DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Speaker Dialogue
DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Now that we're together gonna get that super life! WOW!
[INTO: Barry's House.]
BARRY [GASPS] Two minutes till class. [CHUCKLES HAPPILY] I got up early for once. OK. Time. To. Seize. The. Day. [TURNS INTO THE FLASH AND RUNS TO HIS SCHOOL]
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY I don't even know what I'll do first. [GASPS] Oh no!! My clothes! Oh well, there's plenty of time to go back. I got this. [RUNS BACK]
[INTO: City]
[THE FLASH stops.]
MAN #1 Move your car!
MAN #2 No, YOU move YOUR car.
THE FLASH I've got time to turn this around. [FIXES CARS]
MAN #1 After you.
MAN #2 No, after you.
MAN #1 I said, after you!
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY All right-y. All ready for-- [STOMACH GRUMBLES] Ooh, I forgot to eat. And I know just the place.
[INTO: Burrito Bucket]
THE FLASH One breakfast burrito coming... up?
LADY Is there a vegan option for the three beef taco?
THE FLASH Ugh... Hey, how 'bout salad? Salads are healthy.
LADY OK, I'll go to salad.
JIMMY Uh, Caesar? Or garden fresh?
LADY OK. So which one has gluten? Because my yoga teacher says I should've bought it, but then my family's psychic told me I should be eating more of it. [THE FLASH GROANS] But my whole body's instructor said that if I eat it in moderation its bars.
[THE FLASH groans again.]
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY I am stuffed! Wait. Where's my--. Awww. I left my homework at home. OK, I can do this.
[INTO: City]
[THE FLASH stops.]
THE FLASH Yeah, sounds great. But I gotta run.
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY Oh, did I leave my door unlocked?
[INTO: City as Cheetah appears.]
THE FLASH Come on kitty!!
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY Oh, did I wear one of my plants?
[INTO: City]
POLICE SERGEANT So, is Flash your first name? Or....?
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY My phone.
[INTO: City]
THE FLASH Come on. Come on. Come on.
[INTO: City]
[THE FLASH starts running and running and running to school again and again. THE FLASH stops.]
THE FLASH Wait, is that cat Cheetah? [RUNS] Come on Barry! You can do it!! YOU CAN DO IT!!
[INTO: Metropolis High School.]
BARRY Sorry, I'm late, Mr. Lambert. I-- Huh?
[The whole class is empty while BARRY is in his classroom.]
LAMBERT What are you doing here on a Saturday?
BARRY Oh. I KNEW I forgot... something.