"Fall Into Super Hero High" is the sixth webisode in the first season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and sixth webisode overall. It was released on November 20, 2015.


Harley Quinn welcomes everyone to a homemade movie, showing various clips of school life. The first one shows Frost making a snowman causing Starfire, Star Sapphire, and Katana all to slip on ice, and the beginning of Wonder Woman's flight through the obstacle course. Poison Ivy gets tangled up by plants and put in a pot of dirt, and Hawkgirl tries to catch a dummy in saveball but ends up flying into the scoreboard. Frost accidentally freezes a slice of pizza and gets her tongue stuck to it, causing Catwoman to rip it off. Bumblebee's pants rip while trying to show off her costume, and Cheetah runs into a door opened by Miss Martian. It ends on the end of Wonder Woman's flight through the obstacle course. Everyone then complains over the video, while Harley tries to explain that she was trying to help validate them through humorous humiliation. Wonder Woman then states that at least no one else saw the video, causing Harley to reveal that she had auto-upload on and its online and has over four million views. However, Wonder Woman begins to laugh at how ridiculous she looked. Eventually, everyone except Cheetah begins laughing, causing her to ask Harley to show it again. The Flash, Beast Boy, and Green Lantern come by and compliment the video.




  • Clips from the previous webisode "Power Outage" were seen in Harley's video.
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