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Speaker Dialogue
[Monster growls.]
Wonder Woman This creature relies on animal instinct, which means we must use our advantage by flanking to the--
Supergirl Time's up, let's do this! SUPERGIRL!!!!
[Supergirl punches the monster with unprecedented strength.]
Supergirl Ha! What?
[Time-skip. City.]
[Robot growling.]
Wonder Woman We must be wary of his weapon. It appears to be capable of great surges of electrical--
Supergirl Y'all are way overthinking this. SUPERGIRL!!!!
[Supergirl punches the robot with unprecedented strength.]
Supergirl [chuckles] What?
[Time-skip. City.]
Supergirl (o.s.) SUPERGIRL!!!!
[Supergirl punches everything with unprecedented strength.]
Green Lantern You guys wanna hit up to Sweet Justice?
Superhero Girls [Wonder Woman] Yeah.
[Batgirl] Yes...
[Bumblebee] All right.
[Zatanna] Okay.

Kara: What?
Zee: Enjoying yourself?
Kara: Yeah.
Zee: You've been, uh, enjoying yourself a lot lately, haven't ya?
Kara: [gulps] Oh, you mean how I've totally been rocking it?
Diana: Kara, we must talk.
Kara: [grunts] Why you gotta ruin everything with nerd stuff?
Diana: Your methods in our recent bouts have been... effective, but over time, it is strategy and teamwork that will win the day.
Kara: Strategy and teamwork? Oh! You mean "overthinking it." All right, fine. If I beat all those monsters, I can definitely beat you.
Selina: Tea with cream. Hold the tea.
Karen: I don't believe it. They've got a Treasures from Space exhibit at the Science Lexplorium.
Selina: Whew.
Karen: Wow. Gemstones from far reaches of the universe! They must be worth a fortune.
Selina: Ooh, a fortune, eh? [purrs]
Diana: You are now in check, Kara. This is why you must learn to think strategically, to anticipate my next several moves.
Kara: Why would I need to anticipate your moves when I can just do... this?
Diana: [gasps]
Kara: Mm. Checkmate. Did you anticipate that?
[punk music playing]
Punk Girl: That was so killer! My ears are still ringing!
Kara: Yeah. Mine, too.
[glass breaking]
Kara: [gasps] What kind of criminal breaks into this place? Captain Nerd Face? Should I... Nah. They'll just overthink it. All right, nerd. Show yourself.
Selina: Only one of you? [chuckles] Here I was, fretting my heist might go south if the Super Hero Girls showed up. But lucky me. I just got the dumb one.
Kara: Dumb? Okay, listen, whiskers If I'm so dumb and I'm gonna catch you, then what does that make... [softly] you?
Selina: Catch me and find out. [meows]
Kara: Here, kitty, kitty.
Selina: Here, dummy, dummy. [chuckles]
Kara: Hmm. Ha! [groans] Stand still! Give it up, Puss in Boots. All I gotta do is get my hands on you, and it's game over.
Selina: Ooh, a game. Cats love to play. [meows]
Kara: Whew.
Selina: Poor thing. The weight of the world is on your shoulders. [meows]
Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto. Planet or no? Ah, who cares? [laughing maniacally]
Kara: [grunting]
Selina: So long, Solar Sister.
Kara: [grunts angrily]
Selina: [laughing maniacally] [meows]
Kara: Huh? Hmm.
Selina: The family resemblance is uncanny.
Kara: [growls angrily] Dang it. Huh?
Selina: [chuckles mischievously] Hope you like calamari.
Kara: Ew! Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!
Selina: [laughs]
Kara: That's it! I'm not playing around anymore!
Selina: I am.
[metal clanking]
Kara: [grunting] [grunts] [grunts]
Selina: [humming tauntingly] [giggling]
Kara: [in high voice] I've had just about enough of you! You can't [low voice] make a fool out of me! [growls in low voice] [normal voice] Oh, come o--
Selina: [meows] Looks like I'm the cat who got the cream.
Kara: I'm so mad I can't even think of more cat puns!
Selina: [screeches] Please, stop! Don't you know you shouldn't corner a cat?
Kara: I'm gonna corner you, and then I'm gonna un-corner you, and I don't even know what that means! So, who's the dumb one now?
Selina: Still you.
Kara: [grunts] Wha... What is that?
Selina: Oh, this old thing? Just a chunk of your home planet. Apparently, it sucks away all of your superpowers. Haven't heard of it? It's called Kryptonite. Poor little mouse. You walked right into my trap.
Kara: [grunting]
Selina: Such a purr-fect plan, if I do say so myself. You see, Supergirl, I knew this little beauty would be your greatest weakness. Just like I knew you would be the one coming tonight. I knew you'd hear me smash the skylight. I knew you wouldn't see what was inside that lead-lined case. And I knew only you would be strong enough to smash it. In a way, we're sort of... partners in crime. Don't you think?
[cell phone beeps]
Selina: Ah-ah-ah. Only two partners in this caper. Here's your cut of the loot. I'll just have to make do with the rest. Ta-ta, my dear. [laughing maniacally]
Kara: I can't... believe this is how it's going to end. Powerless, friendless, surrounded by nerd stuff... Wait... I'm surrounded by nerd stuff.
Diana: You are now in check, Kara. This is why you must learn to think strategically, to anticipate my next several moves.
Kara: [grunts] Yes! Checkmate, sucker!
Kara: [yells] Ow! Why does pain hurt so much? How do people live like this?
Selina: I think I'm gonna like it here. Gotham City was nice, but this place is the cat's meow.
Kara: Going somewhere?
Selina: [hisses]
Kara: Catwoman, I'd like you to meet my real partners. My friends. Who were, like, really nice to save my butt after I've been such a jerk lately.
Selina: [meows]
Babs: Whoa!
[horns honking]
Kara: Yeah, she does that.
Selina: Hmph. Now I have to get a new bag. And then, I've gotta get some new friends.
[theme music playing]