, while Dr. Faulkner tries to catch her. Meanwhile, Deadshot is arrested by Frost, the Flash and Lady Shiva to be taken to the Metropolis SCU. Lois tells Wonder Woman that based on the stories she heard, she believes that Mayor Sackett and Dr. Faulkner are trying to create a Super Army of Metropolis’ citizens. Wonder Woman and her friends mobilize to stop them. Lois asks Ivy if she really wants to do this, as the source of her powers are mixed up in this story. Ivy assures her that she wants to know the truth. Mayor Sackett welcomes several young people to their Super Hero club at S.T.A.R. Labs as Wonder Woman and her friends break through the wall behind him to confront him. Mayor Sackett reveals that Dr. Faulkner wants Supergirl and Bumblebee, and the heroes leave to rescue their friends, while Catwoman stays behind to make sure Mayor Sackett does not get away. Ivy and Harley try to bring the civilians to safety while the Lab enters lockdown mode. Locked out of a door, Ivy uses her powers to summon the plant that bit her to rip through the door, as Ivy can now control the plant. Dr Faulkner transforms into Rampage while trying to catch Bumblebee, and coerces Steve into being part of the experiment when he tells her to leave Bumblebee alone. Wonder Woman and her friends arrive just as Rampage is about to inject Steve with a syringe, and Wonder Woman knocks Rampage away from him. Bumblebee tells Batgirl that she cannot regain her normal size because of her suit’s magnetized circuits, and informs her about Supergirl’s predicament. Katana frees Supergirl from the liquid kryptonite. Meanwhile, Rampage manages to escape Wonder Woman and runs into an elevator, managing to close it before she can enter it as well. Batgirl fixes Bumblebee’s suit, enabling her to regain her normal size, and the heroes mobilize to catch Rampage. Rampage emerges from the elevator in front of Harley, Ivy and the civilians, scaring them, but Ivy controls the giant Venus Fly Trap to ensnare Rampage. The Venus Fly Trap, named Bud releases Rampage when Wonder Woman ensnares her in her Lasso of Truth. Rampage tells Ivy that she showed her how easy it is to manipulate people and that she gave her her powers, while Ivy accuses her of taking advantage of her. Dr. Faulkner and Mayor Sackett are then taken away in the back of a Metropolis SCU truck and Wonder Woman asks if Steve is alright. He replies that he is, stating that he thought that she would like him more if he had super powers. Supergirl and Bumblebee realize that they are now talking to each other, and Wonder Woman asks him out to the dance with her, and he accepts. Supergirl and Bumblebee realize that they did not need to make the match after all. Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet returns to the office from his vacation and finds it in a large mess. Ron offers to take responsibility, but Jimmy then admits that he let Mayor Sackett convince him into publishing things he knew were not true. Lois then gives him a folder containing a correction story to publish and introduces herself to him. Impressed by her reporting, Perry White asks if she ever considered working for the Daily Planet, to which she replies, “It may have crossed my mind”. The dance then takes place in the Super Hero High gym, with many attendees dancing in couples. As Harley congratulates Supergirl and Bumblebee for the success of the dance, they tell her that she never found a date for herself, to which she replies that she does not need a date, as she has Ivy “as long as she won’t be a wallflower”. Principal Waller declines dancing with Commissioner Gordon as she is his boss and that they should remain business casual. Batgirl apologizes to Commissioner Gordon for interfering in his personal life, trusting him that who he dates is none of her business. She then offers to dance with him, to which he accepts, and they dance in front of the other attendees.


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