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(The episode begins late at night at the Gordons' home, where the scene change to inside Barbara's room as she woke up upon hearing noises, then leaped out of her bed and somehow change into her Batgirl outfit)

Barbara Gordon: Huh?! Not tonight, evildoer. Tonight, you're an evil don'ter!

(The scene changes as Batgirl appears looking vigilante as she notices a gust of wind blowing behind her as she sees the window opened, then turned to the dining room with her Batarang preparing to find the intruder, when suddenly a tall shadow figure appeared behind her revealing himself to be a costumed villain as he draws one of his sword from his back and swung his blade at Batgirl, who manage to escape just as the blade cut the table in half. As Batgirl continued to dodge the blade, the villain corners her on a displace case, where he tried to punch and kick her but Batgirl moved out of the way.)