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New year, new classes! In 2016, Wonder Woman is resolving to master the Lasso of Truth.
Want to harness your powers? ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and corral the kids to watch the NEW#DCSuperHeroGirls webisode: https://youtu.be/uVYh90gOSuY
January 4th
Happy 2016! Only a few more months until the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ Action Dolls land in stores. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
5th January
January 5th
Let's inspire the next generation of artists.
‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ to help their imaginations grow strong. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬
January 13th
Being strong starts with being confident. See how Poison Ivy finds the courage to step outside her comfort zone in the latest webisode, "Club Life": http://bit.ly/Clublife
January 15th
Sometimes the simplest words can be the most powerful. Tell us about a moment when your little Super Hero saved YOUR day. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
January 19th
We spy a mini ‪#‎Batgirl‬ on a mission to catch clues! Thanks for showing us your little Super Hero in action, @lesleyjacklyn. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ January 21st
As the resident computer genius of Super Hero High, Batgirl always has a high-tech solution up her sleeve. Plus she has the heart of a Super Hero! ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ January 25th
Big or small, Bumblebee is ready to take on any challenge with style and confidence. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
Check out why she becomes hero of the month here: http://bit.ly/heroofthemonth
Hero of the Month Bumblebee
January 29th
They think fast, and they're fast on their feet (even while flying). When someone needs help, the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ always have a rescue plan — on ‪#‎FriendsDay‬ and every day! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ February 4th
Everyone knows her name at Super Hero High! Harley Quinn is the over-the-top, out-of-control, wacky class clown who will do anything to save the day with a smile. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ February 8th
"I think [girls] have been ignored for a long time. Girls like action. It's important for girls to see themselves as the hero." - Deborah Snyder, Warner Bros. February 9th
Send your little Super Hero to school with an extra special surprise! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and print these ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ lunchbox notes.
FB021116 1
FB021116 2
FB021116 3
FB021116 4
February 11th
The ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ are back and ready to save the day! Check out the article below for a sneak peak of the newest webisode and some exciting news about a television debut! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ ‪#‎SaveTheDay‬
Girl power
February 11th
The ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ are powerful individually — and together, they're unstoppable. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
Watch here to see how Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Bumblebee learn what it takes to be a team: http://bit.ly/savethedayalarm
February 12th
Look out, world. The next generation is full of biologists, chemists, and physicists in the making.
Share to ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ with the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬.
February 15th
These ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ 6" Action Figures are taking over New York Toy Fair! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and get ready to wow your kids when they land in stores.
FB021516 1
February 15th
Thanks for all the love at New York Toy Fair! Keep an eye out for ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ products in U.S. stores soon. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
New York heroes
February 16th
As a true science genius, this is Poison Ivy's way of saying, "Eureka!" ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
February 19th
In honor of ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirlsWeek‬, The Mommy and Gracie Show (aka The Gracie and Mommy Show) is unboxing Batgirl. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and check back each day for a closer look at the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ Action Dolls and Action Figures.
Mommy and Gracie
February 23rd
Anything is possible through the power of teamwork. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and join forces with the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬. February 24th
It's Day 4 of ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirlsWeek‬! Today, The Gabriella Damaris Show is unboxing Bumblebee: bit.ly/unboxbumblebee
Show us how excited you are with the LOVE reaction below. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
February 24th
We're so impressed by Presley Alexander's smart and passionate perspective on the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬. Presley, you're a true Super Hero and an inspiration for your generation.
Hear her empowering message as she unboxes Harley Quinn: bit.ly/PresleyAlexander ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirlsWeek‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
February 25th
Congrats, ‪#‎WonderWoman‬! She's the glue that holds the group together and will do anything to protect her friends, family, teachers, strangers, pets...basically the whole world. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
Watch her in action here as Hero of the Month: bit.ly/Wondywoman
February 26th
We're wrapping up ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirlsWeek‬ with Loulou Vitt. Watch to see how Poison Ivy powers their experiment and sparks their imagination: bit.ly/PoisonIvyUnbox. Stay tuned to find out when the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ will land in your area! February 26th
"Every kid can relate to the challenges these young heroes face." - Dante A. Ciampaglia, Sports Illustrated Kids
Hero Cheer
February 27th
Super Hero girls grow up to be Super Hero women. Let's show them how to conquer anything. ‪#‎InternationalWomensDay‬ ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
Women's Day
March 8th
We've heard of cool dads, but we've never seen one in action quite like this. Kudos to Lunchbox Dad for his food art masterpiece of Harley Quinn! ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn
March 9th
This is a game changer. Let your little Super Hero meet the Super Hero Girls, decorate photos, and save the day in action-packed mini-games! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and download the NEW ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ app available now at the App Store: http://apple.co/1QMVGzv
(Coming soon to Google Play too!)
