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"Drive Me Crazy" is the twentieth webisode in the fourth season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and eighty-fifth webisode overall. It was released on May 31, 2018.


Mr. Magnus began to inspect Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Wonder Woman and their vehicle assignments, However it was Big Barda's turn as it turns out she only had a Tricycle, which was not the point of the assignment. Big Barda then revealed that she doesn't know how to drive since when she was in the Female Furies, Lashina was the driver of their tank and the other girls agreed to teach her how to drive.

The first was Harley and her Quad Cycle and things went smoothly at first until Big Barda accidently hit the break instead, resulted in Harley flying out of the backsit, followed by Barda forgetting to put it in parking, resulted in her going backwards. Later Batgirl tries to teach her using her bat cycle but fall on her side since Balance isn't her thing. Lastly Wonder Woman teach her by having her fly her invisble jet, which she did well as Wonder Woman told her to use her turn signal to make a left but she made a hard left and caused her and Wonder Woman to fall into the ocean.

Later Barda is seen walking as she told herself that why does she need to drive if she has leg. Just then she notices Cyborg and Beast Boy chasing Cyborg's tank as it turns out that Beasy Boy causes it to go to destruction mode and that he never put in override yet. Seeing this Big Barda uses the lessons she got from the others and manage to put the tank in parking, resulting in saving the city. As the gang congratulated Big Barda, she realize she what she need to drive is a tank and while Cyborg told her that his tank is off-limits, he agreed to build her one for herself.



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