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For Art's Sake Transcript

[ Theme Song ]
Scene: Art room. Katana is painting her picture as Moone appears to walk in.

Moone: Katana, all the other students got their art up and got out of here hours ago. You ready?
Katana: Almost, Ms. Moone. I want my artistic debut to be uber perfect.
(Cuts to Super Hero High's atrium that said "Art Show Charity Event" where Amanda and Supergirl appear.)
Amanda: Welcome to the Super Hero High Student Art Show Fundraiser. And a special welcome to Miss Silver St. Cloud, (everyone claps at Silver St.) who has generously let us display this masterpiece from her gallery. (to Supergirl) Supergirl, would you do the honors?
Supergirl: Absolutely, Principal Waller. (she shows everyone the fake picture while the picture is nothing without ability as everyone gasps)
Woman: Oh no!
Silver St.: The painting!
(The Double Dare Twins appear.)
Aliki: What a great fundraiser! (folds the picture and hides it in her backpack)
Margot: All proceeds go straight to the Double Dare Twins. (chuckling)
Supergirl: Hey, give that back!
Aliki: We got something in our bag of tricks just for you! (she shows Supergirl a Kryptomite that is shown without the face, the arms, and the legs that its crystal and throws it to Supergirl as Supergirl falls down)
Amanda: Kryptomite?!? (throws the Kryptomite away) Someone stop them!
(Katana appears as she looks around. She climbs up as the Double Dare Twins look at Katana.)
Margot: Oh. Look, Aliki. We got company.
Aliki: Better bring out the good silver! (cuts the curtain down as Katana falls down)
Margot: Don't worry. I brought my own.
Aliki: On to Plan D.
(Aliki and Margot fall down and land. Supergirl gets up and looks at Aliki and Margot. The garage door closes as Katana goes down. Cuts to the hallway as Supergirl goes after Katana and she got hit by a garage door.)
Margot: Gotta love Super-proof steel!
Katana: Stop!
Margot: Not another step. We got our hostage.
Katana: My painting! Put that down, or I'll make you put it down!
Aliki: Dare you to try!
Margot: Double dare ya!
Katana: Dare accepted. (throws the paintbrushes at Aliki and Margot as her sword falls)
Aliki: Missed me! Missed—AAH!
(Aliki is stuck as Katanna throws the paint at Margot)
Margot: Sorry, but I gotta make like a banana and split. (runs off as Katana throws the paint tray on her feet as Margot slips off as Alika and Margot crash)
Katana: (unfolds the picture and looks at it and gets up)
Silver St.: (offscreen) It is a masterpiece!
Katana: Yep. That's why they wanted to steal it.
Silver St.: So lively. So unique. So unexpected. Where did you find your inspiration?
Katana: Actually...It found me.