#HashtagFrownyFace is the fourth short of DC Super Hero Girls that was released online on YouTube.  


Batgirl's overuse of emojis while texting leaves Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Green Lantern stumped when she tries to call for their help in battling Poison Ivy.


Barbara Gordon happens upon Diana Prince as the latter is having trouble understanding cell phones and texting. Barbara helps her make sense out of the emojis and leaves. Later, Diana, Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher are having lunch in the school cafeteria when Diana starts getting weird texts from Barbara. Meanwhile in the schoolyard, Batgirl is struggling against Poison Ivy as texting her friends for help. By the time Diana manages to understand Barbara's emojis, Ivy's giant plants have surrounded the whole building. Poison Ivy's gloating is interrupted by an emoji-overloaded text from Harley Quinn, and Ivy gets frustrated because she can't understand the emojis.


Starring the Voices of


  • This marks Poison Ivy's first appearance.


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