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Enchantress aka June Moone is a minor temporary female villain in the episode, "One Enchanted Evening".

Episode appearance[]


As June Moone, she has the appearance of a tall, fair-skinned young woman, with brown hair pulled back and light green eyes and using glasses.

She mainly wears a sweater and a green skirt that covers her entire body.

As an Enchantress, her appearance changes quite a bit as her eyes turn a deep green, her lips turn redder, her hair becomes blonde and loose and falls on one side.

Her clothing is a kind of armor with green and gold tones and she always has a hood with a golden crescent image on top.

Powers and Abilities[]

Magic: Enchantress is an extremely powerful witch, her magic is so strong that even Zatanna and Giovanni had trouble dealing with her.

Power Absorption: By possessing something from another magic user, Enchantress can drain their magical energy and combine it with her own to make herself more powerful.

Energy Projection: Enchantress can fire powerful bolts of green magical energy from her hands.

Possession: Enchantress can take control of the body she is in at any time, though she can lose control with stronger magic.

Pyrokinesis: Enchantress can create and manipulate green fire as whenever she gets angry her eyes glow with green fire and when she attacks she is engulfed in green fire with runes on the sides.

Flight: Enchantress can fly with magic.


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