DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Scene: Metropolis. Carrying on from the previous webisode, a giant Ares stomps past Capes and Cowls Café

Ares: I am Ares, God of War, and I will destroy this city!
(As he stomps through the city he causes cars to flip and the citizens to run.)
Citizen #1: Help me!
Citizen #2: RUUUN!

Scene: Super Hero High's theater

Harley Quinn: You're telling me there was no audition?! (growl) That cat better have not have lines 'cause I'm-
(The Super Hero High almost collapses.)
Bumblebee: Save-The-Day alarm!
Wonder Woman: Ares!
Batgirl: I'll get the mobile HQ!
(The girls head off, while Harley was skipping and following them.)

Scene: Batgirl's Bat-cave

The Flash: Batgirl, I heard the Save-The-Day alarm! Where do you need me? What should I do?!
Batgirl: I need you to-
(The Flash and Batgirl are cut off by Ares' stomping over top the HQ.)
Batgirl: Save whatever you can!
(As the pair quickly round up equipment and hop into Batgirl's mobile headquarters, racing off just as the Bat-Cave collapses.)
Batgirl: Come on, Flash!
(Batgirl attempts to drive through the gap in Ares' legs, as he attempts to stop them.)
The Flash: What happened to the bat jet?
Batgirl: In the shop. It got clayface'd.
Wonder Woman: Fliers with me!
(In the air Wonder Woman rallies the flying superheroes with her, with Batgirl picking up the rest of the students.)
Batgirl: Everyone else pilot!
(Just as Ares attempts to smash an office block, Wonder Woman flies in front of him.)
Wonder Woman: Ares, please! You believe in peace!
Ares: Not anymore! War is a natural order of world!
(As he begins attacking Wonder Woman, using a TV tower to send her flying.)
Hawkgirl: Watch out!
(The other superheroes then move in, with Supergirl attempting to push back Ares' TV tower, before getting batted back into a nearby building. Frost quickly attempts to freeze the falling building in place, as Flash rescues the citizens from the building. Out by Capes and Cowls, Ivy uses her plants to try and trip Ares over, however it doesn't work as Ares knocks back Hawkgirl. Frost then attempts to freeze Ares in place.)
Frost: Freeze!
(Ares just uses his fire-balls to melt her.)
Batgirl: Come on, Oracle! What do you see?
Oracle: Identifying weaknesses.
Batgirl: Starfire! Bumblebee! Blast the lighting rod!
(The two girls then comply and electrocute Ares, as Wonder Woman raps her Lasso of Truth around Ares' leg, with Harley then fires the Bat-Tarpon and doing the same. Beast Boy then runs up to Ares and morphs into a whale in mid-air, knocking Ares in the back of the head, knocking him over as the other heroes fly in to deliver their blows, before he collapses. The superheroes then cheer in victory.)