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Super Hero Girls[]

Karen Beecher/Bumblebee[]


Karen is Doris' favorite victim for her bullying, due to her weak figure and nonconfrontational personality. She often goes along with Doris' bullying, only standing up for herself on occasion when pushed to her limits. When Karen does fight back, Doris is shown to be too stupid to keep up with her tactics.

In her home gym, she has Bumblebee's picture on her coat hanger, proof of how little she considers her a threat.

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl[]


In her home gym, she has Batgirl's face on a doormat she scrapes her shoes on, implying she thinks Batgirl is a literal "doormat", likely due to her lack of physical strength.

Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern[]


In her home gym, she has Green Lantern's picture on a hanging punching bag, which is shown to be very light indicating she doesn't think much of her. She even lets the bag hit her several times, not even making her flinch.

Zee Zatara/Zatanna[]

After being a feirce battle agaisnt all the Super Girls, Zatanna sent Giganta all the way to the artic. There, she delcared revenge on her, and (by the end of the comic) seemed to reappear still enraged.

In her home gym, she has Zatanna's picture on her speed bag, which she easily punches repeatedly.

Kara Danvers/Supergirl[]


Kara is Doris' equal and the two are often the ones fighting against each other in group battles. Both prioritize brute strength over strategy. And while Doris' strength is shown to match and even outclass her, Kara is more likely to actually think before she acts, giving her the upper hand in most fights.

In her home gym, she has Supergirl's picture on her boxing dummy, which itself could be seen as the sturdest object in her gym, showing she considers Supergirl the biggest threat of the six. When punching her, Doris gloats as well, likely due to how often she loses to Kara.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman[]


Doris competed in a pie eating contest with Diana, where she became jealous of her ability to suddenly eat so quickly, which caused her to step up her tactics. She was eventually defeated by punching the pies into her mouth, knocking herself out.

In her home gym, she has Wonder Woman's picture on her punching bag, showing she considers her fairly strong.

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana[]

Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn[]

While accepting of Harleen a new member, Doris seems to struggle to keep up with her silly antics, nicknames, and wordplay.

The Teen Titans[]


Beast Boy[]




The Invinci-Bros[]

Garth Bernstein/Aqualad[]


While she bullies Karen far more, Garth is possibly her second favorite victim. In contrast to Karen, Garth seems to embrace Doris' wraith far more, acting polite to her as she outright steals from him.

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern[]

Carter Hall/Hawkman[]

Barry Allen/The Flash[]

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow[]

Super Villain Girls[]

Selina Kyle/Catwoman[]

As a member of the Super Villain Girls, Doris usually takes orders from Selina when they fight as group.

Leslie Willis/Livewire[]

Of the Super Villain Girls, Leslie seems to be the one Doris hangs out with the most. Both like to bully other students, but in the same vein they do not always get along.

Pamela Lillian Isley/Poison Ivy[]

Doris is Pamela's friend and teammate.

Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire[]

Doris is Pamela's friend and teammate.

Justice League[]

Clark Kent/Superman[]

Bruce Wayne/Batman[]

Arthur Curry/Aquaman[]

Green Lantern/John Stewart[]

Legion of Doom[]

Lex Luthor[]

Barbi Minerva/Cheetah[]


While the two were brefily in fierce competition, both Doris and Barbi decided to team up against Diana's popularity and althetisism.

Edward Nygma/Riddler[]

Winslow Schott/Toyman[]

Cyrus Gold/Solomon Grundy[]


Francis Zeul[]

Beatrice Zeul[]

Others Characters[]

Max Lord[]

Briefly, she worked with Max as her manager in order to keep her villain status rank up, but when he fails to deliver on it, she turns against him.