March 11th
Get your dance on! See the Suga N Spice Crew use their dance super powers in the ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ music video: http://bit.ly/suganspice March 13th
Supergirl made it from Krypton to the Kent Farm without a trace of jetlag. Now THAT'S a super power. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
March 15th
Ignite the power of dance in your super heroes when you watch our new ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ dance video by Matt Steffanina! Check it out on YouTube here: bit.ly/DCDANCE March 18th
Happy First Day of Spring! Poison Ivy is sharing the gift of flower power with all her tree-mendous friends. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
March 20th
This Easter, empower your kids by filling their baskets with gifts that inspire leadership, intelligence, and confidence. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
March 21st
The DC Super Hero Girls are inspiring fans in all kinds of ways! Express your inner Super Hero with these DIY crafts by The Start Button and The Craft Train! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
March 23rd
These 6" ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ Action Figures are ready to rise to greatness! March 25th
In Season 1, Wonder Woman didn't just learn how to beat the bad guys - she learned how to be herself. March 26th
Happy Easter! Have a BLAST with your little Super Heroes. 🐰🐣
March 27th
These real-life DC Super Hero Girls were ready for action at Wondercon 2016. Thanks for capturing this powerful moment, Geoff Johns!
March 28th
Supergirl was born with laser vision. Batgirl can build laser gadgets. Together, this fearless pair prove that we all have super powers to make the world a better place. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
March 29th
The power of the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ is now at your child’s fingertips! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and download their new favorite app today:
App Store: http://bit.ly/DCSuperHeroGirls
Google Play: http://bit.ly/DCSHGApp
March 30th
If your kids think the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ Action Dolls are cool...‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and let their imagination soar with a Wonder Woman Shield or Batgirl Utility Belt!
March 31st
Your Super Heroes-in-training are going to flip their capes over this DC Super Hero Girls dance video starring Taylor Hatala! Watch the full video here: http://bit.ly/THatala April 2nd
You don't need to change yourself to change the world. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬
April 3rd
When the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ lead the way, kids everywhere can learn to save the day. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ April 5th
The new ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ products are everything your little Super Hero has been waiting for. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and build a wishlist with 'em at dcsuperherogirls.com. April 6th
Don't mistake her shyness for weakness. From making friends to joining after-school clubs, show your kids how Poison Ivy turned over a new leaf in Season 1! April 7th
We're bugging out over Bumblebee's buzzworthy year at Super Hero High! April 9th
"These are the new DC Super Hero Girls, and they were created to inspire girls to see themselves as super heroes." Thanks for being a fan, Ellen DeGeneres! April 11th
POP QUIZ. Are you outgoing, like Wonder Woman or a good listener, like Batgirl? Find out which DC Super Hero Girl is most like your child at http://bit.ly/superherogirlquiz. The answer might surprise you! April 12th
Now THESE are what we call Super Hero suits! Grab one for your kids and power their imagination to new heights. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
April 15th
You got this, Wonder Woman! When has your little Super Hero shown great strength? ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ April 17th
Just a couple more days until Season 2 arrives on YouTube! Zoom over to re-watch Season 1 here: http://bit.ly/DCSHG1

‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬

April 19th
More webisodes are launching! Join in the fun with your little Super Hero and see Supergirl's big webisode debut TOMORROW. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ April 20th
New beginnings, new challenges, new friendships, new super hero adventures… Season 2 starts TODAY! April 21st
Can Wonder Woman convince Supergirl to join Super Hero High? Watch the new webisode! ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ April 21st
Happy ‪#‎EarthDay‬! Poison Ivy is sharing some heroic ways to help keep the world green and clean. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
FB042216 1
FB042216 2
FB042216 3
FB042216 4
April 22nd
Play the new Batgirl game with your little tech wizards! Let them show off their super hero skills when you download the DC Super Hero Girls app today.
App Store: http://bit.ly/BatgirlAPPLE
Google Play: http://bit.ly/BatgirlGOOGLE
Amazon: http://bit.ly/BatgirlAMAZON
Batgirl Game
April 22nd
Take our new quiz with your little ones and unleash your super powers together! ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
DCSHG's new quiz
April 25th
“I think the biggest thing for her is really believing in herself.” Meet the voice behind the newest addition to Super Hero High –– Supergirl! And, be sure to watch her adventures unfold in Season Two of DC Super Hero Girls. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ ‪#‎DCSuperheroGirls‬
Stamping out fire
April 25th
Super power your selfies in the new ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ app! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ and download it for iOS and Android: http://bit.ly/DCSHGAPP April 26th
Show them what's possible, and they'll find their true powers. What do your rising stars want to be when they grow up? ‪#‎TakeYourKidsToWorkDay‬ ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ April 28th
Happy Super Hero Day! Your confidence is your kids’ inspiration. Their courage is your motivation. Let’s celebrate Super Heroes who are stronger together! ‪#‎SuperHeroDay‬ ‪#‎NationalSuperHeroDay‬
Super Hero day
April 28th
Ready to take on one of the ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬? Let your little Super Hero put their color-matching skills to the test in the NEW game.
Super Hero Match up
April 29th
Launch the Wonder Woman Shield to the next level with a DIY target board for your little Super Hero!
