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A new year means three things:
👯 Awesome new friends
💪 Challenging new obstacles
🙌 Epic new adventures!
Start 2017 with a 💥 and try something new with your little hero this week!
January 1st
Bumblebee’s dreams of having some tiny BFFs have come true! The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls are taking the 🌎 by storm - be on the lookout for these itty-bitty crime fighters in a store near you! January 9th
Is your little hero buzzing for DC Super Hero Girls Season 3? We've lassoed some of the most action-packed moments from Season 2 to get ready for what's coming on January 26! January 11th
All of Lady Shiva’s discipline and focus has paid off! Watch this martial arts master and Hero of the Month take on bad guys twice her size in our new webisode! January 12th
The DC Super Hero Girls need your little detectives’ help solving Season 3’s first mystery! 🔍 One of the heroes has gone missing - who could it be? Find out when the NEW webisode airs on January 26! January 17th
Harley Quinn and Batgirl's time-traveling adventures continue with Chapter 8 of the DC Super Hero Girls digital comic available today at http://bit.ly/DCSHGChapter8.
BONUS: If you missed the beginning of the story, Chapters 1 & 2 are FREE from now until 1/31 with the promo code PASTTIMES2017!
January 18th
It’s almost time for your little heroes to break out their super suits! DCSHG Season 3 premieres in just ONE week - watch the trailer now! 🙌 January 19th
#DCSUPERHEROGIRLS: PAST TIMES AT SUPER HERO HIGH has all good things, including dinosaurs, time travel, and even Emily Dickinson! Watch Presley Alexander from Act Out Games review the comic on the #DCFansChannel! http://bit.ly/PastTimesReview
January 20th
They may be tiny in size, but they’re ENORMOUS in power! Collect all of the DC Super Hero Girls Vinyls with your little Super Hero starting in February to show her that no matter her size, she can do ANYTHING! January 21st
This mini member of the Junior Detectives Club of Super Hero High is ready to stop crime in its tracks. Hawkgirl takes to the sky to catch criminals before they have the chance to flee!
January 23rd
Your little detectives didn’t leave us hanging! With their help, we figured out that Batgirl was kidnapped! 😱
Watch the DC Super Hero Girls Season 3 premiere to find out if her friends can save her!
January 26th
Supergirl is prepared to save the day! Sarah Ritchie’s little hero won’t let anything stand in the way of being one of Metropolis’s most valuable heroes!
January 27th
Imagination is one of your little champion's most impressive super powers, so keep building it up! The new LEGO DC Super Hero Girls will keep her creativity flowing and give her the confidence to create anything. January 27th
Super best friends ALWAYS have a super secret handshake. 👯 Catch up on the new webisode “Batnapped” to see how Batgirl and Supergirl are an unstoppable team! bit.ly/DCSHGBatnapped January 30th
Your little hero is going to FLIP when they see who's chasing Wonder Woman and her BFFs. Download Chapter 9 of the DC Super Hero Girls digital comic today and get reading! http://bit.ly/DCSHG-CH9
February 1st
Harley, Bumblebee, and Katana think they’re giving Batgirl a surprise, but they’re in for quite the shock! 💥 Don’t miss our newest webisode “Surprise!” now! February 2nd
No hero is too young to take on bad guys. Timothy Renzi’s little hero-in-training has all her super hero gear in-hand for ultimate culprit takedowns!
February 4th
We all have that friend that comes up with WILD ideas! 😂 See if Bumblebee and Katana go along with Harley’s plan in the latest webisode “Surprise!” bit.ly/DCSHG-Surprise February 6th
Lions, tigers, and bears… oh… oh! It’s just the Hero of the Month, Beast Boy! His shape-shifting abilities make him invaluable to the heroes, whether he’s a mouse, an eagle, or just himself! February 9th
Even blizzards can't stop Supergirl! Her super strength and heat vision are the ultimate snow-clearing machines!
February 10th
It’s Inventor’s Day, the perfect day for our little heroes to put their thinking caps on and get to making! Encourage your little heroes to use their brain power today - their idea could be the next big gamechanger!
February 11th
These POWerful DC Super Hero Girls Valentines will be a HIT in your little hero’s class! ❤️ 👊 ❤️ Print your own cards, and customize them by cutting and gluing the add-ons from page 2. Be sure to share your little hero’s creations with us, too!
FB021217 1
FB021217 2
February 12th
Happy Valentine's Day to you and your little lovebugs! Share this video with the people YOU care about! February 14th
Searching high and low for a baby dinosaur? It's just another day for Harley Quinn, and your little adventurer can help! Download Chapter 10 of DC Super Hero Girls Digital Comic here:http://bit.ly/DCSHG-CH10
DCSHG's Past Time at Super Hero High Ch10
February 15th
Something suspicious is happening to Supergirl, and the heroes are on a mission to solve a mystery! Watch our newest webisode below and see if you and your little hero can figure it out. February 16th
SURPRISE! Take a peek at some of the brand new DC Super Hero Girls toys you'll be able to lasso this year for your little champion! February 17th
The Katana action doll is now available for Amazon Pre-sale, so you can finally add her to your super hero squad! Evil-doers will be no match for Katana's sword skills and your little adventurers imagination! February 18th
A brand-new action doll is being beamed down from Tamaran! Starfire has arrived to hone her super hero skills and join the DC Super Hero Girls! February 20th
It's official! DC Super Hero Girls is proud to inspire girls to be themselves, follow their passions, and expand their imaginations. Thanks for helping us become Action Figure of the Year! February 22nd
What could Lena Luthor be up to in that lab? Catch up on our newest webisode "Tales from the Kryptomites Pt1" now to uncover what she's hiding!http://bit.ly/DCSHG-Kryptonite February 22nd
Oh no! Pesky Kryptomites are wreaking havoc on Metropolis. Can the heroes stop these green meanies? Watch Pt. 2 of Tales from the Kryptomites to find out! February 23rd
it's #FlashbackFriday! These little heroes had a stellar Halloween, keeping the streets safe and collecting candy along the way. Photo by Anna Ward. February 24th
With Kryptomites multiplying all over Metropolis, Poison Ivy and Frost have to work together to stop them! See their teamwork in action in our newest webisode. bit.ly/DCSHG-Kryptomites February 25th
Never fear, citizens- Miranda Vasquez's Wonder Woman is here! She's used her super strength to take down 749 criminals today alone! February 27th
Manda Lee Robson's Batgirl and Wonder Woman strike one quick pose before zooming to the skies to take down crime March 1st
Starfire has a HUGE problem on her hands - everyone at Super Hero High is fighting! Watch the new webisode "Seeing Red" to see if she can help make peace. March 2nd
YIKES! Does Supergirl have the courage and strength to save her friends? Download Chapter 11 of DC Super Hero Girls Digital Comic and join the adventure with your little hero!http://bit.ly/DCSHG-Chapter11 March 3rd
Scott Anderson's little rockstar has QUITE the collection! Which playset is your little hero's favorite? March 4th
Your little crime-fighter is going to get a kick out of these power action figures! Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn will have no problem stopping criminals in their tracks with their power-action gear! March 5th
Remember Harley's little secret? Well it DEFINATELY came back to haunt her and her friends in the brand new webisode "Seeing Red."


