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Breaking the fourth wall is a cinematic technique wherein the characters of the show acknowledge the presence of the viewers. In this case, one of the characters know that their universe is fictional. Some ways include the characters looking at the screen, one directly referencing an episode of the series, and etc.

DC Super Hero Girls (TV Series)[]

Season 1[]

  • "Sweet Justice" - When getting defeated by the Super Hero Girls and falling while inside the robot, Lena directly says "Uh Oh" directly to the audience.
  • "Meet The Cheetah" - at the end of the episode, Barbi laughs evilly as she looks directly at the screen.
  • "Beeline" - Karen looks directly at the screen for battle.
  • "Fight At The Museum" - While humming, Catwoman waves directly at the viewers.
  • "Gotham Con" - Harley looks directly at the audience saying "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb".
  • "Ally Cat" - Catwoman looks directly to the viewers saying "Darling, there's nothing common about me".
  • "Living the Nightmare - At the end of the episode, Fuseli says to the audience in an iris-out "What a nightmare".
  • "All About Zee - While Casey (in her form as Mega-Casey) causes chaos all over the city, she then looks directly to the audience saying "I'm super hot" as she smiles towards them.
  • "The Bird and the Bee - Karen looks at the screen saying "Best plot twist ever!".

Season 2[]

Super Shorts[]

  • "Tough Crowd" - at the end of the short after getting attention from the boys, Zee winks directly to the audience.
  • "Asteroid Belter" - when Hal is about to destroy the remaining asteroids he talks directly to the audience.