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Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman all exit Capes & Cowls Café, drinking smoothies. The clock tower rings loudly.
Wonder Woman Oh, my Hera - we're late! Mom's gonna flip if we miss the first chorus of the feast of the Five!
Batgirl If we go full throttle in the invisible jet, we can still make it to Themyscira in time!
Supergirl Where exactly is the invisible jet?
Wonder Woman Right here!
She walks down the pavement and confidently places her smoothie on top of where she thinks her jet is, only for it to fall on the ground, its contents spilling out.
Wonder Woman (laughing nervously) L-lemme just... find the door...
She stretches and waves her arms out towards the road to feel the jet. Supergirl and Batgirl later help out by doing the same, but with no result.
Wonder Woman My invisible jet is missing!
Batgirl Um... Wondy...
Batgirl points at a no-parking sign next to them. They all gasp as they see a tow truck pass, thinking that the jet is tied at the end.
Wonder Woman (gasp) My invisible jet!!!
Supergirl Hold this.
Supergirl gives Wonder Woman her smoothie and runs to the truck with super speed. The driver, whistling to himself, is instantly shocks when Supergirl lifts his truck, shaking it around.
Truck Driver What gives?!
Supergirl No invisible jet. Just a very visible tow truck...
Supergirl puts down the truck calmly. The driver adjusts his cap, grunting at her angrily.
Supergirl Sorry! Super mistake!
Wonder Woman I guess I don't remember where I parked it.
Batgirl (pressing buttons on her com-bracelet) It's okay! I called for back-up.
Bumblebee, Hawkgirl and Beast Boy (as a bat) fly down towards them.
Hawkgirl Detective club reporting for duty!
Batgirl Beast Boy, commence the sniff!
Beast Boy You got it!
Beast Boy transforms into a dog, and Wonder Woman allows him to sniff her arm, only for him to cheekily lick her face after he does.
Wonder Woman Hey!
WW bonks him on the head, irritated. Beast Boy, still in his dog form, runs off, following the scent.
Bumblebee Follow that Beast Boy!
The five girls chase after Beast Boy, who eventually leaps over a stone wall. The five await what he while hearing the sound of rummaging.
Bumblebee He found...
Beast Boy eventually comes up, with a Frisbee in his mouth.
Bumblebee A flying disk.
To their surprise and dismay, dog Beast Boy places the Frisbee at Wonder Woman's feet eagerly. When she picks it up, she unwillingly throws it far away, causing dog Beast Boy to chase after it energetically. She then sighs in despair and walks off. When the five Super Hero Girls return to Capes and Cowls, Harley Quinn is already there waiting for them. She's seen drinking a smoothie, accompanied with plenty of yellow buckets.
Harley Quinn Aw, turn those frowny faces upside down - it's a search party! I got something to cheer ya right up - disappearing ink!
Batgirl It's no time for pranks, Harley!
Harley Quinn I hate to admit it, but it's not for prankin'. It's for helpin'!
She throws the ink inside a bucket down the road, causing a widespread puddle that disappears within a few seconds. The other five girls soon become eager to try themselves. A montage then follows, showing all the girls dumping the buckets all over Metropolis, and even on each other. After a while, there are still no results of the jet.
Harley Quinn Ugh, this ink splatting's totes tedious. TIME TO GO BIG, OR GO BIGGER!!!
She, Batgirl and Wonder Woman are seen posing while holding giants guns attached to tanks filled with invisible ink.
Harley Quinn Yeah, baby!!
The girls spray the guns all over the city, and when Harley stumbles, her gun sprays a near by sidewalk, finally revealing the invisible jet.
Wonder Woman You found it! Oh yeah... that's where I left it. Oh, thanks, Harley! Come on girls, if we hurry, we can get to the end of the feast.
She starts feeling her hips and pockets.
Wonder Woman As soon as I... find where I left... my invisible keys? ...
Harley and Batgirl share their distaste while Supergirl grins. Wonder Woman shrugs, nervously and apologetically. The episode ends.