See more gear here: http://bit.ly/DCProducts
April 30th
It takes a Super Hero to raise a Super Hero. As we get ready to celebrate all our awesome moms, tell us: A mom's greatest power is _______!
Super Mum
May 1st
Now THIS is a dress fit for an Amazonian warrior! Your little Wonder Woman will thank you. 😀 ⚡️ 🌟 ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ May 2nd
Sound the alarm! Only three more days until Free Comic Book Day! And it will be more action-packed than ever because you can get a taste of the DC Super Hero Girls' very first graphic novel!
Get to know the writer who brings your favorite Super Heroes to life.
May 4th
Congrats to Hero of the Month, Supergirl! She's only been at Super Hero High for a few weeks, but she hit the ground running (and flying) to rise to the top of her class. May 5th
Even the most powerful girl in the world has a silly side. See why Supergirl is Hero of the Month in our latest webisode here: http://bit.ly/SupergirlHOM May 6th
It’s almost time for Free Comic Book Day! Tomorrow, you can score a FREE comic book featuring your favorite DC Super Hero Girls as they prep and rally for their final exams at Super Hero High!
Learn more, and find a participating store near you. ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
May 6th
The DC Super Hero Girls are jumping from the screen to the page. The students of Super Hero High are starring in their first-ever comic for Free Comic Book Day - available in comic stores now. Click to find out the store location nearest to you!
FB050716 1
May 7th
On Monday's episode of Cupcake Wars, watch kids take on adults for a special DC Super Hero Girls-themed episode! Success will be sweet! Tune in this Monday, 9/8c on Food Network.
FB050716 2
May 7th
It's your special day, powerful Moms! We admire your super strength, bravery, and intelligence — today and every day. ‪#‎HappyMothersDay‬ May 8th
Who can make the best DC Super Hero Girls cupcakes––kids or adults? Watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network today, 9/8c to find out who’s got the sweetest superpowers in the kitchen. May 9th
Technowizards unite! Let your mini detectives show off their skills with a Batgirl Hoodie Cape. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
May 10th
Congratulations to all the ‪#‎CupcakeWars‬ contestants who used their baking super powers to create these delicious treats!
If you want to watch the episode again, you can catch it Saturday, May 14th at 3/2c on Food Network
May 13th
It’s pop quiz time! And we know you and your little super hero have been studying hard.
Today’s subject: How well do you know Wonder Woman? ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
May 14th
Always encourage courage, no matter how great the challenge. May 16th
We believe in the POWer of friendship! Every little super hero deserves friends who not only stand by them, but also stand UP for them!
DCSHG's Friendship
May 18th
Batgirl and Supergirl take superfood cake very seriously. Grab your little Super Hero and dig into the new webisode now!
‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
May 19th
Lightning speed. Powerful moves. Batgirl and Supergirl are ready to take on the world and… each other. Catch up on the new webisode now. http://bit.ly/SGvBG ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ May 21st
Supergirl’s got unreal strength, out-of-this-world speed, and yes, a very cool voice.
Hear what Anais Fairweather has to say about playing such a fun, and quirky Super Hero!
May 26th
When it came to discovering her super strength, Wonder Woman skipped the baby steps. ‪#‎TBT‬
May 26th
Flight! Speed! Strength! These fans have really mastered their favorite Super Hero power moves!
Watch to see how they recreated one of our most epic scenes, and then show us your little Super Hero saving the day!
May 27th
There’s only one Harley Quinn. Or so we thought!
Grab your little Super Hero and watch Harley and all her imposters in the latest webisode.
June 2nd
HA! HA! HA! The joke’s on Harley this time!
Catch up on the latest prank-filled webisode with your little Super Hero!
June 4th
She’s fierce, she’s fearless, and she’s ready to bring her cutting-edge style to the world in a whole new way! Check back tomorrow to see what’s coming up for Katana this summer. ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬
FB060616 1
June 6th
You know it’s the end of the school year when Principal Waller announces the Super Hero High superlatives. 😊
FB060616 2
June 6th
Your favorite sword-wielding-fashion-loving-crime-fighting Super Hero has arrived! Our very first Katana doll will be making her exclusive debut at San Diego Comic-Con International.
Get more info here: http://bit.ly/KatanaDoll
‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ ‪#‎SDCC‬
#DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn
June 7th
Your kids have been caught — being good! Print these coupons to reward your super hero and keep their summer action-packed.
FB060816 1
FB060816 2
FB060816 3
FB060816 4
FB060816 5
FB060816 6
FB060816 7
FB060816 8
June 8th
How much do you and your little one know about Poison Ivy? Take today’s Meet The Heroes quiz to see if your knowledge holds up, and tell us how you did in the comments! June 14th
Stop what you’re doing! It’s almost Katana time!
