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Giovanni John Zatara is a recurring character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. He is the father of Zatanna.


Giovanni Zatara is shown to be a father who cares for his daughter, that being a single father. He is also shown not to hurt Zee's feelings as he didn't want her to know he has real magic until she experiences magic for the first time.


He made his first appearance in "Sweet Justice" when Zee forgets her bookbag and she use magic to get it back. He later appeared at the hotel in "Illusions of Grandeur" where he and Zee both perform a magic trick involving her in a box, in which he used real magic to make her disappear.

The episode "Abracadabrapalooza" was also not only known to be the origin story of how Zee discovered her magic, but also how he and her daughter were like before their lives at the hotel. When both were invited to preform at an event, he was told that Zee couldn't preform but it wasn't until he notice that Zee had magic and used his own to help her, even admitting that he has magical powers too but didn't want to use them to hurt Zee's feelings. John then gave her a chest with a book that would allow her to control her magic and both preformed on stage and was discovered by a agent who got them a gig at the hotel.

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  • In "Happy Birthday Zee," it is revealed that his wife left him and Zee for unknown reasons.
    • Also he is one of the few parents in the show to know about the identity of the Girls.


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