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Speaker Dialogue
[theme song]
Barbara [to Harleen] can you believe it Harls? Our first year here and the Hamsters have a shot at the title!!
Sporty Students Jordan! [cheering]
Barbara Awww, poor Hal, even with his playoff beard, and those lucky socks he hasn't washed all season , he's still totally stressed out!
Sporty Students [chanting] Jordan! Jordan! Jordan!
Barbara You know what stinks? I was gonna get him a gift after he won the title. [empties her bag] A pair of limited edition trainers from the new shoe line from his favourite ever player Steve Lombard! I know what you're thinking Harleen, super nice of me right? Wrong! They're totally sold out!
Harleen Awww, too bad. However... I know a guy who can get anything
Sporty Students Go Hamsters go! Go Hamsters go!
Hal [gags]
Barbara Anything?
Harleen Anything, the guy's name is...
[scene change to his office]
Oswald Oswald Copplebot, my fine-feathered friend, but feel free to call me 'Penguin' Everybody else does. [laughs]
Barbara Hmmm, "fine feathered friend?"
Oswald So it's shoes you want, huh?
Barbara Umm... yeah, the new Steve Lombard XLXs. Size 12, I've got money
Oswald Lombard eh? Very difficult shoes to come by [places box of Lombard XLX shoes on table]
Barbara No... way! [opens the box] They're perfect, Hal's gonna love them! [gets out money]
Oswald Indeed. Unfortunately, love doesn't come cheap
Barbara What do you mean?
Oswald [gives a piece of paper to Babs]
Barbara [reads and gasps] I can'tafford this, I work at Burrito Bucket!
Oswald Ah, quit the blue collar problem
Barbara No! There must be something I can do
Oswald Tell you what, be at this location at exactly 3:55 this afternoon. [laughs] And I'll give you the shoes, my treat
Barbara That's it? Just be there?
Oswald That's it, my hoodie-wearing helper. That's it
[The next day at school]
Barbara [phone vibrates]
Oswald [by text] U there?
Barbara [by text] Yuppers!
Random Student [exiting room classroom, handing some papers to Barbara]
Mr. Chapin HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Give me back that paper!
Random Student What? What paper?
Mr. Chapin Come on, empty your pockets
Random Student #1 I don't have anything
Mr. Chapin Watch your step kid. I've got my eye on you
Random Student #1 [nods his head]
Random Student #2 [takes picture of Babs with the papers] Okay, give it to me
Barbara Huh?
Random Student #2 Give me the test answers!
Barbara Test answers?
In Oswald's office
Barbara That was a dirty trick, Penguin!
Oswald [laughs] Oh let's not quibble about the past, shall we? I'm more interested in what you'll do for me next
Barbara No way, I am done!
Oswald [gets out picture of Babs from earlier] You're far from done, my knee-socked nincompoop [laughs] In run this school, you see. [voiceover] Test answers... vending machines... it all runs through me. Those school elections coming up? - [referring to his friend] Meet your next class president
Oswald's Friend [laughs] Yeah
Oswald And this little gem is the key to my success. [sliding through pictures on his phone] Ha, it's always recording. I've got dirt on everyone in this school. [laughs] With one simple text, I can blackmail anyone. [laughs] Keep your phone on, I'll be in touch
In maths classroom
Maths Teacher ...and so the exponential decay of G of X causes the function to shrink
Barabara [phone vibrating]
Maths Teacher [clears throat]
Barbara [puts phone away]
Maths Teacher The exponential decay of G of X causes the function to shrink...
Oswald [through text]
Maths Teacher ...getting smaller and smaller-
Barbara [fakes choking]
Maths Teacher Miss Gordon are you alright?
Random Student [sneaks hall pass from desk for Oswald]
[Later on]
Barbara [places "Out of Order" sign on vending machine]
Random Student [goes to the other vending machine in a locker and buys from Oswald's instead]
[At night]
Batgirl [busts in the school and fixes the vending machine]
[Next day]
[Vending machine's drinks go flying around]
Oswald [expecting money, but gets hit by one of the drinks]
[Later on]
Barbara [replaces voting box with another one]
Mr. Chapin [takes the box with him in his office]
[At night]
Batgirl [sneaks into Mr. Chapin's office and inserts new votes in
[Next day]
Mr. Chapin [nominates Jimmy Olsen due to Batgirl's last-night sabotage]
Oswald [angry at Babs]
Barbara [acts confused]
[Next day]
Barbara [phone vibrates]
Oswald [by text] My office! NOW!