March 6th
Katana and Frost were sent to save the day from the Female Furies... but Big Barda was the real hero. Talk about a plot twist! See the mayhem unfold in today's new webisode! March 9th
Villains, beware! Sword-swinging master Katana is NOT to be messed with. Watch our new webisode "Spring Prison Break" to catch this hero in action.bit.ly/SpringPrisonBreak March 13th
Nothing like a little family crime-fighting! Kendra Nichole Lewis and her little Batgirl are quite the force to be reckoned with. March 14th
Batgirl and Harley have one more stop before heading back to present-day Metropolis- the 80's!Download Chapter 12 of the DC Super Hero Girls Digital Comic now to see if they can fix Principle Waller's timeline:http://bit.ly/DCSHG-CH12 March 15th
Wonder Woman and Supergirl won't rest until they find out who's the fastest! See how the friendly competition turns out in our newest webisode! March 16th
your little heroes will be PUMPED about the newest DC Super Hero Girls movie, Intergalactic Games! The feature-length adventure will be released on DVD and Digital HD mid-May! March 17th
Even Super Hero High's best students need to practice their skills! The new Batgirl Feature Action Doll is prepped to blast into toy stores near you! March 18th
This duo is POWerful __ especially when it comes to fighting crime. Fight on, Harley Quinn and Bumblebee! March 19th
The first day of spring has Poison Ivy BURSTING with excitement! March 20th
Harley's sleeves may be short, but they're full to the brim with tricks! Check out our resident prankster in a race around Metropolis in our latest webisode:http://bit.ly/DCSHG-AroundMetropolis March 21st
It's Batgirl's turn to stand in the Super Hero High Spotlight! Pick up your copy of this epic adventure, and tell us about your fave part of the action! March 22nd
BOOM! DC Super Hero Girls is excited to announce that April is #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth! All month long, we'll be challenging you and your little BFF to be real-life super heroes. Get pumped and stay tuned for more details. March 27th

Season 3 of DC Super Hero Girls is full of action and surprises, and DC Comics Graphic Novel and DCSHG Animation writer Shea Fontana wants to talk to YOU about them on Facebook Live! Join her here on Facebook on Thursday, March 30 at 3pm PT.

March 28th
Get ready to shift into overdrive with a closer look at the DC Super Hero Girls Hot Wheels cars! Which of the heroes' cars is your little racer's favourite? March 29th
Every hero needs practice, no matter how strong they are! During #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth, we will show your little BFF all the ways they can become a real-life Super Hero! It all starts Monday, April 3rd! March 29th
Always wanted to know Harley Quinn's favourite colour, or how many villains there are in Metropolis? DC Comics Graphic Novel and DCSHG Animation writer Shea Fontana is ready to answer your burning questions!

