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Not to be confused with the actual location from Superman

"Fortress of Solidarity" is the twenty-first webisode in the fifth season of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, and the one-hundred-tenth webisode overall. It was released on December 20, 2018.




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  • Originally scheduled to be released in the fourth season, despite a couple clips appearing in the sizzle reel for that season, this webisode was moved to Season 5 to coincide with Mera's appearance in Aquaman at the time the film was first set for a July 27 theatrical release, later October 5 until it was delayed again to December 21. In addition, this webisode marks the last to be written by Shea Fontana.
  • The title references Supergirl's location. But unlike its comic book counterpart that's placed inside of a icositetrahedro, the DC Super Hero Girls version of the Fortress of Solidarity bears a resemblance to the famous Superman location Fortress of Solitude, only at the North Pole instead of the South.
  • This webisode marks the third Season 5 webisode to air both parts together. Had it aired in the previous season, it would've been released as the two-part season finale.


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