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~ Giganta, "Beeline"

Doris Zeul (also known as Giganta) is a recurring character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. Zeul debuts serving as the main antagonist in "She Might Be Giant". Doris is a member of the Super Villain Girls and a student Metropolis High School.


  • According to Lauren Faust, each of the Super Villain Girls is associated with a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Giganta's being violence[1].
  • Giganta's outfit as a villain is based on her Golden Age Comics counterpart.
  • Grey Griffin reprises her role from the first generation of the franchise.
  • Giganta is the only member of the Super Villain Girls to maintain her supervillain role from generation one, as many of the other members were superheroes instead.


  • Size and Muscle Growth
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Speed


Doris Zeul is very mean, hot-tempered, and rude. She has a mindset very similar to the stereotypical jock. She has a complete disinterest in books, learning, or academics, often skipping class. She is also a big bully who always picks on those weaker than her, especially Karen, her favorite victim. She also is disrespectful to her parents and other adults as well. When not doing that, she is often seen working out and trying to increase her own muscle size. As Giganta, her villainous plans never go far past mindless destruction. On multiple occasions, she has shown to be concerned with her public perception as a super villain, sometimes even wanting to be seen as a monster.

Despite these strengths, her biggest weakness is her own stupidity. She is not very smart and typically attacks without thinking. This also applies to her own wit and humor. While most of her friend and even enemies can be quick to quip, she often struggles to keep up with conversations. She has trouble understanding the simplest of jokes, but often laughs anyway, even if she doesn't get them. Most jokes she says, if any, are usually nothing more than sports terms like "home run" or "strike", even if they don't mean anything within the context.

When under the effect of the Lasso of Truth, she admits that much of her attitude is her "overcompensating for deep insecurity rooted in a quest for perfectionism and an overpowering fear of not being good enough". She seems to want to continue, but the lasso comes off before she can.

Like Kara, Doris is the powerhouse of Selina's team.


Doris is a tall and medium-skinned teenager with a curvy-yet-bulky figure, hazel eyes, burgundy lips and puffy, red-orange curly hair.

As a civilian, Doris kept her hair into a tight afro-puff, and her attire consists of a yellow tracksuit with orange pockets, and white slip-on tennis shoes.

As Giganta, her size increases dramatically, standing about 3 times her normal height and dwarfing many of the other characters, and her hair hangs halfway down her back. Whenever she transforms or flexes hard, orange veins can be seen across her skin. She wears a two-piece yellow loincloth (akin to a cavewoman), dark golden wristlets on each wrist, and is also barefoot.

Depiction in the series[]

Season 1[]

In "She Might Be Giant", Doris appears along with her friend Leslie on the school football field bullying Karen. Doris and Leslie lead her to the locker room, where she locks Karen in the lockers. Tired of always being teased by Doris, Karen decides to upgrade her Bumblebee armor; meanwhile, Doris is at her house exercising while she was talking to Leslie, when suddenly the weights she was lifting fall on top of her. Since she was losing strength and to boost the effects of her weightlifting, Doris injects herself with a serum stolen from her parents' lab. When she goes to the mall to buy weights, the salesman shows her some small weights; which makes Doris think that he was making fun of her, enraging her and turning into Giganta for the first time. Diana, Kara and Babs, who by casuality happened to be at the mall helping Karen find upgrades to fix her armor, they fight against Giganta, but she easily defeats them. Karen manages to repair her armor, but the growth function enhancements malfunction again; so Giganta tries to crush Bumblebee with her hand. But because she was too big and Bumblebee was small as a insect, Bumblebee uses her tiny size to harass Giganta and trick her into knocking herself out. The next day at school, Doris (who wants to continue her routine of bullying Karen) she throws her football ball at Karen, who surprisingly catches it. Doris tells Karen to return her ball, but she shows off new confidence in standing up to Doris, even to call her "meathead", which makes Doris angry and runs after Karen all over the field.

In "Frenemies", she, Catwoman, Livewire, Star Sapphire and Poison Ivy befriends Harley Quinn in Part 1 and in the end of the episode, they've formed a villain team. In Part 2, they vandalize the city by stealing jewels, causing chaos and fear, and destroying buildings and properties of the city.

In "Beeline", Giganta is seen with the other girls, with Harley Quinn planning to destroy the bridge so Mrs. Johnson couldn't give her a math test the next day. The only remarkable thing she did was that she attempted to throw a punch at Bumblebee after she broke the detonator's plunger (thwarting Harley Quinn's plan), but she is stopped by Wonder Woman.

In "Soul Sisters", Katana snatches Giganta's soul, causing her inner body to fall on Jessica's van, destroying it. And along with the rest of the Super Villain Girls, she is taken to Babs' house, until her soul is returned to her after Katana realizes that being a hero doesn't mean taking someone's soul away.

In "Scrambled Eggs" she is mentioned by Mr. Chapin as Carol's teammate for the assignment of taking care of the egg. But since she skipped class, Carol has to take care of the egg alone.

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  • Concept art shows that Giganta was originally going to have a different outfit, until it was changed to the one she uses in the series.
  • She is the strongest member of the Super Villain Girls and the second powerful member along with Livewire.
  • She is the only member of the Super Villain Girls whose parents appear. And as it turns out, they are scientists as a reference to the character in the comics.
  • In the comics, Giganta is an enemy of Wonder Woman. And although this is reflected in the series, she now becomes Bumblebee's archenemy, contrasting in that the two can alter their sizes: Giganta becomes large, while Bumblebee becomes small.
    • This makes her the second incarnation to not have Wonder Woman as a primary enemy, the first being her Super Friends incarnation, where she is Apache Chief's archenemy.
  • She and Livewire are best friends, and they both enjoy hurting and harassing other people. Giganta does it physically, while Livewire does it emotionally.
  • She can alter her size using her own anger, much like Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk. Even in "Lost And Found", she says the exclamation "Giganta smash!" resembling the iconic Hulk catchphrase "Hulk smash!"