Franken-Ivy Transcript
Franken-Ivy Transcript
"Franken-Ivy" is the ninth webisode in the second season of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


In Poison Ivy's lab, thunder and lightning go off in the background and go past many different potions and chemicals, with Ivy excitedly remarking yes, as a shadow of a living plant appears on the wall, which turns out to be Ivy holding up her new pet plant, which playfully licks her like a dog and barks.

Later, Ivy's walking down the corridor with her new plant pet that she's called Franky complementing him and telling him how good he is. However when Ivy bumps into Starfire, who wasn't looking where she was going, due to reading a book, Franky attacks her, even after she said sorry. Ivy manages to pull Franky off of Starfire and explains how protective Frankie can be.

While out at the Capes and Cowls, cafe with Wonder Woman, Ivy pets her plant, while the two are served milk by waiter; Steve Trevor, but Ivy stops him by saying that she asked for skimmed milk. This makes Frankie angry and he attacks Steve, by latching onto his face as he tries to apologize. Wonder Woman quickly starts to wrangle Ivy's plant off of Steve, telling her she needs to control Frankie.

Frankie, grows to a ginormous size and starts to attack the people of Metropolis. Harley Quinn then arrives with her large mallet, along with Katana, Lady Shiva, Star Sapphire and Batgirl, who plan to stop Frankie, using an industrial strength weed-killer and blades and sheers. Beast also turns up as an ant, explaining how the plant will be his. Wonder Woman then arrives to lead the attack on the plant. To try and protect her plant, Ivy then turns up to plead for mercy for the plant, explaining that he's not evil and that's just the way he grew.

Ivy then gets an idea and whispered it in Katanna's ear. Katanna then sets to work, using her blade to slice away all the large roots and leaves, to cut the plant down to size. Ivy then picks her plant up, asking whether it's still Frankie, the plant quickly responds by barking and licking Ivy's face.





  • This episode was released on a Tuesday rather than on a Thursday like all episodes prior.


  • This episode was listed as the tenth webisode of Season 2 on YouTube.
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