DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
♪ When super me
Becomes super we ♪
♪ Suddenly, magically
Pretty automatically ♪
♪ Crushing it side by side ♪
♪ Look out, world
We're Super Hero Girls ♪
♪ Now that we're together
Gonna get that super life! ♪
♪ Wow! ♪
[Diana] Huzzah!
I declare another day of secondary education vanquished!
Ah! There you are.
Your dinner's in the oven.
Ooh, I also managed to get those dents out of your armor.
Oh! Almost forgot!
Something came for you.
[Julia] It's in your room.
News from Mother.
[glass clinks]
Themysciran nectar! Hmm.
[gasps] My summer toga!
[gasps] Socks made from wild boar intestines, as the gods intended!
[gasps] Thank you, Mother.
Tomorrow, I shall feast in your honor.
-[spear swooshes]
[softly] You chose the wrong home to rob, thief.
And the wrong breakfast!
Ha! [gasps]
-[pot thuds]
-You shall not be my breakfast.
Instead, you shall be my pet.
-[tummy rumbling]
Aw, poor babe!
Being born must work up quite an appetite.
No? But you must have nourishment to grow.
I know.
Perhaps something more delectable.
-Oh, little hatchling.
This is but one of the wonders of the world of man we shall experience together, from now on, as owner and pet.
-[chirps frantically]
[strings twang]
-[Julia] Diana?
[Julia] Is everything all right?
Indeed! [chuckles nervously]
Everything is... all is well.
[eerie music playing]
-[pleasant music playing]
-[Kara] He's so fluffy!
-He's so cute!
Is that a griffin?
I have taken another stride in my quest to become a normal adolescent teenager.
Okay. Diana Prince now possess a pet!
So, what are you gonna call him?
He is an ancient creature of grace and nobility.
Therefore, he must possess a name worthy of his majesty.
Henceforth, he shall be known as Steve!
[all] Aw! Steve!
Are you sure about this, Diana?
Caring for a pet is a big responsibility.
Please! This is Diana Prince we're talking about.
-She can handle anything.
[Diana] Do not blame yourself, Steve.
I too succumbed to the siren song of ice cream upon my arrival in the world of man.
[burps and purrs]
You will soon learn to control yourself as I have.
[yawns] Huh!
-[Julia] Diana!
-Time for school!
[school bell ringing]
Everything is under control.
Situation normal.
We're all fine here.
Thank you!
Ah! Greetings, sisters.
Shall we embark on another uneventful day of school?
Okay, what's up?
[Steve squealing]
Did you bring Steve to school?
Ooh! Let me see, let me see!
Let me see him!
-[Barbara squealing]
-He's goofier!
I'm gonna cry.
Diana, have you lost your mind?
If Mr. Chapin finds out--
If Mr. Chapin finds out, what?
Uh, um...
Finds out how much we admire him, he'd never believe it.
Phew! Truly, there is nothing to fear, Jessica.
He is quite well-behaved.
-Oh, boy.
Steve, no!
[Karen] Run for your life,
Hami! Run!
[sighs and thuds]
-Drop it!
Steven, drop the hamster now!
Face it, Diana,
Steve is no ordinary pet.
He's a wild beast.
He is the perfect pet.
-All he needs is some... discipline.
Did someone say, "discipline"?
[blows whistle]
No pet is more disciplined than Ace the Bat-Hound.
Watch and learn.
-Ready, boy?
-[ball squeaks]
Now, you try.
[chomps and swallows]
-Heel! Stop, boy!
[dogs barking]
[Steve grunting]
Steve and I shall see you on the morrow, fellow pet owners.
[chuckles nervously and grunts]
[Diana] Do not blame yourself, Steve.
I too know the difficulties we Themyscirans face, as we adjust to the world of man.
Tomorrow, we shall try again.
-[Diana grunts]
-[Steve grunting]
-[nervous chuckle]
Perhaps, we should limit your ice cream consumption.
Steve, can you fly?
I... shall take that as a yes.
[people yelling]
Return to me at once, Steve!
[Wonder Woman] Steve, sit!
Bad boy!
He is a playful scamp, is he not?
[chuckles softly]
[Wonder Woman]
Steve! Heel! Come!
Steve, no!
My sincerest apologies.
I do not know how the little guy got loose.
Steve! Down, boy!
I said, down!
Ah, I do not know what has gotten into him today.
He is usually so sweet.
Now, shake. Good girl.
[boy] Good boy, Sparky.
-[girl] What would I do without my best dog!
-Ha, ha! Good boy, Rex.
-You're the perfectest pet, ever!
-[Steve grunts]
-[siren blaring]
-[people screaming]
[Steve grunts]
Forget these weak, well-behaved world of man animal companions.
Let us show them what a Themysciran pet can do!
[blade swooshing]
Who's a good griffin?
Steve is a good griffin.
Yes, he is.
[growling continues]
[Wonder Woman yells]
[Wonder Woman yells]
[triumphant music playing]
And now, monster... to send you back from whence you came... wait!
From whence did you come?
[soft growling]
The curse is contained.
Balance is restored.
-[glass thuds]
[panting excitedly]
Come, Steve.
Do not give me that look.
Themyscira is where you belong.
It was selfish of me to force you to do as I wished, rather than what was right for you.
[sad music playing]
[all screeching]
Farewell, Steve.
No matter the distance between our worlds, you shall always be a good boy.
[theme music playing]