COMMENT below with you and your little heroes' questions and tune into our FB Live with Shea TODAY at 3pm PDT!

March 30th
Want to get the scoop on what's to come for the DC Super Hero Girls? Watch our Facebook Live interview with DC Comics Graphic Novel and DC Super Hero Girls Animation writer Shea Fontana. March 30th
#DCKidsSuperHeroMonth is almost here, so it's time for your little hero to get suited up and ready for Super Hero Training Camp! It all begins MONDAY, April 3rd! March 31st
Now more than ever, the world needs more super heroes. Becoming a hero takes bravery, creativity and kindness, mixed with some powerful gadgets and the passion to do good! Is your little adventurer up for the challenge? Join us for DC Kids Super Hero Month- the first challenge kicks off tomorrow! April 2nd
DC Kids Super Hero Month has begun! The first step of being a hero is setting goals and making a pledge to achieve them. Work with your #HeroesInTraining to make a pledge - like helping save the environment, making a difference at school, or giving back to the community.

Stay tuned for more ways to make some POWerful pledges!

April 3rd
Get your #HeroesInTraining started by helping them set an achievable goal. Take a peek at some Super Hero pledge inspo, and be sure to share your little changemakers' pledges in the comments! April 4th
The powerful win duo Brooklyn and Bailey have made the pledge to do good wherever they are all month! What is your hero-in-training pledging to do this month? Comment and let us know! April 4th
Do your #HeroesInTraining need pledge inspo? Take a look at what the Harley Quinn and the other Super Heroes are pledging to do, and check out the Harley Quinn Action Training Doll at Walmart!http://bit.ly/DCSHG-Walmart April 5th
Being a leader means springing into action and taking charge in any situation. Watch some of the DC Super Hero Girls' most heroic moments with your little adventurer to get them pumped for the rest of #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth! April 6th
Sabrina's little hero made a pledge that's as strong as she is! Way to tackle the first challenge, Anabellah! Has your #HeroInTraining made a pledge yet? Share it with us! April 7th
Brooklyn and Bailey made their #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth pledge to do good, and did just that halfway around the globe to South Africa! Donating school supplies to students in need is just one way to make a difference. How are your #HeroesInTraining completing their first challenge? April 7th
Are your #HeroesInTraining still looking for pledge inspo? See what Jett and Analei from DC Kids pledged to achieve this month and help your little hero complete the challenge by sharing their pledge in the comments!


April 8th
Now that our #HeroesInTraining have made the Super Hero pledge, let's get creative. Saving the day requires a strong imagination, so encourage your little artist to come up with a new song or dance, paint a portrait, or create their own Super Hero crest!

We'll give you instructions on creating a crest later this week!

April 10th
A Super Hero's name and crest are their identity, so help your #HeroesInTraining create an EPIC Super Hero crest that they can wear with pride! Check out these colourful thought-starters, and be sure to share your little artist's crest with us! April 11th
There's a new member of the DC Super Hero Girl's squad: Flashy! Fashion By Mayhem used her imagination to create her own Super Hero crest and hero identity. Use hers as inspo, and be sure to share your little hero's crest with us! April 11th
Are your #HeroesInTraining looking for more artistic endeavours? Watch the DC Super Hero Girls use their imaginations to save the day, and tell us the ways your little problem-solver is being creative this week! April 12th
Are your little makers looking for some more ideas for their Super Hero crest? Take a look at how Wonder Woman and Supergirl create some new gear, and get your own Wonder Woman and Supergirl Origin Dolls at a Target near you!

http://bit.ly/SGOriginDoll http://bit.ly/WWOriginDoll

April 13th
The sky’s the limit when it comes to making unique crests with your #HeroesInTraining. ✊ Fashion By Mayhem’s crest for Flashy uses lightning for speed and purple for POWer! What does your new hero’s crest look like? April 14th
The DC Super Hero Girls app now features a Hero Creator game! Download the update 📱 and challenge your little #HeroesInTraining to use their design skills to create a new hero at Super Hero High! http://onelink.to/dcshgsapp April 15th
Has your pint-sized POWerhouse made their crest yet? Check out how much confidence can come from being creative, and share their original crest with us during DC Kids Super Hero Month!

  1. HeroesInTraining
April 16th
We’re halfway through Super Hero Month, #HeroesInTraining! Now it’s time to use your skills to be an awesome friend. Being kind to others is crucial, so encourage your little BFF to make someone laugh, be extra helpful at home, or support a teammate to complete the challenge!

We’ll give you a stellar idea for putting a smile on someone’s face later today!

