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[theme song playing]
Zee: [sighs]
♪ Thanksgiving's grand And Easter's sweet ♪
♪ And Christmas sure is nice ♪
♪ But the only day I wish came twice ♪
♪ Is Happy Birthday Zee ♪
♪ Yes, it's my birthday ♪
♪ It's my birthday ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to me ♪
♪ I wish everyday Was my birthday ♪
♪ Happy birthday to Zee ♪
♪ Yeah, it's the best time Of the year ♪
♪ When my friends all show me That they care ♪
♪ With cake and fun No expenses ♪
♪ Happy birthday Zee ♪
♪ Yes, it's my birthday ♪
♪ It's my birthday ♪
♪ Happy Birthday to me ♪
♪ I wish everyday Was my birthday ♪
♪ Happy birthday to Zee ♪
♪ Happy birthday to Zee! ♪
[All]: ♪ Happy birthday to Zee ♪
Zee: Not bad. But can we try it one more time? Maybe with a bit more... zhoom?
[All] : Ugh!
Kara: You've made us sing this dumb song 50 times already!
Diana: Perhaps it is time to move on to a different part of the festivities.
Karen: Like presents! This is from all of us.
Zee: Oh! All of you? It's a bit small to be the pony I asked for. [chuckles] Kidding! Kidding! I know you're probably saving your big gifts for tomorrow.
Babs: Uh, what's tomorrow?
Zee: It's my actual birthday, silly.
Karen: [gasps]
Kara: You mean to tell me we've been wearing party hats that cut off our circulation for nothing!
Zee: Not for nothing. For my pre-birthday!
Diana: Uh, "pre-birthday" is not a thing.
Zee It's totally a thing.
Babs: Wait. So, does this mean we're doing all this celebrating again tomorrow?
Zee: Of course, not! Tomorrow we're doing way more! It's all right here in my Birthday Binder. There are activities and gift ideas, in order from most expensive to even more expensive. So, you have options.
[all gasp]
Zee: I'll let you peruse in case you wanna do a little extra last-minute shopping. Ooh! Let me get volume two![squeals]
[all exclaim]
Jessica: I love Zee, but when it comes to her birthday she could be a little--
Kara: Banana-wanacray-cray sundae.
[all laugh]
Diana: In my homeland, if someone exhibits this behavior, we put them on a boat to row 500 miles with no food or water until they return to their senses. Or meet their death.
[all laugh]
Zee: Hmph! My friends don’t want to celebrate my favorite time of year? Fine!
♪ Thanksgiving's grand And Easter's sweet ♪
♪ And Christmas sure is nice ♪
♪ But the only day I wish came twice ♪
♪ Is Happy Birthday Zee ♪
♪ Instead of joy I’ve hit the bottom ♪
♪ Nobody cares I feel forgotten ♪
♪ Surely, all my friends Should see ♪
♪ How wonderful Birthdays should be ♪
♪ If my friends would see ♪
♪ How important Birthdays should be ♪
Zee: [sighs] Wow, felt good to get that off my chest! Ha.
[low growling]
♪ Happy birthday to Zee ♪
[All] Happy birthday, Zee!
Zee: You guys! I thought you were over my birthday stuff.
Karen: Your birthday is like one of the biggest days of the year!
Diana: And we shall celebrate with a revelry that would make Mount Olympus himself quake!
Zee: Aw. Thanks, everyone! Look I know I can get a little carried away around my birthday. But what really matters is that you’ve all finally come around! [gasps]
Diana: [growls]
[all cheering]
Zee: Well, I am exhausted. Thanks for an amazing birthday, girls.
Babs: Oh, but that was just your pre-sundae. Here’s your real birthday sundae.
[cup clanks]
Diana: And a pre-sundae is totally a thing.
Kara: Let's sing "Happy Birthday" again.
♪ Happy birthday to Zee! ♪
Zee: Uh, you really don’t need to sing anymore. let’s just call it a night.
Diana: No! Let us not!
Zee: Guys, what is wrong?
