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Frost first appeared in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High. She is voiced by Danica McKellar in the English version of the cartoon.

Season one[]

In Welcome to Super Hero High, Frost appears as part of the crowd around Principal Amanda Waller as she introduces the school for a promotional video, in which she appears with an ice model of an atom and laughing with Star Sapphire, Bumblebee, Katana, and Harley Quinn.[1] In All About Super Hero High Frost appears in front of the school watching as Wonder Woman first arrives at Super Hero High and later talking to Poison Ivy. During the tour of the school Bumblebee gives to Wonder Woman, she appears in the hallways using her locker.[2]

In Crazy Quiltin', she makes a background appearance in the super-suit design class.[3]

In Fall Into Super Hero High, she appears in the audience for Harley Quinn's video in which she uses her powers to create a snowman that causes Star Sapphire, Starfire, and Katana all slip on ice, tries to eat a slice of pizza that gets frozen on to her tongue and then painfully pulled off by Catwoman, and attends Bumblebee's lecture when her costume rips. She and the other audience members are initially mad at Harley Quinn for uploading the video but end up sharing a laugh over the video instigated by Wonder Woman.[4]

In Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy, she appears as part of the class watching Principal Waller's announcement of Poison Ivy as Hero of the Month.[5] In Clubbing, she appears with The Flash as representatives of the Science Club at the SHHS clubs fair, and later appears during the club meeting.[6]

In Hero of the Month: Bumblebee, she watches Principal Waller's announcement of Bumblebee as Hero of the Month from Weaponomics class.[7] In Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman, she appears in the cafeteria as Wonder Woman is announced Hero of the Month and also appears in archive footage of "All About Super Hero High" watching as Wonder Woman first arrives at the school.

Season two[]

In Welcome to Super Hero High, Frost appears at Wonder Woman's surprise party for defeating her first villain.[8]

In Hero of the Month: Supergirl, she appears in Super-Suit design class as Supergirl is announced as Hero of the Month. She also appears in a yearbook photo[9] In Doubles Trouble, she spectates at Supergirl and Katana's tennis match against the Flash and Cyborg.[10] In Franken-Ivy, Frost appears walking in a school hallway.[11]

In Hero of the Month: Katana, Frost was seen as a student in a Weaponomics class watching Katana make a necklace with a chain and metal disks with her sword during Katana's Hero of the Month VT.[12] In Hero of the Month: Frost, Frost gets awarded Hero of the Month, and freezes Catwoman's hand when she high-fives her to congratulate her. In her Hero of the Month VT, she gets confessionals from Bumblebee, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman and appears defining pi, saving a drowning child by creating a slide of ice to lift him out of the water and slide to safety, and defeating Solomon Grundy at a construction site by freezing him to a wall. [13] In The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, part of her Hero of the Month VT is played on a TV at the cafeteria, angering Cheetah that she got the award before her.

In Ring of Mire, she makes a background appearance talking to the Flash by the Lady Justice statue in front of the school.[14] In Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire, Frost watches, Star Sapphire's Hero of the Month announcement, alongside Star and Beast Boy, at the Capes & Cowls Café from a phone.[15]

In The Ultimate Accessory, Frost appears in Weaponomics class as Mr. Fox assigns the midterm accessory assignment. She continually disparages Bumblebee's accessory designs. When Bumblebee's gadgets prove successful in defeating King Shark at the docks and gets her an "A", she pops out from her behind a crate and exclaims, "What?! Not fair!".[16]

In Roomies Return: Frost's Bite, Frost wakes up in the morning and suffers from chills, needing heat to restore her powers. However, Star Sapphire finishes her roommates' hot tea and uses up all the hot water in the shower, while other students accidentally destroy her heater when responding to a Save the Day Alarm, and she retaliates by freezing them. After she angrily locks herself in her room, Miss Martian sneaks in and they solve the problem to create a sauna in their dorm by melting ice with Miss Martian's heat vision, much to Star Sapphire's displeasure. In Cold Blooded, Frost gets a cold which causes freezing sneezes that destroy Ivy's dancing flowers and freezes both Principal Waller's helicopter and Firefly and a hostage when she and some other students try to stop him. After Lady Shiva orders her to bed, her sneezes threaten to freeze the school as Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Bumblebee come to help her recover. The next day, she gets better and thanks them as they are revealed to have caught her cold.

Season three[]

In Surprise!, Frost makes a background appearance sitting by the Lady Justice statue in front of the school talking to the Flash. In Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2, she responds to a Save the Day alarm with other students to defeat a Kryptomite infestation in Metropolis. She and Poison Ivy take a crystal sample to the science lab and return having produced a Kryptomite-stopping chemical, which they and the other students use to successfully defeat the Kryptomites.

