Harleen Quinzel (also known as Harley Quinn) is a recurring villain character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series. She is a student at Metropolis High School, also is Barbara Gordon's best friend and Batgirl's enemy.


  • Agility and reflexes
  • Hammer proficiency


Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Harleen and Barbara are GBFFs (Gotham Best Friends Forever), like we can see in Sweet Justice and Gotham Con. But they don't know about their superhero/supervillain identity of the other, so Harley Quinn and Batgirl fight very often.


Harley Quinn has long blonde hair in two pigtails with red and blue highlights, light tan/pale skin, blue eyes and wears red lipstick, a split red/blue long-sleeve jacket, shorts, and long boots.


As Harleen, she is a funny girl who likes doing jokes. She can kind of insufferable, for example, when the other Super Hero Girls met her. As Harley Quinn, she also loves doing jokes, but she can show off her mischievous side. She can be vengeful, like when Robin made fun of Babs.

Episode Appearances




  • According to Lauren Faust, each of the super villain girls is based on a deadly motivation in a similar vein to the seven deadly sins, with Harley Quinn's being chaos[1].
  • Tara Strong did the same voice role for the character alongside Batgirl and Cheetah. She voiced Harley in various animated movies, TV series, and video games, like Batman: Arkham City (after Harley's original voice actress, Arleen Sorkin, retired), Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight. Harley Quinn is also one of the few G2 characters to have the same voice actor as the G1 counterpart.
  • Harleen's appearance is probably based on Margot Robbie from Suicide Squad.
  • In the comics, she has a crush on the Joker. But broke up. Instead she has a real crush on Poison Ivy.
  • She has the same age as Babs, as shown in Gotham Con, since both of them were best friends since Grade Two.


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