In Oswald's office
Oswald I've had just about enough of this caped cockroach! I've got one last job for you, then you're free
Barbara Really? Just one more and you'll delete that picture?
Oswald Yes. I want you to steal Hal Jordan's luck socks before tomorrow's game
Barbara What? Why would anyone want Hal's socks? You know he hasn't washed them all season, right?
Oswald Because, my sticker loving servant, I've bought up all of Garfield High's merchandise, right down to the last can koozie [voiceover] So when Hal Jordan can't wear his precious socks, he'll blow the whole game! Those Garfield fans will have to come to me for their state championship gear... at drastically marked-up prices of course
All except Barbara [laughs]
Barbara Why that's... that's felonious!
Oswald You know what's felonious? [shows picture] This!
Barbara But, what about Batgirl! She'll stop me!
Oswald Figure it out! You'll get me those socks, and if Batgirl interferes, I will expose you to the entire school! [laughs]
DC Superhero Girls (except Babs) Let's go Hamsters! Let's go!
Cheerleaders Let's go Hamsters! Let's go!
Oswald Well? Did you get the socks?
Barbara [hands over Hal's lucky socks]
Oswald Excellent work, my dear, excellent work. And we won't have any unwanted visitors tonight, now will we?
Barbara No, I took care of it
Oswald Excellent [laughing]
Audience [cheering]
Hal [notices he's lacking socks]
Barbara [puts on worried face]
[game starts]
Hal [has the ball first and gets tackled]
Oswald [chuckles]
Hal [has the ball and deciding who to throw it to]
Hamster Player I'm open!
Hal [gets tackled]
[Garfield scores]
Oswald [laughing]
Audience [exclaiming]
Barbara [feeling bad]
Hal [briefly admitting defeat]
Oswald [laughing]
Batgirl [swipes from the sky and swipes Hal's socks]
Oswald [crushing drink] What's this? GThe pointy-eared pest thinks she can disrupt my scheme? [texts Garfield players, making them aware of Batgirl]
Garfield Players [jog after Batgirl for the socks]
Batgirl [jumps] Hal! Go deep! [gets out the socks and throws them to Hal]
Audience [cheering]
Oswald [growls]
Hal [puts on his socks]
[Hamster team huddle]
Hal Alright. Zap-39 right Gallagher watermelon on three, break! [Hal gets better and scores] Blue 52! Set... [changes his mind about passing and runs] [jumps and scores, winning it for the team]
Oswald [grunting] [to Barbara] I thought you said you took care of that cowled creep! [growls]
Barbara What can I say Penguin? She's good
Oswald I warned you. And now everybody in school will know that it was you who stole those test answers
Barbara Do your worst. I should have told the truth from the start instead of letting you blackmail me
Oswald [puts his hand in his pocket] Huh? Where's my phone?
Barbara What, you mean... [gets his phone out] This? [holds it out in the air
Oswald [grunts] Give me that! That phone has all the dirt I have on everyone! I can't blackmail anyone without it
Barbara [recorded his speech on his phone and puts it up on the board for everyone]
Oswald [on board] Give me that! That phone has all the dirt I have on everyone! I can't blackmail anyone without it
Barbara [recording on the board] You know all that dirt you were just talking about? All those things you've been holding over everyone's heads? That dirt's about to get scrubbed
[it shows the blackmailing data on his phone is getting deleted on the board]
Cheerleaders and Players [cheers] [applauding Babs and Hal]
Barbara [high fives Hal] Congratulations Hal!
Hal Ah, thanks Babs, it was nothin'
Barbara I got you something because I knew you were gonna win the game
Steve Lombard [enter in the scene]
Hal Steve Lombard? The greatest Hamster's QB of all time?
Steve Lombard [gets out shoecase]
Barbara And your very own Steve Lombard XLXs
Steve Lombard [opens shoecase]
Hal [eyes glitter] [takes off socks and throws them on Babs face] Hold these. You're the best Babs [hugs her] Where'd you get them?
Barbara Oh, I know a guy
[at Oswald's office]
Oswald's Friend It ain't so bad boss
Oswald [growling]