DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Scene: Metropolis

(The students celebrate their victory over Ares. However, the celebration is cut short when Ares suddenly rises to his feet in pure anger as he claims they will pay.)
(The student watch in utter fright as they watch Ares crush a nearby building. As he continues to destroy the building, the Flash uses his super speed to get the citizens to safety from Ares' destruction. Ares knocks another building down as the citizens run in fear. Wonder Woman and Supergirl uses their super strength to keep the building from crushing them.)
Supergirl: He's gonna destroy Metropolis!
Wonder Woman: We have to get him away from here!
(The camera focuses on Batgirl, who just saved a passing citizen. She thanks Batgirl and then runs to safety.)
Batgirl: We need to find that amulet!
The Flash: But it could be anywhere!
Miss Martian: I, uh, might be able to help?
Batgirl: Miss Martian? How?
Miss Martian: Bionic powers?
Batgirl: You have that!?
Miss Martian: Yeah. I don't like prying into people's minds, but this seems important.
(As Miss Martian does her thing, the scene cuts to Catwoman in her dorm room at Super Hero High, admiring the amulet.)
Catwoman: Purr-fect!
(She locks it way in a volt and exits the room. Back to the city, Miss Martian notifies Batgirl and The Flash.)
Miss Martian: Catwoman's vault!
(They quickly make way towards the school.)
Batgirl: To the mobile HQ!
The Flash: I'll run ahead!
(As Miss Martian, Batgirl and The Flash went to obtain the amulet, the other superheroes kept Ares busy. Wonder Woman, with the golden fleece on her head, teasingly thanks him for it.)

Wonder Woman: Hey Ares! Thanks for the golden fleece!
Wonder Woman: Oh yeah?! (she then tosses the fleece to Supergirl and says if he wants)
Supergirl: You want it? Come get it!
(Ares lunges at Wonder Woman and Supergirl as they toss the fleece back and fourth to each other.)

Scene: Catwoman's dorm room

Batgirl: What's the status?
The Flash: It looks like it uses a visual scanner that will only open for Catwoman. I'm gonna need a sledgehammer, a quart of nitroglycerin-
Miss Martian: Or...I could- (turns into "Catwoman")
The Flash: You can shape-shift too?!
Batgirl: Why didn't I know you can do that!
"Catwoman": (giggles) I don't like to brag.
("Catwoman" walks over to the volt as the volt scans her face. It successfully opens.)
Batgirl: Flash, get this to Wonder Woman as fast as you can!

Scene: Metropolis

(Ares is still in complete anger as he blasts the city with his fiery energy.)
The Flash: I got the amulet of Harmonia!
Bumblebee: Good! That's the only thing that could stop him for going berserk!
Catwoman: Oops!
The Flash: You! This mess is all your fault for stealing it!
Catwoman: I didn't know. (jumps down) I thought it was just a cool necklace!
The Flash: (furiously) Well if you could just keep your paws off!
Bumblebee: STOP!! Everyone fighting about it is what Ares wants! We need a plan to get this on him and save Metropolis!
Catwoman: I'm the sneakiest cat at Super Hero High. I'll do it! (grabs the amulet and runs away)
(Catwoman takes the amulet and climbs on top of a nearby building. From beside, Ares blasts flames towards Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, blowing them away. Frost quickly uses her icy magic to create a shield from Ares' wrath. Ares destroys it, knocking the superheroes down onto the ground. Back with Catwoman, she stares into the amulet, complimenting how shiny it was.)
Catwoman: So shiny! You would've look great with my prom dress, but duty calls.
(As Ares was going to put an end to Wonder Woman and Supergirl's misery, Catwoman jumps across Ares' fingers, slipping the amulet on in a nick of time. The amulet quickly takes it's affect on Ares and he shrinks in size.)
Ares: Oh... Whoa. Gnarly headache. Oh.. I did it again, didn't I?
Wonder Woman: Yeah. Come on.
Ares: Really? You'll help me after all that?
Wonder Woman: That's what family's for.
Catwoman: Ooh! Purr-pretty.
Batgirl: So what else can you do Miss Martian?
(She hops in and steals it as Batgirl said to keep her paws off of it.)
Batgirl: Hey! Catwoman! Paws off my wheels! Glad I installed that anti-theft device!
(Catwoman lands on the ground in front of Batgirl.)
Batgirl: Huh, I guess cats don't always land on their feet!

Scene: Super Hero High School

Vice Principal Grodd: For your role in this catastrophe, six months detention!
Catwoman: Better make that... (she places Wonder Woman's tiara onto her head) seven.