April 17th
There are SO many ways to be an awesome friend! Help your #HeroesInTraining get started by sharing some POWerful words of encouragement! 👍 See some of the meaningful messages your little BFF can leave, and share a pic of their messages with us! April 17th
Flippin' Katie went above and BEYOND: she wrote kind words to her whole fam! Take a look at the note she wrote for her big bro, and help your #HeroesInTraining get started on some notes to share! April 18th
Flippin' Katie went above and BEYOND: she wrote kind words to her whole fam! Take a look at the note she wrote for her big bro, and help your #HeroesInTraining get started on some notes to share! April 20th
ALERT: It’s bonus challenge time! 🌸 Heroes care for ALL living things, so do something this weekend to celebrate #EarthDay! 🌎 You could do a litter sweep, create a compost pile, or plant some flowers - they’re all great places to start going green with your little #HeroesInTraining!

Keep your eyes peeled for instructions on an eco-friendly project later today!

April 21st
Time to make some eco-friendly planters to celebrate 🌎 Day! Check out this easy DIY project, and be sure to share your little hero’s green creations with us all weekend long! April 21st
Flippin' Katie went the extra mile and made notes for her entire fam! Watch their reactions, and be sure to share the notes your #HeroesInTraining wrote! April 22nd
Is your little BFF looking for even MORE ways to be a great friend? 👏 Take a peek at some of the ways the DC Super Hero Girls make each other smile, and encourage your #HeroesInTraining to do the same! April 22nd
Kindness can come in so many ways – from passing a sweet note to making someone LOL. 💖 Show us how your Heroes-in-Training are paying it forward during DC Kids Super Hero Month! #HeroesInTraining April 23rd
This Hero-in-Training isn’t messing around with her DC Kids Super Hero Month pledge! 💪 Don’t forget to send in your pledges, crests & super sweet notes for a chance to be featured in upcoming content! #HeroesInTraining April 23rd
Next up for our #HeroesInTraining - create something POWerful! Inventive problem-solving is central to being a hero, so design a helpful gadget, solve a problem at school, or build a one-of-a-kind device with your little tech whiz to complete this week’s challenge!

We’ll help get your wheels turning with a few thought starters later today!

April 24th
There’s no limit to what your little engineer can invent when they use their smarts! 💡 Get started by making one of these awesome gadgets with your #HeroesInTraining, and be sure to share their inventions with us! 🌟 April 24th
Do you & your little superstar shine in the spotlight? 🌟? Show off your powerful voices on the StarMaker app for a chance to be featured in the official DC Super Hero Girls fan music video! April 25th
Crystal Harper’s little Super Hero, Audrey, is ready to hit the skies in style! Her eye-catching design shows off her FIERCE personality. 🌸 There’s still time to share your little one’s pledges, crests, & acts of kindness with us! #HeroesInTraining April 26th
There are still a few days left in #DCKidsSuperHeroMonth! Grab your little hero, participate in a challenge, and share their mighty accomplishments using #HeroesInTraining for a chance to be featured on our page! 💪

Check out all the challenges here: http://bit.ly/SHM-Challenges

April 27th
This little hero has found a way to spread her love for & around the world by donating ⚽️ gear to kids! Thanks, @jadanmomfun for showing us how to take inspiration & turn it into action! April 28th
Is your little genius trying to think of a cool gadget to invent? Check out Katana’s epic contraption, and get your own Katana Action Doll exclusively on Amazon! http://bit.ly/DCSHG-KatanaDoll April 29th
This is how the DC Super Hero Girls do Summer Games. Grab your team at home and get ready to rumble - Intergalactic Games will be streaming on May 9th! May 4th
Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl are going for Galactic Gold! 🏅 Intergalactic Games will be streaming on Amazon on May 9th! May 5th
Get Your Cape On! 💥 It’s Free Comic Book Day and your little heroes can get a DC Super Hero Girls comic book, for free! http://bit.ly/DCSHG-FreeComicBookDay May 6th
Let the games begin! But first...breakfast. Our champs have their own POWerful ways to prep for the Intergalactic Games - check them out and stream the movie TODAY on Amazon and iTunes! May 9th
Starfire gets to show off her Intergalactic roots, all thanks to @MonsterKoolKitty & her photog skillz 📸 How does your little fireball get creative with their favorite action doll? May 10th
Super Hero High is full of teachers who help mold our young Heroes into the Model Citizens of the future! 🎒 📚 Who is your little bookworm’s favorite teacher? May 11th
Are you excited for the new DC Super Hero Girls Action Doll lineup as we are?! Coming to a store near you next month! May 12th
This little Wonder Woman's secret weapon is her SUPER smile! Armed with that, nothing can stop Cheryl Rucker's little Hero-in-Training! May 13th
Shout out to all the SUPER mammas out there! We see you and see how hard you work to make the next generation of girls just as strong as you are. May 14th
Tackle Monday like Supergirl __ with laser focus. ...And then focus in on Intergalactic Games, Streaming NOW on iTunes! http://apple.co/2okvSE6 May 1th
Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Watch Bumblebee and all the DC Super Hero Girls in Intergalactic Games! Now Streaming:http://apple.co/2okvSE6 May 16th
Meeting the brains behind your FAVE Super Hero stories is mega-inspiring! Thanks for sharing this epic moment with us, Michael Swartz! May 17th
When you have to take down some baddies, sometimes you have to get a little (arts) and crafty. Watch Katana prove that the paintbrush is mightier than the sword in our newest webisode. http://bit.ly/ForArtsSake May 18th
Wonder Woman picked up a shift and now she's gotta pick up the pace! See how she does in the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls webisode "Wonder Waitress". http://bit.ly/WonderWaitress May 19th
Tricky situation? Girl Power is pretty much always the way to solve it. Stream Intergalactic Games on Amazon and see if the Girls take Galactic Gold! http://amzn.to/2oIiJAQ May 20th
Can you guess which new dolls are hiding in this box? Comment and see if you and your little detective get it right! We'll reveal the answer later this week! May 21st
Make Monday a success with a little inspo from Intergalactic Games, streaming now! http://amzn.to/2oIiJAQ May 22nd
Intergalactic Games is now on DVD! Grab your cop today and cheer on team Super Hero High! May 23rd
Are you ready for this reveal!? Blackfire and Starfire certainly know how to make an entrance. Did you guess correctly?. May 24th
Who let the Elephants, Tigers, Bears, Gorillas, Sloths, & Snakes out?! Who's Who? Who?!

