DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Scene: Capes & Cowls Café.

(Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl look at Ares beginning to enter the building.)
Wonder Woman: Ares!
Batgirl: Stay back!
Supergirl: Or else!
Harley Quinn: (enters walking towards the girls) Hiya, Mistah A!
Ares: Whoa, no need to stress! I was just dropping by to see my sister. Got you this peace offering. One of my most treasured possessions.
Wonder Woman: Golden Fleece? Wow!
Supergirl: This isn't just some trick.
Batgirl: The amulet of Harmonia is really working?
Ares: No tricks, only treats here! Ever since I've had this, I feel like the God of Peace.
(Wonder Woman looks at Supergirl and Batgirl. The next scene shows Ares sitting and enjoying a burger in a booth in the cafe with Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl.)
Ares: Mmm! Vegan. If you've never been part of the drum circle, you should try. It'll change your life!
Catwoman: A little large milk to go please.
(She becomes dazed as she spots Ares' amulet.)
Catwoman: Purr-pretty! (spills her drink)
Steve: Oh, sorry, Catwoman! Let me get you a new one.
(Without saying a word, she exists the cafe.)

Scene: Harley Quinn's Dorm Room. Harley is swinging around while going upside down.

Catwoman: This is the only chance to make it big! You'll be a star!
Harley Quinn: Woohoo! (she jumps off the swing and does a backflip and lands) Yeah, baby!

Scene: Poison Ivy's garden lab.

Catwoman: Ivy! So good to see you! You're looking radiant.
Poison Ivy: I told you I don't have any catnip!
Catwoman: Ouch! You act like I only come here when I want something!
Poison Ivy: Then why are you here?
Catwoman: I want something. Come on! Harley's in. Gotham girls gotta stick together. Right?

Scene: Capes & Cowls Café

Bumblebee: You knew Helen of Troy?
Ares: Oh yeah! She was a real special lady.
(However, their great time was interrupted due to Supergirl's super hearing of Harley's cry for help.)
Supergirl: Harley's in trouble! Come on!
Wonder Woman: We'll be right back, Ares!
Ares: Take your time! No rush. I'll be here... savoring this elixir.

Scene: Super Hero High's theater.

Harley Quinn: HELP!
(The girls enter the drama theater, trying to find Harley. Supergirl uses her x-ray vision and spots Harley behind the curtain. The girls pull the curtain back.)
Harley Quinn: Oh, you guys here for the audition too? Catwoman said how I was great for the role of damsel in distress number one!

Scene: Capes & Cowls Café

Ares: So I says to Hercules! That's not a siren, that's my mother!
(They laugh in response. As Ares and his audience was occupied, Catwoman sneaks in and throws some kind of gas bomb that she obtained from Poison Ivy.)
Starfire: What is the vet?
(Frost sneezed from it's fumes and Steve coughing from it.)
Steve: Pollen grenade!
Ares: It's all right, I'll get it!
(Just as he was in the progress of picking up the grenade, Catwoman swaps his amulet from his neck and runs quickly out of the cafe. Ares, quickly finds this out becomes furiously angry, asking who stole his amulet.)
(He grows very large in size, destroying the cafe as the superheroes existed out the building, not appreciating Ares' sudden change in mood.)
Starfire: The uh-oh!
Frost: Not cool!
(They watch Ares angrily stomp into the streets of the city.)