Karen: Oh Zee. If only you could see...
♪How important birthdays Should be ♪
Zee: My song from last night. Must’ve put a spell on my friends.
Babs: I wish your birthday would never end. Never!
Zee: Uh... oh, my gosh! Look over there! It’s the, uh, pony I wanted. [shouting incantation]
[all screaming]
Zee: Relax, Zee. It'll be fine. So what if you accidentally use magic to turn your friends into birthday-crazy zombies!
[knock on door]
Zee: Aah!
Karen: I want you to hear my new birthday song. ♪It’s Zee’s birthday And it is great ♪ ♪ Stop everything And celebrate ♪
Zee: Wow! That is really lovely. So lovely, in fact, I just can’t stand it! Bye! [sighs]
[door lock clicks]
Karen: ♪ Everyone must join The party, too!♪'Cause if you don’t I will find you!' because if you don’t I will find you!♪ [grunting]
Zee: [cringes] That took an ugly turn. What the... Aah! Oh, there’s gotta be a spell to undo this. [shouting incantation] [shouting incantation][shouting incantation] [gasps] [whimpers] [sighs] [screams]
Giovanni Zatara: Happy birthday!
Zee: You're under the spell, too?
Giovanni: You were having so much fun with your friends... Wait, did you say spell?
Zee: I don't even know what happened! I got angry and carried away and now my friends are birthday zombies and it’s all my fault! [cries]
Giovanni: Shh, no need to cry. Seriously, you’re getting tears on the cake and I worked really hard on it.
Zee: Dad, this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t insist on making such a big deal out of my stupid birthday!
Giovanni: Making a big deal out of birthdays maybe partially my fault. you don’t remember?
Zatanna’s Mom: I've had enough!
Giovanni: Not now.
Zatanna's Mom: This is the last time.
Giovanni: Please! This is--
Zatanna's Mom: I’m leaving! [slamming door]
Giovanni: No, no, no! Ugh! Who’s ready for birthday cake?
Young Zee: But where'd Mom go?
Giovanni: Mommy had to be somewhere. But you know what? We're still going have an amazing celebration!
Young Zee: [gasps] Really?
Giovanni: Every birthday from now on shall be Zee's Best Birthday Ever!
Zee: [sighs] That was the day Mom left.
[incoherent shouting]
[Girls]: Birthday! Birthday!
Kara: [grunts]
Zee: Quick Dad, what do we do?
Giovanni: I'm afraid only you can fix this.
Zee: I've seen this before.
Giovanni: Zee, this is not how I wanted to tell you. But just as you inherited Light Magic from me, you inherited Dark Magic from your mother.
Zee: This was mom's?
Giovanni: Yes. And unlike Light Magic, Dark Magic is filled by negative emotions.
Zee: Like anger.
[all shouting]: Birthday! Birthday!
Giovanni: [grunts] We're out of time. You must find a way to undo this.
Zee: I... I will!
[incoherent shouting]
[Zatanna's voice echoing]: Why did my mom leave me? Why did my mom leave? Ah! Is something wrong with me? Is something wrong with me? What if my friends leave me, too? What if my friends leave me, too? What if my friends leave me, too?
Zee: No. I can't... it isn't right, [grunts] My friends love me. They do care about me. They'lle always be there for me. Negative thinking got me into this. But it won’t get me out.
Giovanni: [grunts]
[both grunting]
Babs: [grunts]
[Girls chanting]: Birthday. Birthday. Birthday!
Giovanni: Ugh!
[girls shouting]
Zee: I love my friends, my friends love me. I love my friends, my friends love me! I love my friends, my friends love me!
[Girls yelling]: Birthday! Birthday!
Zee: [shouts incantation]
Kara: Anyone care to explain what we’re doing here?
Zee: I uses magic on you girls. I'm so sorry. And I'm sorry for getting so carried away about my birthday. Thank you for always being there for me. Oh, and I loved your gift.
Karen: Really? It's not too small?
Zee: It's perfect. [sighs]