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This article is about Green Arrow (G2). For the generation one version, see Green Arrow (G1).

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Oh, don't be so bland and overly dramatic. Wait. Bland and overly dramatic? Zee Zatara! My onstage nemesis!
~ Green Arrow learning Zatanna's true identity, "DC Super Hero Boys"

Oliver Queen, also known as superhero Green Arrow, is a supporting character and one of the members of The Invinci-Bros in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the onstage nemesis of Zee Zatara. He is voiced by actor Eddie Perino.


Whether saving the day as Green Arrow or acting in a play as whatever role he's given-- preferably the lead-- Oliver seems to enjoy putting on a good show... at times, however, that causes his occasional friendship with Zee/Zatanna to become overshadowed by a rude and mocking rivalry in his efforts to prove he deserves to be in the spotlight more so then she does. As his last name implies, he can be a male version of a drama queen when things don't go as he rehearsed them in his head... which happens a lot, as karma often comes to bite him... yet he never intends for his fellow performers to get hurt physically; only emotionally.

Oliver has rare moments when it seems that, underneath the bully role he tries to play on the high school campus, he has a compassionate, almost chivalrous side to him, especially when it comes to Zee, but lacks the common sense and maturity to show it properly, especially when it comes to show business. To that end, he and Zatanna--on and off stage-- ended up stuck in a complicated relationship laced in subtle jabs at each others egos.


  • Archery
  • Sword Combat

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  • His suit is based that of his appearance in the show Justice League Unlimited.


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