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"Fight Flub" is the twenty-second webisode in the third season of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


Shiva practices karate chops on a target, just as Harley does a somersault over the high-bar. Katana then slices a nearby dummy with her blade, just as Harley announces that it was Big Barda's turn.

Barda approaches the wooden target and after quick inspection, smashes it with her Mega-rod, going on to destroy the high-bars and the training dummy, before Coach Wildcat tells her the class was advanced martial arts, with Barda then saying that art was never her thing. Wildcat then tells Katana to work with Barda, before ordering the other students to the sparring mat. Barda then thanks Katana for working with her, but expresses that she didn't need any martial arts. However Katana disagrees, expressing that the ancient art of martial arts would always be superior to Barda's way of doing things. Just then, the Double-Dare twins drop-down from the ventilation, having just robbed the Weaponomics Cross-weapon proto-type from the Weaponomics vault. The two twins try to dash off, before Katana lunges and karate kicks Margot.

Katana then takes on Aliki in hand-to-hand combat, managing to out-do her, but she is then knocked out by Margot, who comes up from behind, who then flips and aims the weapon at Katana. However she retracts the weapon and tells Katana that that'd be what she would get, just as Aliki makes her way through the obstacle course, climbing up the rope, just as Barda follows after her.

Barda then sees Margot aiming the cross-weapon at Katana and demands her away from Katana, before knocking the cross-weapon out of her hand. Margot then races after the weapon, declaring that she stole it from the vault fair and square, before Barda pulls her down by the arm, just as Katana makes use of her throwing star, to cut Aliki down. The twins are then sent off to Belle Reve, as Katana compliments Barda's movements in the scuffle, telling her that she was right all-along and didn't need martial arts.

Barda then returns the sentiments, saying that Katana sure knew how to fight, despite her stature, then asking Katana whether she could teach her the leg-sweep move, with Katana then proceeding to do so on Barda. Katana then says she could teach her the move, just as Barda manages to flip Katana, as she says she could teach her some of her moves as well. The two then begin to practice-fight.




  • The title of this webisode is a reference to the novel Fight Club which in-turn was adapted into the 1999 film of the same name.