The Katana San Diego Comic Con exclusive doll will be available for pre-sale TOMORROW at 9am PT on Mattycollector.com. Get the scoop at http://bit.ly/21ozNJ6
June 16th
Congrats to Hero of the Month, Harley Quinn! She's crazy fun and saves the day according to her own rules. June 16th
The world needs saving, and these are the heroes to do it. The first DC Super Hero Girls movie "Hero of the Year" is coming in August! June 17th
Happy Father's Day! Today we're celebrating all the fearless fathers in Metropolis and beyond who help their children soar!
June 19th
Our app has a gotten a mischievous makeover! Download the update and play the new Harley Quinn Mallet Mayhem game with your little Super Hero today.
Amazon: http://bit.ly/DCSHGAppAmzn
Google Play: http://bit.ly/DCSHGAppGoogle
iOS: http://bit.ly/DCSHGAPP
June 21st
If you and your little one love to buzz about DC Super Hero Girls, then we’ve got a treat for you! Today’s quiz is all about Bumblebee. Let us know how you do in the comments below! ‪#‎GetYourCapeOn‬ ‪#‎DCSuperHeroGirls‬ June 23rd
One more week until these books hit the shelves! Just in time for your kids’ summer reading list. June 28th
The Batjet is ready for take-off, but can Batgirl say the same? Watch to see if she passes her Flyer’s Exam. June 30th
If at first you don’t succeed...fly, fly again. See how Batgirl’s flyer friends take her under their wings (and capes) in our latest webisode: http://bit.ly/29kql9T July 2nd
Wondy is always ready for a 4th of July party!
Today is all about friends, family, fireworks, and the freedom to be yourself!
July 4th
Bring some adventures on your adventures this summer!
We’ve got some road trip reads for your Super Hero! Our first graphic novel, “Finals Crisis” and our second novel, “Supergirl at Super Hero High” are now available! #DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn
July 5th
It’s quiz time! Stay alert because this quiz is all about our favorite prankster, Harley Quinn!
Watch the video with your little Super Hero and answer each question together!
July 7th
Gooooo Batgirl! The latest Hero of the Month is a legit computer genius and an incredible friend. Watch her light up Metropolis in the latest webisode! #DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn July 14th
Time to pack the shields, swords, and lasso of truth! San Diego Comic Con, here we come!
Get ready for some major reveals and big-time fun all week long! #DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn
July 18th
The DC Super Hero Girls are at San Diego Comic-Con, and that means we’ve got lots of surprises in store for you! Be sure to follow along with us all week for new products, special appearances, and more!
July 19th
July 19th
We’ve got an announcement tomorrow at 5PM PT that’ll get you and your little Super Hero feeling supersonic and ready to jet! Stay tuned!
July 19th
Watch out! Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet are coming in for a landing! #DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn
July 20th
We’ve got an awesome announcement that’s sure to sharpen your little super hero’s excitement. Check back in tomorrow at 8:30 AM PT for the big reveal!
Katana Silhouette
July 21st
We can hardly believe our eyes!
The Invisible Jet has landed here at San Diego Comic Con. The adventures just keep coming!
FB072016 2
July 21st
Katana is always sharp...and graceful!
The Katana Action Figure is ready to bring major fierceness to Comic-Con.
Katana Figure
July 21st
We’ll cut to the chase...today is all about celebrating Katana here at San Diego Comic-Con International!
Check out the video for a peek at the #SDCC exclusive Katana doll!
July 21st
We all want to be as fierce as Katana!
Today she taught her boldest moves at the Katana Sword School at San Diego Comic-Con International. Nice work, Super Heroes!
July 21st
Get fired up, because we’ve got an announcement that’ll leave your little one starry eyed. Check back in tomorrow at 8:30AM PT for full details!
FB072116 2
July 21st
Starfire is a Super Hero, world traveler, and NOW an action doll!
She’s been busy fighting villains with her Starbolts, but now she’s making her debut at San Diego Comic-Con.
FB072216 1
July 22nd
We’re celebrating a BIG milestone with an even BIGGER work of art at San Diego Comic Con. Join us tomorrow in your best WW gear, and get ready to strike your strongest power pose at 5pm at the DC Downtown location (at Island & 6th) to help us applaud Wonder Woman on 75 years of inspiring tomorrow’s super heroes! 👏👏👏
FB072216 2
July 22nd
We hope you’re ready for a whole world of awesome. Lasso your little one and check back in tomorrow at 8:30AM PT for reveals that’ll add a blast of excitement to your day.
FB072216 3
July 22nd
Sneak peek alert from San Diego Comic-Con! No matter your size, all little Super Heroes are mighty and strong. This NEW Wonder Woman vinyl is proof!
FB072316 1
July 23rd
Next up is our new Wondy Plush! It's soft to the touch but POWerful enough to inspire leadership and bravery in all future Super Heroes! #GetYourCapeOn
FB072316 2
July 23rd
The Wonder Woman Power Action Doll has arrived at San Diego Comic-Con with her high tech shield and lasso of truth. Get ready to make the world a better place with her!
FB072316 3
July 23rd
Oh my Hera! Hot Wheels has transformed Wonder Woman into a power-packed car! We can't wait for the whole DC Super Hero Girls team to hit the streets later this year.
