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[theme song playing]
[Opening shot: In space, we see a shooting star zoom in the background. Tilt down to view the earth's atmosphere. We see two green lights clashing with one another. Once they separate and face off, we see that it's Jessica Cruz and Hal Jordan as Green Lanterns, and they are sparring. Hal creates a bo staff with his power ring and twirls it.]
Hal: This is it! I got you pinned inside the tent, staring at an all-out blitz.
Jessica: (confused) Wait. What? What does that mean?
[Hal charges at her, to which Jessica quickly creates her bo staff and blocks his attacks. They grunt as they are now face to face.]
Voice: (offscreen) No, no, no.
[They look up to where the voice came from. Cut to a large asteroid. There, a large, pink-skinned, muscular male alien in a Green Lantern outfit is standing on it, upside-down. Push in on this Green Lantern, who is tapping his foot. This is Kilowog, a Bolovaxian drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps and Jessica and Hal's trainer. Cut back to Jessica and Hal. They both make their bo staves disappear into their rings and fly up to the rock. In an extreme long shot, Kilowog can be seen holding his face in frustration and the screen rotates upside-down like the asteroid.]
Kilowog: I don’t get it, Cruz, (push in to frame him and Jessica. Over-the-shoulder view from Jessica) what’s the plan here? Hope the pizza guy happens by and distracts him?
Hal: (pops up behind Kilowog) Eh, could be a good strategy, actually.
Kilowog: Quiet, Jordan! (turns to face him. Jessica is seen with her arms crossed) If you were fightin' anyone other than this poozer (points at Jessica, who turns her head the other way), you’d be in the infirmary right now.
[Over-the-shoulder view from Kilowog]
Hal: I told you, Kilowog, Jess doesn’t fight.
Kilowog: (grunts as he turns his head to Jessica; camera pans to frame him, his power ring glowing) In the Green Lantern Corps, (pull back to frame Jessica as he creates a hammer) everyone fights.
[Jessica creates a shield, preparing to spar. Kilowog swings his hammer at Jessica, and she blocks each hit.]
Kilowog: (hitting shield as it starts to crack) Your ring is only as strong as your willpower. Fear weakens your mind. It renders your ring useless.
[Soon, Kilowog is able to break Jessica's shield with one last hit, making her skid backwards to a stop close to the edge of the asteroid.]
KIlowog: (approaches Jessica) Why won't you fight back? Are you afraid? (Zoom out slightly as he raises his hammer)
Jessica: (close up of her) I'm not afraid!
[During the last word, Jessica creates an octopus, which flies at Kilowog and clamps onto his face, causing his hammer to disappear.]
Hal: (laughs o.c., then the camera cuts to him) She’s beating you with sushi.
[Kilowog pulls the octopus off. He looks to see that Jessica has created a carpet underneath him while he's distracted. She pulls it out, making him fall.]
Kilowog: Whoa! (groans as he hits the floor on his back. He lies dazed with his eyes swirling and his tongue lolling)
Jessica: (her construct carpet disappearing into her ring) I just believe that when it comes to fighting, there’s always another way.
Kilowog: (lifts himself up) You got lucky. (gets up) Well, you won't be able to keep that up forever. Sooner or later, (o.s. as it cuts to a medium shot of Jessica) you will have to learn to fight.

