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Galactic Wonder is a 22-minute long special within the continuity of LEGO DC Super Hero Girls. It was also released with five 5-minute long segments. It aired on Cartoon Network on January 4, 2019.


Part 1[]

Principal Amanda Waller announces Wonder Woman as Hero of the Month, which Batgirl points out that this is among the countless times she has won. Supergirl then points out how amazing Wonder Woman doing academically. As a surprise reward, Waller had Bumblebee fly Hippolyta from Themyscira to Super Hero High, only for the Queen to express her distaste towards how the school does things, and even mentions that her daughter won a scholarship to attend Themyscira Academy, but chose to attend Super Hero High instead.

Throughout the day, as WW gives her mother a tour of the school, Hippolyta is rude to Commissioner Gordon and judges his Forensics class, calls Katana a "low-born commoner", and even leaves during a Heroball match, which Wonder Woman was determined to win to prove herself to her. WW is naturally upset that her mother despises Super Hero High, and Hippolyta even arranges for her to move to Themyscira Academy. She doesn't have long to sulk though, as Batgirl receives a warning signal from the computer in her Bat-bunker, and she, Wonder Woman and Supergirl set off.

Part 2[]

Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl arrive at the Bat-bunker, where they learn that the warning is about the Earth's electromagnetic energy, which is building up in certain places around the world, which messes with the cuurent's natural flow. Batgirl finds out that the source of this is coming from LexCorp, and the trio head off. When they arrive, they discover stolen StarLabs technology, which are being used to mess with the Earth's electromagnetic output in several locations in order to generate a hyper-space wormhole so Eclipso can finally wreak her revenge on Gemworld. Lena Luthor then shows herself, explaining that when Eclipso's gone, she'll take over the planet. The trio battle Lena and her Kryptomites only to subdue them long enough to go to the electromagnetic hotspots - the Egyptian pyramids, the Aztec Jungle and the English Stone Hedge. Lena warns Eclipso of the Super Hero Girls, but Eclipso is not so fearful, knowing that while Lena tries to stop the Girls, her actual plan will play out.

Part 3[]

The Super Hero Girls arrive at their respective locations - Wonder Woman at the Egyptian Pyramids, Batgirl at the Aztec Jungle and Supergirl at the English Stone Hedge. However, Lena, via screens on the generators, greets them with newly-made Kryptomites sent to destroy them, with Wonder Woman getting attacked by yellow fear-inducing ones, Batgirl getting attacked by blue confusion-inducing ones and Supergirl getting attacked by orange suspicion-inducing ones. As the girls are filled with overwhelming emotions, WW uses the Lasso of Truth to remind of who she truly is - not a coward, but someone who is strong and will prove herself worthy. Riding on her invisible motorbike, she destroys the generator at the Pyramids, and via their com-bracelets, she reminds Supergirl and Batgirl of who they are and how much they mean to her, causing them to snap back into their senses and destroy their respective generators as well. A new electromagnetic disturbance arises in Themyscira, and they head over their on the invisible jet.

Part 4[]

The Girls arrive at Themyscira, only to discover that all of the Amazonians have been brainwashed by purple hypnotic Kryptomites. They quickly destroy Lena's backup generator on Themyscira, but their celebration is short lived as both Lena and Eclipso arrive. Eclipso explains that she has her own backup generator on the moon, and even destroys her contract and partnership with Lena. She reveals that she doesn't plan to return to Gemworld, and is going to transform Earth into a newer version. Lena willingly teams up with Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, and they discover a brainwashed Bumblebee heading towards them.

Part 5[]

Bumblebee reveals that she was merely pretending to be hypnotized to blend in with the Amazons, and she stayed on Themyscrira after dropping off Hippolyta to investigate strange activity. Supergirl, Batgirl and Lena head off back to the Batbunker, while Wonder Woman and Bumblebee stay on Themyscira to save the Amazonians. At the Bunker, Batgirl works on creating a virus to disable the generator while Lena works on discovering a way into the software to upload it. Purple crystals begin erupting all over the planet as Earth transforms into New Gemworld, and Amazonians attack Wonder Woman and Bumblebee. Lena discovers that there is no back door to upload the virus, so Supergirl volunteers to upload it physically, which she succesfully does.

Wonder Woman and Bumblebee stop the purple hypnotic Kryptomites by making them bump into each other, which causes them to hypnotize each other. The world is saved, and the Amazonians are free from their brainwashed trance. Hippolyta realizes how meaningful her daughter's friends are to her, and how they helped her save the planet, and comes to the conclusion that Wonder Woman deserves to be at Super Hero High. Meanwhile, Eclipso scolds her purple Kryptomites for failing her, but the Kryptomites angrily hypnotize her to respect them.



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