FB072316 4
July 23rd
Hot Wheels have transformed the DC Super Hero Girls into a fleet of power-packed car BFFs! This invincible team will be ready to zoom later this year.
FB072316 5
July 23rd
Hey, San Diego Comic Con Super Heroes! Stop by room 6BCF tomorrow at 10AM for a panel all about the DC Super Hero Girls. And, you will get a first look at our NEW upcoming movie, ‘Hero Of The Year.’ See you there!
FB072316 6
July 23rd
We’ve got a BIG reveal that proves great things really do come in small packages. Be sure you and your little super hero fly back here in tomorrow at 8:30AM PT for details!!
DCSHG's vinyls
July 23rd
You don’t have to be big to be POWerful! Just ask the new Vinyls making their first appearance at San-Diego Comic-Con. Collect them all for your budding Super Hero!
July 24th
If you couldn’t make today’s San Diego Comic-Con screening of the movie, 'Hero of the Year,' take a look at some of the excitement in store for the DC Super Hero Girls this August! July 24th
Looks like Harley Quinn met her double at San Diego Comic Con!
July 25th
San Diego Comic-Con was a blast! Thanks to all of our Super Heroes in training for joining us. We’ll see you again next year – with even more POWer! July 25th
She’s not quite a tennis superstar. But she’s definitely a Super Hero.
Watch Supergirl use her racket for good in the latest webisode. #DCSuperHeroGirls #GetYourCapeOn
July 28th
At San Diego Comic Con, your little Super Hero's favorite DC Super Hero Girls were brought to life! Take a look back at some of our favorite moments from the event!
072916 1
072916 2
072916 3
072916 4
072916 5
072916 6
072916 7
072916 8
072916 9
072916 10
072916 11
072916 12
072916 13
July 29th
Game, set, match! Katana and Supergirl are ready for the championship. Don’t forget to cheer them on with your little Super Hero!
Catch up on the latest webisode! http://bit.ly/doublestroubles
30th July, 2016
July 30th
No trial is too big for Bumblebee to take on, making her the perfect partner for your budding Super Hero! August 1st
Mark your calendars! If you and your little Super Hero missed the action at San Diego Comic Con, you will be able to get the limited edition Katana doll on MattyCollector.com August 15-25! Stay tuned for details.
August 3rd
Laser vision? Time travel? Watch the video to see one fierce girl’s super power goals.
What super power does your little one wish for?
August 4th
The DC Super Hero Girls must overcome their greatest challenge yet in the ALL NEW MOVIE, ‘Hero Of The Year'! Check out the action-packed trailer and watch out for an exciting announcement tomorrow! August 8th
The DC Super Hero Girls are back in an ALL NEW MOVIE, “Hero of the Year,” available streaming TODAY and in stores on the 23rd.
If you and your little warrior are ready for BIG stakes and BIG adventure, head over and watch today! http://bit.ly/DCMOV1
August 9th, 2016
August 9th
Our latest webisode is all about weeding out the bad from the good! Check out “Franken Ivy” with your little Super Hero. August 11th
Our latest Hero Of The Month is as bold as they come! Check out our latest webisode and grab a cut of the action with your tiny-but-mighty Super Hero! August 12th
Don’t look now... look now! There’s something lurking at Super Hero High. If you missed it, check out the latest webisode of DC Super Hero Girls! August 13th
Will darkness overcome the light? Watch out for Eclipso in DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year on iTunes! http://bit.ly/DCMOV1 August 14th
Don't let your little Super Hero miss her chance to get her hands on the San Diego Comic Con Katana Doll! She will be available on Mattycollector for a limited time, TODAY through August 25th. Learn more: http://bit.ly/mattycollector
August 15th
Watch the video to find out this super hero’s Super Power. Hint: It involves bedtime! What kind of super powers does your little Super Hero have? August 18th
Now there’s a SUPER pic Jorge Duva Studio. We love to see little Super Heroes striking power poses with their whole team. Keep it up!
August 20th
Here’s a riddle––how do you find something invisible when it gets lost? Put your head together with your little problem-solver to see if you can crack the case of Wonder Woman’s missing invisible jet. Watch our latest webisode now and join the hunt! #GetYourCapeOn August 25th
You can use Super Powers right alongside the DC Super Hero Girls in our latest game: Super Hero Match-Up! Now available on the app! #GetYourCapeOn
Google Play: http://bit.ly/googapp3
iOS: http://bit.ly/iosapp3
August 26th
Gather your little one and her best friends for some bonding time with the DC Super Hero Girls! Find the 'Hero of the Year' movie on iTunes today: http://bit.ly/DCMOV1
FB082716 1
August 27th
The search is on! The DC Super Hero Girls are looking around every corner for Wonder Woman's jet-Which is tough, considering it's invisible. Watch "Dude, where's my Invisible jet" and join the hunt!