Can our heroes wrangle the feral mastermind behind these animals on the loose?.http://bit.ly/WildsidePt1

May 25th
Summer is right around the corner for the DC Super Hero Girls! Check out how the Girls get their study on. May 26th
TECHNOLOGY Are we right?

Watch "Trading Places" fro LEGO DC Super Hero Girls to see what's going on with Batgirl!http://bit.ly/DCSHG-TradingPlaces

May 30th
Wonder Woman doesn't need luck - she works hard to reach her goals! Watch her use her skills in the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls webisode "Showdown"!http://bit.ly/DCSHG-Showdown May 31st
Woah! The animals in Metropolis Zoo are running WILD! Catch this webisode to see if our Heroes can wrangle them back to their homes!http://bit.ly/DC-Wildside2 June 1st
Calling all Super Heroes! Enter for a chance to win a DC Super Hero Girls #DollDay from ShopYourWay & Kmart:http://syw.co/2rvQw4W

Play daily and power up your chance to win by using these three sweeps codes:MATTELSUPERHEROS, ICONICACTIONDOLLS, DCSUPERHEROGIRL

June 1st
First a movie, now a WHOLE DAY?! Wonder Woman is on right now!

Check out the special Wonder Woman Day edition of Summer Olympus & make sure to check out the new Wonder Woman movie in theatres NOW!!

June 2nd
Wonder Woman is our everyday #INSPO___ but especially TODAY! Celebrate Wonder Woman Day by participating in an event or activity near you!http://bit.ly/DCSHG_WWDay June 3rd
Monday morning? BRING IT! Stream #IntergalacticGames on Amazon & iTunes and start your week right.http://amzn.to/2oIiJAQ June 5th
Beach days need a super suit, too! Lori's little #WonderWoman is ready to dive into ACTION! June 6th
#WonderWoman is taking her leadership to the next level in the newest DC Super Hero Girls movie, Intergalactic Games. Stream it now and let the games begin!http://amzn.to/2oIiJAQ June 7th
School might be over but that doesn't mean your little artist should skip out on art class! Share your best DC Super Hero Girls inspired art with us in the comments and we might feature it on our page! June 9th
Talk about a WONDER Woman in action! Looking back at her powerful moments at Super Hero High gives all the inspiration feels! June 10th
Heroes that work as a team deserve to win Galactic Gold! Pick up your DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games on DVD and see the Girls take on Korugar Academy.http://amzn.to/2oIiJAQ June 13th
Mortal enemies, Wonder Woman and Cheetah, are hanging TOGETHER?! Nerdist investigates our San Diego Comic-Con exclusives! June 15th
Family events are always interesting in Themyscira_ especially when there are uninvited guests! See what goes down in this week's DC Super Hero Girls webisode, "Ares up There"!http://bit.ly/DCSHG_AresUpThere June 15th
FLASHBACK to April, when #HeroesInTraining showed up to get their pledges, creativity, kindness, smarts & capes on! Super Hero Training Camp was SO epic! June 16th
Even though Supergirl is small, her strength still packs a punch! Pick up DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games on DVD and see why she's fired UP!http://amzn.to/2oIiJAQ June 17th
WOW! What a SUPER dad (...er, BadDad!) Happy Father's Day to all the guys who help their little heroes grow up to be confident and brave. June 18th
DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman & Cheetah are bringing double the action to playtime with our new San Diego Comic-Con exclusive 2-pack! Pre-order this powerful duo http://bit.ly/SDCC_CheetahWonderWoman June 19th
It's OFFICIALLY Summer! Get your Shades On and grab a spot in the sun like our girl, Cheetah. June 20th
We can't contain our excitement for the new Frost, Poison Ivy & Starfire vinyls!! June 21st
Spending the whole day only doing fun things?! Sign us up! One way to start your "Day of FunShip" off right by watching this week's webisode!http://bit.ly/DC_DayofFunship June 22nd
Do you ever wish you could express yourself more POW-erfully? NEVER FEAR- the DC Super Hero Girls got your back! Check out the LEGO GIPHY page for some texting inspiration!Http://bit.ly/LEGO_DCSHG June 23rd
YEAH MAMMA! Beast Boy's running with a new pack! Check out the new DC Super Hero Girls Action Figure 6-pack exclusively at Target. June 27th
One of our FAVES - Lisa Yee__ will be doing a FB Live sesh with Life of Dad TODAY at 10 AM PDT // 1 PM EDT! So grab your little heroes and tune in to see her talk about the new Katana novel PLUS some other super special upcoming releases!! June 27th
What's more exciting than getting a doll of your FAVE DC Super Hero Girl? Matching outfits with her, too! Girl, you got this! June 28th
Looks like Batgirl and Poison Ivy have to work together to get things done! Check out this week's webisode to see their teamwork in action!http://bit.ly/DCSHG_Stealth101 June 29th
Even deity dad-Zeus- has some dad jokes up his sleeves (or are they cuffs?)! Grab the FULL DC Super Hero Girls' Summer Olympus graphic novel to get your chuckle on! June 30th
OH NO!! Crazy Quilt has been taken captive! Watch the newest DC Super Hero Girls' webisode "Stealth 102" to see Batgirl and Poison Ivy make A-LINE to his rescue!http://bit.ly/DCSHG_Stealth102 6th July
Our girl Katana has been So busy! Pick up the newest DC Super Hero Girls novel at your local book shop to see how she slices through it all! Lisa Yee July 8th
Robyn H.'s little hero- Abigail- is doing her part to save the world one upcycled DC Super Hero Girls dress at a time! Love the look, girl! July 10th
Mini super heroes, big drama! Check out the latest chapter of "DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle" to get in on all the action. Download a copy for your little one today!http://bit.ly/DCSHG_CH7 July 12th
A criminal trying to break IN to prison?! What's got this wrongdoer all turned around? Find out in this week's newest webisode- "A Fury Scorned"!http://bit.ly/DCSHG_AFuryScorned July 13th
Talk about EPIC fun! 😃 🎉 If this was our birthday party, we'd be pumped too!!!

