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Flight School is a game that can be played on DC Super Hero Girls.

Official description

Want to know what it's like to fly like your favorite DC Super Hero Girls? Test your skills by helping Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and Super girl navigate an obstacle course as they train for their next mission.


In the game the aim is to try and help either Wonder Woman, Bumblebee or Supergirl navigate around an obstacle course and keep them going for as long as possible, all while collecting coins to buy upgrades for your characters.

At the start only one character, Wonder Woman, is playable and coins will have to be collected to unlock the other two heroines, with Bumblebee costing 500 coins and Supergirl costing 1000 coins. Objectives for each character are also placed, and if achieved, more coins will be rewarded.

Power ups

Upgrade Description Level 1 Cost Level 2 Cost Level 3 Cost Level 4 Cost
Token Magnet Increases duration of Token Magnet 200 400 800 1600
Invincibility Increases duration of Invincibility
Token Value Increases the value of Tokens
Powers Recharges powers more quickly


Character Power-up Cost
Wonder Woman Golden lasso destroys crates or hazards Unlocked at beginning
Bumblebee 500
Supergirl 1000


Character Goal Reward
Wonder Woman Fly a total of 1500m 100
Collect 2500 total tokens
Collect 200 tokens in a single run
Travel 500m in a single run
Collect 10 total power ups
Collect 500 tokens in a single run