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Jessica Cruz is a character who made a first appearance in the graphic novel, Spaced Out. She is the newest Green Lantern of Earth, and a student at Superhero High.


Jessica Cruz is a tan-skinned teenage girl with green eyes and long brown hair. She wears a black and green Green Lantern corps suit, featuring the corps logo in the centre of her chest. She also wears a green face-mask, some white gloves, alongside her Green Lantern ring.

Prior to becoming a Lantern, as shown in the web-series, Jessica has brown eyes and is wearing a black vest, with a green sweater wrapped around her waist and long-blue leggings.


Jessica Cruz makes her first appearance in the first webisode of Season 4; Ring Me Maybe Part 1, where she is voiced by Cristina Milizia in English.

Jessica appears as Lois Lane's camera-woman, filming an interview with Hal Jordan at the Capes and Cowls Café, before ducking under a table after Grundy appears.

At the end of Ring Me Maybe Part 2, she is revealed to be the next Green Lantern as Jessica hides from the action of Sinestro, who appears and kidnaps StarfireThe Flash and Wonder Woman.

After helping to defeat Sinestro, Lois was surprised to see her as the next Green Lantern, and expressed astonishment. Soon after, she enrolled at Superhero High, as one of its newest students.


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