Thanks Jessica for sharing Evelyn’s special day!

July 16th
In the spirit of San Diego Comic-Con kicking off today, we have some exciting doll announcements to make right here on Facebook—just for you, heroes!! Let’s do this!

This speedy DC Super Hero Girl is the PURRRfect addition to any play sesh! Think you know who it is? Comment below and race back tomorrow to see if you’re right!

July 20th
Friends?! 💛 Teamwork?! 💛 Family?! 💛 This week’s webisode – “Body Electric” – is giving us ALL THE FEELS!


July 20th
2x the Cheetah = 2x the sass!

The 12-inch Cheetah Action Doll and the 6-inch Cheetah Action Figure are coming later this year! Check back tomorrow for another SUPER exclusive San Diego Comic Con reveal!

July 20th
We’re starting Day 1 of San Diego Comic Con out strong 💪 and this natural-born leader made an EPIC debut earlier this summer! ⭐️ Do you know who it is? Come back tomorrow for the exclusive reveal! July 20th
We’re loving today’s exclusive San Diego Comic Con reveal!

If you guessed this new doll was Wonder Woman, you nailed it! She’s traded in her Lasso of Truth for a masquerade mask, but she still looks STRONG! ✨ The Wonder Woman Masquerade Doll is coming your way later this year!!

July 21st
DC Super Hero Girls come to life at San Diego Comic Con. Hope you and your little hero are having an action-packed weekend, too! July 21st
It’s Day 2 here at San Diego Comic Con and we have a new surprise coming your way. Which fiery DC Super Hero Girl do you think Wonder Woman is bringing along with her to the Masquerade Ball this Fall? 🤔 ⭐️ 🔥 ✨ July 22
We’re continuing our exclusive Fall lineup reveals with this 🔥 fiery 🔥 doll! 🎁 ✨ Looks like Starfire is getting ready to join Wonder Woman at the Masquerade Ball later this year! July 22nd
Don't miss out! 👊💥 Today's the last day to get our 2017 Comic-Con Exclusive Cheetah + Wonder Woman Doll 2-Pack! Swing by our booth or the Mattel Vault store for details! 😍🙋 July 23rd
Two’s fun, but three’s a PARTY!

There’s one more guest joining Wonder Woman & Starfire at the Masquerade Ball! ♦️ ✨ Who do you think this party guest is?

July 23rd
It’s the last day of San Diego Comic Con and we’re going out with a 💥 bang 💥! Harley Quinn is joining Wonder Woman & Starfire this Fall –and she’s bringing the FUN! July 23rd
Why is Wonder Woman so pumped? LEGO #DCSuperHeroGirls : Brain Drain will be available on iTunes tomorrow! http://apple.co/2sVp690 July 24th
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Batgirl without technology?! That’s like PB without J! Watch the latest webisode – “Techless Tuesday” – to see why Babs has gone analog! http://bit.ly/DC_TechlessTuesday July 27th
💎s may be forever, but BFFs are better! 👭

Happy International Day of Friendship! – Be sure to share a hug with your bestie!

