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This article is about Hal Jordan in the second generation. For the generation one version, see Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (G1).

Worse! She’s... my ex-girlfriend.

—Hal Jordan, "Hate Triangle"

Harold "Hal" Jordan is a recurring supportive character in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is a Green Lantern, the second-in-command of The Invinci-Bros and a student at Metropolis High School


Hal Jordan is depicted as a stereotypical high school jock with a strong, charming and somewhat narcissistic demeanor, yet not enough to be a bully. His tendency to act without thinking often earns the ire of fellow Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. He is also afraid of his ex-girlfriend, Carol Ferris. However as of "It's Complicated", she and Hal got back together and he got over his fear, this might mean that this has changed.


As with other Green Lanterns, Hal is able to create objects with his Green Lantern Corps ring. This grants him abilities such as flight, strength, and the ability to breathe in space.


Star Sapphire

It was revealed in her first appearance in Hate Triangle then in It's Complicated, Carol was Hal's Girlfriend a while back but he broke up with her on Valentine's Day in Text due to her being extremely clingly over him. Ever since, she had a bit of a Stalker person where she would become over obsessed over him, even preventing any other girl to get close to him. However in It's Complicated, she and Hal got back together after he apologized for what he did to her.

Jessica Cruz

Jessica and Hal are fellow Green Lantern Corps cadets and cadets, but the two are polar opposites and have almost nothing in common, and Hal always tries to impress her even though Jessica doesn't find Hal attractive.


Superman hates Hal as shown in the short equal tights besides that superman always tried to get away from Hal because he always annoyed him and ruined his heroic acts, he ruined his lunch, because of him Poison Ivy escaped and saw them both like fools, deflecting meteorites towards airplanes, bringing kryptonite closer to Superman and causing him to fall next to the bombs he sends into space, stealing his fame.

Poison Ivy

Hal Jordan is an former enemy of Poison Ivy, he was an enemy of Poison Ivy as shown in the short Equal Tights, but sometimes Poison Ivy and Hal are friends as shown in the episode Detention Club and a little in the episodes Retreat and Back In a Flash. In Retreat when Poison Ivy transformed him into a humanoid plant he became his friend and subordinate, he became a member of her army temporarily. As shown in the episode Detention Club, the relationship between Poison Ivy and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), it is no longer an enemy relationship, and the romantic scene at the end of the episode can lead to theories that the two might have feelings for each other.

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  • His real name is Harold, according to Jessica in "Hate Triangle."
    • However, when he yells at Jessica that his name is Hal, it implied that he might dislike his real name.
  • In the comics, he is a founding member of the Justice League and the ex-boyfriend of Carol Ferris.
  • In "Breaking News," he can’t spell his name.