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Franken-Ivy Transcript

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Scene: Poison Ivy's garden lab. The thunder and lightning go off in the background and go past many different potions and chemicals, with Ivy excitedly remarking yes, as a shadow of a living plant appears on the wall.

Poison Ivy: Yes! (is holding up her new pet plant, which playfully licks her like a dog and barks) Aw... I love you, too, Franky.

Scene: Super Hero High School. Poison Ivy and Franky are walking in the hallway.

Poison Ivy: Who's a good plant? You are! You're a good plant! Yes, you are. (bumps into Starfire)
Starfire: (holds down the book) Oh Ivy, I am the sorry. (Franky attacks her, even after she said. Ivy manages to pull Franky off of Starfire)
Poison Ivy: Franky is just being protective. He wouldn't really hurt anyone. He's organic!

Scene: Capes & Cowls Cafe.

Steve: Medium whole milk. (gives Poison Ivy the cup of milk; but fails)
Poison Ivy: Actually, Steve, I said skim milk.
Steve: Oh, I'm sorry. (this makes Franky angry and he attacks Steve, by latching onto his face as he tries to apologize)
Wonder Woman: (starts to wrangle Franky off of Steve) Ivy! You had to control your plant! (Poison Ivy is confused)

Scene: Metropolis. Franky grows to a ginormous size and starts to attack the people of Metropolis.

(Harley Quinn arrives with her large mallet, along with Katana, Lady Shiva, Star Sapphire and Batgirl, who plan to stop Franky, using an industrial-strength weed-killer and blades and sheers.)
Batgirl: Industrial-strength weed spray. Beast Boy, what are you supposed to be?
Beast Boy: An aphid. Slowly but surely that plant will be mine.
Wonder Woman: (arrives)Alright, Supers! On a count of three! One, two—
Poison Ivy: (appears) Please! Hold your fire! He's not evil! He just grew that way! (looks at Katana's sword) Hey, that's it. Katana! (whispers to Katana's ear)
Katana: Sweet! (she starts to set to work, using her blade to slice away all the large roots and leaves, to cut the plant down to size. Poison Ivy then picks her plant up, asking whether it's still Franky)
Poison Ivy: Is it still you? (Franky quickly responds by barking and licking Ivy's face.) Aw, Franky. That tickles.