July 30th
It’s that time of year! Sending your little heroes back to school may not be easy, but you can help to feel more confident every time they reach for their books!

Check out these SWEET patches (& fun extras) with all your fave DC Super Hero Girls!

August 1st
Nothing gets past Harley Quinn. Catch her in LEGO #DCSuperHeroGirls : Brain Drain, available on Blu-ray™ next week! August 2nd
Everyone deserves a second chance! (Even major grumps like Ares…) ✌️ Watch “Fresh Ares Pt. 1” now to see if his zen outlook is here to stay! http://bit.ly/DC_FreshAresPt1 August 3rd
The DC Super Hero Girls are wreaking havoc on Metropolis?! WHAT?!

Round up your little hero and some brain food & stream LEGO DC Super Hero Girls movie “Brain Drain” to see what’s got the girls turned wrong side round! http://apple.co/2sVp690

August 4th
Have a sensationally super week! #MotivationMonday #DCSuperHeroGirls http://apple.co/2sVp690 August 7th
Some SERIOUSLY EVILdoers have got the DC Super Hero Girls turned upside, backwards, inside out!

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August 8th
Got a problem? Take a deep breath...and call Wonder Woman. #DCSuperHeroGirls August 10th
OH NO!!!! Looks like Ares has lost his chill...again! 😤 Getting angry can be easy, but choosing positivity is what makes you a real hero.

Watch “Fresh Ares Pt. 2” now to see how our Heroes cool down this hot head! http://bit.ly/DC_FreshAresPt2

August 11th
True heroes always leave their mark. Own LEGO #DCSuperHeroGirls : Brain Drain on DVD now. http://bit.ly/LEGO_BrainDrain August 12th

Seriously though – don't get between someone and their Superfood cake 🍰

August 13th
Miss Martian may be shy, but she definitely knows when to let her super self SHINE! 🌟 Watch “Fresh Ares Pt. 3” to show your little hero that sharing your gifts with others is more than just a #HumbleBrag! 💥 http://bit.ly/FreshAresPt3 August 17th
Something is missing from Wonder Woman's super suit... 🤔 Comment below if your little hero can spot the difference!! August 19th
This dad knows the way to his little hero’s heart– a GIRL 💥

POWER 💥 play sesh with Wonder Woman and her sweet ride

August 21st
Major News, Heroes! The newest member of our squad is musician and YouTube star, Megan Nicole! Find out why she is Getting Her Cape On with the DC Super Hero Girls. August 26th
Today is Just Because Day – the ONE day that everything Harley does finally makes sense! 🃏 (Ok, maybe not everything) Go do something you love / that's fun / that you've never tried before...JUST BECAUSE!! 💥 August 27th
#GetYourCapeOn and get back to school! 📚 Tag a friend who you’re super excited to see! 👯 August 30th
Is your little one curious to see how a music video is made?

We're giving you access to the stuff you don't see, with this behind the scenes look at the making of the brand new #GetYourCapeOn music video!

September 6th
Your little hero is gonna LOVE this special party extra! just print and cut & you've got some SUPER swag!
  1. GetYourCapeOn and share this with your September besties!
September 7th
Get Your Cape On! AND get your dance on! Our BRAND NEW music video starring Megan Nicole is HERE! Grab your squad and get ready to soar.


September 8th
Weekly forecast: SUPER! It's never not a good day to #GetYourCapeOn! September 9th
Harley Quinn is crazy awesome! Catch her in LEGO #DCSuperHeroGirls: Brain Drain. http://apple.co/2sVp690 September 10th
You don't have to ACTUALLY wear a cape to #GetYourCapeOn (but it doesn't hurt)! Share photos of your little heroes practicing strength, empowerment & equality! September 12th
Every hero - big and small - has the power of positive thinking within them! Sometimes we just need a little reminder. #GetYourCapeOn and share these strong vibes on #PositiveThinkingDay! September 13th

What else inspires your #GetYourCapeOn style? Share how you get ready to be super everyday!

September 15th
Megan Nicole has killer vocals & a dance posse with moves that stop bad guys in their tracks, but they didn't get there without practice. See how they do it and learn the moves with your little hero! September 15th
You don't always need to wear a cape to be Super Hero, sometimes all you need to do is extend a helping hand. Join Warner Bros. in supporting organizations that are providing relief and recovery services to the millions affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Visit http://bit.ly/wbsupports to learn more. September 16th
Let's empower our future heroes to feel like they can do ANYTHING they set their minds to!

Share to show what the #GetYourCapeOn movement is all about!

