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Ember is a minor character who serves as the main antagonist in "The Fresh Princess of Ren Faire."


In her human form, Ember is shown to have tan skin and dark red hair and her attire is shown to wear a red-orange medieval dress with a black corset and black flats.

As a dragon, she is all red with horns and wings and spikes on her back. Her eyes are yellow with red skinny pupils and her tail is a red arrow. Her wings are dark red colored and bigger as her semi dragon form and smaller in her complete dragon form. She also has ears like the manuscript dragon artworks from the medieval times. Her semi dragon form is more human-like with her face minus the dragon snout making her more almost to completion when she ignites herself to complete the transformation.


She is shown to have shallow, sadistic, and cruel traits when she preys on whom she believes to be a princess. When she realizes otherwise, she acts like a child when she licked Zatanna, showing that personality. She also has a narrowminded attitude like Zatanna when she sees Wonder Woman!


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