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Dog Show Commentator is a minor character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise who only appeared in the episode "Beasts in Show." His real name is unknown.

Depiction in the series[]

Season one[]

Dog Show Commentator only appears in Beasts in Show known to host dog shows and comment on dogs' acts. At first, he appears to be normal, with his hair neatly combed, and properly dressed, too. However, his appearance his shown to change throughout the episode as he continues happily commenting on dogs and their awesome tricks. Although properly dressed at first, we can see that his coat is placed on his table and his shirt is slightly untucked. Also, his bow tie is undone. In a few more scenes featuring him, he has tied his undone bow tie around his now messy hair, while ecstatically commenting on even more dogs and acts, to the point where he is then shown completely shirtless with his bow tie still tied around his head. He wasn't seen again for the rest of the episode.