September 19th
Smart as a whip and tougher than nails. That's Batgirl for ya.
  1. MondayMotivation #DCSuperHeroGirls
September 19th
One awesome way to #GetYourCape on is celebrating the heroes that inspire you the most, just like Amber's little Wonder Woman fan! September 20th
We’re gonna make it to the weekend...Full speed
ahead! Own @LEGO #DCSuperHeroGirls : Brain
Drain on @iTunes NOW! http://apple.co/2sVp690
September 21st
Your little heroes can do whatever they set their hearts to when they work hard & practice, practice, practice!
  1. GetYourCapeOn & encourage your little one to live their biggest dreams!
September 22nd
Who says pink isn’t a POWER color? This little hero shows us that you can #GetYourCapeOn no matter what you’re wearing!Thanks for sharing, Brie! September 23rd
Hungry for action? Own @LEGO #DCSuperHeroGirls : Brain Drain on BlueRayTM NOW! http://apple.co/2sVp690 September 25th
It’s National Comic Book Day and OF COURSE we’re celebrating! 🎉

We love reading (and re-reading) our favorite comics and today gives us the perfect reason to break them out! Which DC Super Hero Girls Comic inspires you and your little hero to #GetYourCapeOn?

September 25th
There are so many ways to #GetYourCapeOn, like Quinn who shows her strength through drawing! September 27th
Double the heroes, double the POWer! 💥

Robb and his boys know that teamwork is a huge way to #GetYourCapeOn! Way to go, guys!

September 27th
Get Your Cape On with the DC Super Hero Girls this Halloween! Upload your child's photo at goo.gl/pfkWc4 September 29th
#GetYourCapeOn like Supergirl this school year! She’s sharing her power of x-ray vision and now you can see through things, just like her!
Keep your 👀 peeled for the X-Ray Vision Supergirl Locker Doll coming to a retailer near you soon!
September 30th
Get ready to take flight with DC Super Hero Girls! October 2nd
Wonder Woman ALWAYS brings it. Are you ready to tackle the day? October 4th
Who's in your super crew? Tag your crime-fighting friends! October 5th
Heroic crime fighting starts with epic crafting. Take a picture of your kid's finished or in progress DC Super Hero Girls costume so we can see how you #GetYourCapeOn! goo.gl/pfkWc4 October 6th
Wonder Woman goes warrior mode on the catwalk! October 7th
Can you find the match? Play this game to test your super-smarts and tell us your answer in the comments. #Batgirl October 10th
Which DC Super Hero Girl will be your kid be for Halloween? See our checklists for tips on creating an awesome costume. goo.gl/pfkWc4 October 11th
Would you like some ice with that? Tell us what super power you wish you had. October 16th
Harley loves to make her friends laugh. Tag a friend who always makes you smile. October 17th
You know how to Get Your Cape On, "Hero of the Week!" Share more pictures of your favorite DC Super Hero Girls costumes on our website! Link in comments October 20th
It's all fun and games for Harley... until it's time to clean her room! Help Harley find all of the HA's in the picture and comment with how many you found. October 23rd
The family that cosplays together stays together. Get Your Cape On and show us pictures of you and the kids in your DC Super Hero costumes. Beast Boy and the Flash are welcome, too! Link in the comments! October 25th
Some DC Super Hero Girls costumes are extra super. Congrats to the Hero of the Week for sharing this great picture! Click the link in the comments to upload a Get Your Cape On photo of your super kid. October 30th
Ready to save the day? Click the link in the comments to upload your kid's photo dressed as their favorite super hero while holding their favorite DC Super Hero Girls toy. October 31st
This is your last chance to Get Your Cape On! Follow the link in the comments to post your child's heroic DC Super Hero Girls Halloween costume. Thanks for helping us to save the day! November 2nd
Fall back into hero mode and Get Your Cape On! November 3rd
It's another Batgirl super-smarts challenge! Can you figure out the values and solve the equation? Share your answer in the comments! November 7th
Got a question you've been dying to ask about DC Super Hero Girls? You're in luck. DC Super Hero Girls writer Shea Fontana and artist Agnes Garbowska will be talking with fans live on Facebook next week! Leave a question for Shea and Agnes in the comments. November 8th
Want the scoop on DC Super Hero Girls? You have to go to the source! DC Super Hero Girls writer Shea Fontana and artist Agnes Garbowska are answering your questions live on Facebook later today! Leave your question in the comments. November 13th
We are LIVE with DC Super Hero Girls Shea Fontana and Agnes Garbowska! November 13th
Wonder Woman is on her way! Comment if you and your kids are seeing Justice League this weekend November 17th
You too can save the day. Just get your cape on, find a teammate, and give back! Announcing DC Super Hero Girls Team Up To Give Back: With the help of family and friends, your child can do good in your community. Learn more at the DC Super Hero Girls Instagram page. Link in the comments! November 15th
Super hero life hack: Forget your lunch? Summon an apple! Which DC Super Hero Girls super power do you wish you had? November 20th
Harley isn't the best helper in the kitchen... What is your favorite food to make for Thanksgiving? November 23rd
Racing to the Black Friday deals like November 24th