#GothamCon is the ninteenth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.



The episode opens with Harleen meeting Babs at a Gotham bus station. They travel to the GothamCon convention by crossing Gotham on foot, frolicking and taking pictures among crime scenes and seedy parts of the city. They attend an event with a special guest which Babs expects to be Batman, but the special guest turns out to be Robin.

When Robin insults Babs, Harleen shows up as Harley Quinn and attacks him, but she's foiled by Batgirl. A montage sequence shows Harley attcking Robin and being foiled by Batgirl multiple times. Eventually she tries to attack Robin with a steamroller, and when Babs finds Robin flattened on the floor she breaks into tears, telling Harleen that despite her dislike of Robin she didn't wish him dead. The two are surprised to find that Robin is alive and well, and that Harley ran over a standee cutout.

Harleen then remembers that she had placed a bomb strapped under his chair. Harley Quinn attempts to get rid of it along with Batgirl, and when it's defused Harley runs away while Batgirl chases her.

Harleen says goodbye to Babs before she gets on a bus to Metropolis, and gives her a signed photo of Robin, with the shot cutting to Harley Quinn threatening Robin so he signs the photo. The episode ends with Babs telling Harleen "See you next year!" with Harleen saying to herself that maybe they'll see each other sooner.


  • The City We Love


  • Gotham Con is similar to San Diego Comic Con.
  • This episode was first screening at the San Diego Comic Con 2019 (SDCC 2019).
  • When Harley told herself that she'll see Barbara sooner, It's foreshadowing Frenemies where Harley moved to Metropolis.



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