FB082716 2
August 27th
Can the DC Super Hero Girls defeat Dark Opal, the great master of mystic arts? Grab a copy of ‘Hero of the Year’ on DVD today to find out! http://bit.ly/Own_DCSHGonDVD August 28th
Happy #NationalToastedMarshmallowDay to you and all the Super Heroes around your campfire! August 30th
Start the school year off with a BANG!💥 Watch the new DC Super Hero Girls movie "Hero Of The Year" and you and your little adventurer will be ready to tackle any challenges the school year throws your way!
August 31st
New teachers, new classes, oh my! You’ve given your little one the confidence to fly as she goes back to school - now it’s time to sit back and watch her take on the world! 🙌🏼 September 1st
Batgirl is both mysterious and mighty! If you and your junior crime-stopper think you’ve got what it takes to brave the cave, then give this quiz your best shot! September 2nd
Word is buzzing around Super Hero High that it’s National Honey Month, Bumblebee’s favorite!
September 3rd,2016
September 3rd
This school year doesn't stand a chance against your little scholar's knowledge and wit! Straight A's are coming their way!
September 3rd
The DC Super Hero Girls always have each others' backs - literally! September 4th
Print these coupons to reward your Super Hero and keep the good things coming – because cleaning their room counts as a superpower!
FB090416 1
FB090416 2
FB090416 3
FB090416 4
FB090416 5
FB090416 6
FB090416 7
FB090416 8
FB090416 9
September 4th
Don’t let Frost’s cool exterior fool you - she knows how to make all the other Super Hero Girls feel nice and warm! 🔥 Find out what else the girls have to say about the Hero of the Month in our latest webisode! September 6th
When Batgirl's gadgets go haywire she taps into nature for some help. ��� How does your little Super Hero play outside? Our latest webisode can give them some inspiration! September 8th
Give your little one a deeper look into a day at Super Hero High! Grab a copy of the NEW Super Hero High School Yearbook here: http://amzn.to/2cpuawa September 9th
Stop - it's HAMMER TIME! The shadows are no match for Harley Quinn's antics in ‘Hero of the Year!' http://bit.ly/Own_DCSHGonDVD September 12th
At Super Hero High, inspiration can come from anywhere! See how Batgirl uses nature to her advantage in ‘Blunder Games’ here: http://bit.ly/blundergames September 14th
Who has super strength with a super heart to match? It’s Supergirl! Test your Supergirl knowledge with this quiz! September 15th
Attention Super Heroes! Take our NEW quiz with your little one to find out which DC Super Hero Girl would be their partner-in-crime-stopping. http://bit.ly/dcbffquiz
September 16,2016
September 16th
Villains are no match against Poison Ivy's flower power! Watch her harnesses the power of the Earth to take them down in "Hero of the Year” http://bit.ly/Own_DCSHGonDVD September 17th
At Super Hero High, the back-to-school shopping list looks a little different. 🎒
September 19th,2016
September 19th
Encourage your little heroes to keep exploring the world around them to find their passions! For Starfire, that’s science and space. What are your little explorers passionate about?
September 20th
Frost is celebrating National Ice Cream Cone Day by making all the girls their favorite flavors! 🍦 What is your little one’s favorite frozen treat? September 22nd
It’s Hawkgirl’s day off, and the girls have planned her a special surprise. We won’t spoil it for your little one - she can find out in our latest webisode! September 22nd
That’s right, even Super Heroes get a day off! Or...do they? Find out in our latest webisode here: http://bit.ly/dcHGDO21 September 26th
Ready for an announcement to sing about? Pop powerhouse Fifth Harmony just released a new single, and has teamed up with the DC Super Hero Girls to make one seriously stellar music video! Rock out with Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and the whole gang in the world premiere of their first ever music video set to "That's My Girl"! September 28th
It looks like Evelyn has done a great job earning reward coupons -- powerful pic, Michael Zielinski!
Have you had a chance to print these out for your little Super Hero yet?!
Find them here: http://bit.ly/DCSHGCoupons
September 29th
Say hello to the brand-new LEGO DC Super Hero Girls! Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and the rest of the gang are smaller than usual, but no less powerful!
FB100316 1
FB100316 2
FB100316 3
October 3rd
Josh Peardon has a mighty little Super Hero on his hands! Be sure to post your little explorers’ Super Hero costumes all month so we can follow your epic adventures! 🎃
FB100316 4
October 3rd
Hawkgirl is one-of-a-kind: she’s sharp, observant, and doesn’t miss a thing, especially her friends’ birthdays! Watch our latest webisode to learn why Hawkgirl was named Super Hero High’s Hero of the Month! October 4th
Friendships are the building blocks for the most powerful squads! And these tiny LEGO DC Super Hero Girls are stacking up their superpowers for good.
FB100516 1
FB100516 2
FB100516 3
October 5th
Did you catch our seriously stellar music video for Fifth Harmony's newest single? Grab your cape, click play, and groove on through your day! bit.ly/FHThatsMyGirl October 5th
If your little super heroes can’t get enough DC Super Hero Girls action, just wait until they see our brand new Digital Comic! Fly on over to bit.ly/DigitalComic for chapter 1!