In Spring Prison Break, Frost gives her spring break report for class recalling how she and Katana worked for Principal Waller's Task Force X class staking out Belle Reve Prison to stop Lashina from breaking the Female Furies out of the prison. After Lashina breaks in, Frost and Katana encounter Big Barda who offers to help them free Lashina's hostage Brian. As Katana stays with Barda, Frost confronts Lashina and the escaped Furies, defeating Stompa and Mad Harriet by incapacitating them with her ice powers. Lashina manages to defeat Frost and gets away. Frost then mentions that they told Principal Waller how Big Barda helped them, which helped her get into Super Hero High.

In Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds, she comes up with the idea to settle Wonder Woman and Supergirl's speed rivalry through a street race, upset over the sonic booms created from their flying races. Harley Quinn also participates. She then waves the flag to start the race. Harley ends up winning. In Body Electric, she makes a background appearance in the audience for Thunder and Lightning's medal ceremony for restoring power to Metropolis during a blackout.

In Fresh Ares Part 1, she appears as a patron at Capes & Cowls with Cyborg and Beast Boy. Later, she listens to a story from Ares with Steve Trevor and some other patrons as Catwoman sets off a pollen grenade inside the Café to steal Ares' Amulet of Harmonia. As he goes on a rampage, she, Starfire, and Steve exit the Café. In Fresh Ares Part 2, she and the other non-flying students pile into Batgirl's Battywagon to confront Ares. As he knocks Supergirl into a building causing it to collapse, Frost uses an ice pillar to support it as Flash evacuates the people inside. She tries to stop him by freezing his legs, but Ares retaliates by blasting her with fire, leaving her wet. She appears in front of Ares after he is subdued by the students. In Fresh Ares Part 3, he breaks free and resumes his rampage. She tries to protect herself and her friends in an ice shield from an explosion created by Ares only to be blown away. She and the other students watch as Ares rampage ends after Catwoman returns to him the Amulet.

In Gorilla Warfare, she attends a physical education class and witnesses Vice Principal Grodd get abducted by former members of his gorilla army. She and her classmates pursue after them to rescue Grodd. She battles one gorilla with a bamboo staff with an ice staff, and gets knocked down, but defeats him by freezing the floor, causing him to slip and hit his head. After Grodd convinces the gorillas that he is not kidnapped and is at the school voluntarily, he jokingly gives Frost and her classmates detention for staring.

In Jetsetters, she struggles to pilot Wonder Woman's invisible jet as practice for her flyer's ed test with Wonder Woman's coaching. They attract the attention of Killer Moth who engages them in a dog fight. Frost exits the jet using the turbo seat and defeats Killer Moth by freezing his aircraft and saves the downed Invisible jet by freezing it as it falls into the ocean, making it float. Upon realizing that the turbo seat is more her speed, Wonder Woman then agrees to lend it to her for her Flyer's Ed test. In It's a Superful Life, she attends the Super Hero High winter holiday tree ceremony in the school foyer and uses her powers to create snowfall inside the school.

Season four[]

In Fish Out of Water Part 1, Frost appears impatiently waiting in line for a water fountain at the school as Mera uses it for a long time. In Fish Out of Water Part 2, she makes a cameo appearance walking towards the school at night with Hal Jordan and later attends the surprise pool party in Mera's room for saving Miss Martian from Firefly. In Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Catwoman mentions being at a study group with Frost and Big Barda earlier in the day.

In Ha-Ha Horticulture, she falls asleep outside the school along with most of the other SHHS students and staff due to Poison Ivy's sleeping poppy experiment. She wakes up when Ivy and Harley Quinn distribute pollen across the school to counteract the effects of the poppy. In Truth of the Lasso Part 1, she participates in a target practice exercise outside the school with other students. She later battles Giganta with Bumblebee and Wonder Woman when she attacks a disguised Cheetah for stealing her earring. She defeats Giganta by freezing the ground, making her slip, then freezing her wrists together.

In Nevermore Part 2, she makes a cameo appearance standing behind Principal Waller at the school as she asks Raven if she finally received her recruitment letter to SHHS. In By the Yearbook, she tells a joke to Catwoman at Capes & Cowls, causing her to squirt milk out her nose when she laughs, which Harley Quinn takes a picture of for the SHHS yearbook. She also appears in another one of Harley's pictures in her yearbook layout of LOL moments and later appears looking at a completed yearbook with Beast Boy, Starfire, and Ivy.

Season five[]

In the first part of Fortress of Solidarity, Frost attends the SHHS winter holiday tree ceremony, skating around the tree in the school foyer and watching Principal Waller light the tree. In the second part, she, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Mera travel to the arctic to save Supergirl from Captain Cold. In the ensuing battle, she exchanges ice blasts with Captain Cold, before he flees. Frost traps him on a large flight of winding frozen stairs, but he escapes and runs to the shoreline. Cornered, and holds a polar bear hostage. Frost and Mera work together to defeat him, with Mera secretly splashing him from behind with water from the shore before Frost freezes it, trapping him in ice. After the battle, she and her friends enjoy the northern lights and when Supergirl plants her Kryptonian crystal in the ice, creating a Fortress of Solidarity, engages in a group hug inside.