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Deadshot (real name Floyd Layton) is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is an assassin who works with Plastique.

Graphic Novels

Date with Disaster

In Date with Disaster, Floyd Lawton first appears in Catwoman's flashback canoodling with Principal Waller. Later, Deadshot appears holding Batgirl hostage as he and Plastique force Commissioner Gordon to open the weaponomics vault inside Super Hero High School. After Commissioner Gordon does so, he and Plastique rob the vault and lock Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon inside with a time bomb. As they make their getaway in the school gymnasium, they are frozen in place by Frost. After Plastique frees them, Deadshot uses a multi-blast shocker they stole to escape Frost and her friends. After seeing him and Plastique in a security video, Principal Waller learns that she fell for his old sweetheart scheme and was tricked into letting him into the vault. As Plastique enters the Daily Planet to seek her revenge, Deadshot stays behind on a roof outside the building to prevent the Super Hero High students from interfering, having put a stolen Apokoliptian agony matrix on the front door. After Commissioner Gordon disarms it, he battles the students but they outnumber him. As he battles Katana, Frost freezes him and the Flash removes his wrist guns. After Plastique is also defeated, the heroes arrest them and send them to the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit.

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