October 6th
Cheetah is sick and tired of not being recognized - will her plan to become Hero of the Month succeed? Watch our newest webisode to find out! October 7th
Calling all Super Heroes: Giveaway Alert! DC Comics is giving away a prize package with all of the DC Super Hero Girls Action Dolls, Action Figures, Vinyl Figures, and much more! Enter with your little ones here: bit.ly/2016Sweeps
October 8th
Remembering birthdays is just one important rule of friendship! What friendship rules do you teach your little BFF? October 9th
Cheetah’s cheesy performance DEFINITELY won’t make her Hero of the Month. ❌ See her save the day from “danger” in our newest webisode! bit.ly/CheetahWhoCriedWolfClip October 10th
Today is International Day of the Girl! 💪
Encourage your daughters to follow their passions, to stand up for what they believe in, and to learn something new every day!
11 October
October 11th
Are you and your little one ready to rock out with us and Fifth Harmony? We teamed up with them to create a one-of-a-kind music video, now with the lyrics so you can join in and sing along! October 12th
New York Comic Con was SUCH a blast, the heroes can't wait for next year! 💥 The DC Super Hero Girls zoomed over in full force, just in time to unveil the new DCSHG LEGOs!
FB101316 1
FB101316 2
FB101316 3
FB101316 4
October 13th
Katana’s got some EPIC sword skills! What are you carving into your pumpkins? Share your family’s Halloween creations in the comments below! October 15th
Keep your eyes on the sky this weekend - you and your Super Hero might just spot Wonder Woman in her Invisible Jet! October 16th
Saving the world from crime is a job for the whole family! Tegan McJilton-Leonard and Korra are well on their way to an awesome Halloween. Get your cape on, and share your costumes with us!
October 18th
Did your little heroes think Chapter I of the DC Super Hero Girls digital comic was action-packed? Then their minds will be 💥 when they see Chapter II, out now! bit.ly/ComicChapter2
October 19th
Star Sapphire has to overcome one of her biggest fears in our newest webisode. What big fears have your brave little explorers overcome? October 20th
Get ready for one high-flying, heroic Halloween! DC Super Hero Girls costumes are now available - zoom over and snatch your little one’s favorite super suit now! bit.ly/DCSHGCostume October 21st
Saluting Wonder Woman as the new United Nations Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls! With this stellar role, she will encourage women and girls all over the globe to follow their dreams and be everything they can be!
October 22nd
Got some Frost fans in your home? It’s SUCH an easy costume to make - try for yourself! October 22nd
The Super Hero High app has become a Halloween spooktacular! Check out the updated Katana, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Harley Quinn games, and sneak treats from some of the pumpkins!
October 23rd
Wonder Woman and her friends are off on an epic adventure to the underworld! Just wait ‘til you see the cyclops, witches, and sirens our Super Heroes encounter in our upcoming graphic novel, Hits and Myths, available in stores November 1!
October 24th
Turning your little hero into Hawkgirl is easier than you think. Try it yourself this Halloween with stuff you can find around your house! October 24th
Sometimes even Super Heroes find themselves in scary situations, like Star Sapphire in our latest webisode! But with confidence and bravery, they can overcome anything! October 25th
Sarah Miller's little prankster Harley Quinn is ready to show off her Halloween tricks! Keep sharing your little heroes' costumes with us - their Halloween adventures are such a treat!
October 25th
Star Sapphire makes for a FABULOUS Halloween costume! The best part? You can make it with things in your own home! October 27th
Start your Saturday morning by going on an epic adventure with your little hero. Our movie Hero of the Year is airing tomorrow morning at 9am PT on the Boomerang Network, so check your local listings and #GetYourCapeOn! October 28th
Not all twins are identical! Toni Texidor's Giuliana and Aliana are off to fight crime in their own unique ways - keep it up, Heroes!
Share all your Halloween adventures with us here and on Instagram!
October 29th
Batgirl is putting out the word - it’s Halloween! Have a blast keeping the world safe with your little adventurer and grabbing candy along the way! October 31st
She may like her clothes neat and tidy, but she’s not afraid to get dirty to save the day! Say hello to this stellar Hero of the Month! November 2nd
Bumblebee wants to ace her Weaponomics midterm, but can she pull off the A+? Watch our newest webisode, The Ultimate Accessory and find out! November 3rd
What an exciting Halloween! Check out all the high-flying adventures these little heroes had! November 4th
Young Readers Day is next week, and you know what that means - an extraordinary book giveaway! Enter the sweepstakes and you could win BOTH books. http://bit.ly/BooksSweeps November 5th
What better way to achieve success than to have amazing friends behind you! See how Bumblebee does it in our newest webisode! bit.ly/TheUltimateAccessory November 6th
It’s Young Readers Day! Reading with your little Super Heroes inspires their creativity and imagination, so pick up a book and start your literary adventure! November 8th
Fantastic news, heroes - the DCSHG dolls have been nominated for Doll of the Year by TTPM! Voting ends November 29, so get your cape on and vote today! bit.ly/TTPMPeoplesPlayAwards
November 12th
This lesson can be hard to remember when there’s cake involved! November 13th
When trying to solve a crime,
And you’re running out of time,
Put Batgirl on the case -
She’ll put Super-Villains in their place!
Watch our newest webisode
To see her crack the secret code!
November 17th
Chapter 4 of the DCSHG Digital Comic is here and the heroes are still traveling through time! See if they can make it back from the prehistoric past - download it now! bit.ly/DCSHGChapter4
November 18th
Supergirl is so excited for the holidays that she’s using her super strength to break out of her box! Which doll is your little super hero most excited for this holiday season? November 19th
This DEFINITELY wasn’t who Batgirl expected to encounter. Catch up on our newest webisode and find out who she discovered! bit.ly/RiddleoftheHeart November 20th
The holidays are SO much better when you’re with the people you care about. Who will you and your little hero be spending the holidays with? November 21st
Take your whole fam on an adventure of epic proportions! The DC Super Hero Girls movie, Hero of the Year, is airing on Cartoon Network all week at the following times:
🌟 Wednesday, 11/23 at 8am
🌟 Saturday, 11/26 at 12:30pm
🌟 Sunday, 11/27 at 3pm
November 21st
Don’t blink, or you’ll miss the stellar new Supergirl Hallmark Keepsake Ornament! Pick up yours at Hallmark and everywhere Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments are sold and give your tree holiday strength and cheer! November 22nd
No matter how you say it, saying “thank you,” isn’t only nice - it also feels awesome! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your little heroes! November 23rd
This duo is SO unstoppable that they both deserved Hero of the Month! Watch our newest webisode to see their unbeatable teamwork in action! November 29th
Batgirl is making her grand holiday entrance, thanks to a little help from her friends! Be on the lookout for all of the DCSHG action dolls this holiday season. November 30th
The DC Super Hero Girls are finally back from the past! Are your little heroes ready for the surprise that awaits them? Download Chapter 5 of “Past Times at Super Hero High” now! bit.ly/DCSHGChptr5
November 30th
Frost’s roomies just won’t let her chill! Things are heating up in our newest webisode, Roomies Return Frost’s Bite! December 1st
Super Hero High just got a holiday makeover! Check out all of the festive updates on the DCSHG app and get ready to celebrate. bit.ly/DCSHGHolidayApp
December 2nd
Having roomies can be tough! Just remember - keep your cool, use your words, and try not to freeze them! See how Frost finally chills out in our newest webisode! bit.ly/FrostsBite December 5th
What’s December without snow? Download, print, cut out, and decorate with these epic Super Hero snowflakes, and turn your home into a winter wonderland!
FB120916 1
FB120916 2
FB120916 3
FB120916 4
December 9th
Everyone has their fave holiday traditions, even the DC Super Hero Girls! What do you like to do with your little Super Heroes this time of year?
FB121016 1
FB121016 2
FB121016 3
FB121016 4
FB121016 5
FB121016 6
FB121016 7
December 10th
There's something for every little hero in the DCSHG Holiday Gift Guide - check it out and let the holiday cheer commence! December 14th
Catching a villain is complicated, especially when you and your partner don’t agree on how to do it. Watch our newest webisode to see if Harley’s pranks can do the trick! December 15th
From soaring around the Amethyst to zooming down the zipline, your little adventurer will have a 💥 with this Super Hero High playset! December 17th
Even Advanced Stakeout class can’t get Harley Quinn down! Watch our new webisode "The Odd Couple" to see if she can put her pranking to good use! bit.ly/TheOddCoupleWebisode December 19th
It wouldn't be the holidays without ❄️❄️❄️. Channel your inner Frost and start a DC Super Hero Girls blizzard with your little snow angels - get your own snowflake templates here: bit.ly/DIYSnowflakes December 21st
This is the face of a hero who's PUMPED for her gifts! 🎁🎁🎁 Share all of your little BFF's holiday reactions here and on Instagram using #DCSuperHeroGirls!
December 23rd
Happy holidays, heroes! Remember - the holidays aren’t complete without the people you care about! ❤️ December 24th
This little hero has her whole hero squad assembled! 🙌 Which heroes joined your little adventurer's DC Super Hero Girls crew this holiday?
December 26th
Adventure alert! Chapter 7 of the DC Super Hero Girls Digital Comic is out now! Can Batgirl and Harley Quinn make their way back from the future? 🕘 Download the comic now to find out! http://bit.ly/DCSHGChp7
December 28th
What do you do when the coldest Super Hero has a cold? See what Bumblebee, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy do to help Frost feel better in the DC Super Hero Girls Season 2 finale! December 29th
Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Ivy have to brave QUITE the storm in the frosty DC Super Hero Girls Season 2 Finale. Bundle up and watch the heroes solve the final issue of 2016! http://bit.ly/ColdBloodedWebisode December 30th