[Dissolve to Earth, at Metropolis High with a slight pull back. The two Lanterns return to Earth, flying behind the left side of the school. It seems there is a sports event going on at school.]
Hal: Yeah, Kilowog’s right, you know. You’re gonna have to hit someone, eventually.
Jessica: Oh, Hal, (during that line and nearby in the background, two girls and someone in a hamster mascot costume are seen walking by) must you be so wrong about so many things?
Girl: Go get him tonight, Jordan!
Girl #2: Nibble on, Hamsters!
Trio: Whoo!
Hal: Nibble on. Whoo!
[As they walk off, he turns and sees Jessica doing the same.]
Hal: Hey. (runs to catch up with her)
Jessica: Life isn’t like a sports match, Hal. There are more ways to perform a touchdown than punching people.
[In the last four words, a school bus suddenly pulls up into view behind Jessica. OTS view from her.]
Hal: Yeah, whatever. I stopped listening after "Hal." (exclaims in fright) Oh, no!
[Pull back. Hal jumps and hides behind a trash can, confusing Jess.]
Hal: I didn’t know that we were playing these guys.
[Jessica looks and sees another football team come out of the school bus, their uniforms in red color.]
Jessica: (laughing) Hang on! Is the great Hal Jordan actually afraid of the other team? (laughs)
Hal: It’s not the team I’m afraid of.
[Head-on view of the bus' doors. Cheerleaders then step out of the bus. Close-up of Hal.]
Hal: (whimpering) I finally got tracked down... (cut back to the bus to show another cheerleader stepping out, framing her feet, clad in white-knee high socks and red sneakers, and the camera pulls back with a tilt up to the head, as Hal continues o.c.) By my greatest enemy.
[Hal's "greatest enemy" appears to be a cheerleader wearing a red uniform, red lipstick, purplish black hair in a ponytail, purple eyes, and a red bow on top of her head. We have just met Carol Ferris.]
Jessica: What? Behind the cheerleader?
Hal: It is the cheerleader!
[Cut to Carol. She then looks towards the camera as she notices Hal offscreen.]
Hal: (gasps and hides his head behind the trash can) I think she saw me!
[Cut back to Carol. She gets an angry look crossed on her face. The camera follows her as she walks behind the bleachers.]
Jessica: (to Hal, who is whimpering in a fetal position) Oh, stop it, you big baby. (On these last three words, a strange violet pink glow occurs) I'm sure she's... (noticing the glow) harmless.

[Cut to the bleachers with a zoom in. Rumbling is heard as the spectators notice the pink glow behind them. Tilt up as Carol reappears, only to be hovering in the air, surrounded by a flaming heart. She has her hair down and loose, with a pink power ring on her right hand. She's also wearing princess-themed clothing, including a pink tutu with puffy sleeves and white high collar, along with white elbow-length gloves and matching knee-length socks, and pink high heels, a pink tiara with a white star, and pink lipstick. She is also known as Star Sapphire.]
Star Sapphire: (sinister voice) Thought you got rid of me, didn't you, Hal Jordan? (he sinks his head slightly behind the trash can. Cut to a medium long shot of her) Well, now, YOU'RE MINE!
[On the last word, the camera pulls back quickly as she launches a flaming heart at Hal, causing the crowd to scream and run. Jessica and Hal, along with a few people around the spot, jump out of the way of the heart, which blows up the trash can Hal was hiding behind.]
Star Sapphire: You belong to me, (fires blasts and hearts everywhere in the sports field, forcing more people to flee) Hal Jordan! (Cut to the Hamsters mascot: o.c.) Show your face, (a heart knocks the mascot's head off) HAL JORDAN!
[The mascot's real head pops out of the suit, his face filled with panic. He runs for his life and the camera pulls back with a tilt down, as Hal sits up rubbing his head.]
Jessica: (panting, grabbing his arm) Come on!
[Hal yells as she get him up from the ground and run. Star Sapphire continues her rampage by launching exploding hearts everywhere, while Jess and Hal run through the crossfire. The slight dark pink smoke briefly covers our view before it clears to show a popcorn cart that was abandoned. Hal dives through the cart and hides behind it, followed by Jessica, who rolls.]
Jessica: What's going on? (turns head to Hal) Who is this girl?
Hal: She’s called Star Sapphire, and she’s super clingy.
Jessica: I can see that. Is she some kind of super evil maniacal space princess or something?
Hal: Worse! She’s... my ex-girlfriend.
Jessica: Wait. What?
[A blast sends the popcorn cart flying, giving away their hiding place. They take off running as the camera cuts to a side view of Hal, then pans right to show Jessica, who is behind him.]
Jessica: Leave it to you to date a super villain.
[They jump and take cover behind three tackle dummies. Hal pants for air from the running.]
Jessica: Come on, Hal. As Kilowog would say, (zoom in to an extreme close-up on her eyes) "Let's stop this bruiser."

[A transformation sequence for Jessica and Hal begins with the background of outer space. Jessica's right hand is raised into view and a tinkle is shown behind it. She turns her hand around to show her power ring glowing. Pull back to frame Jessica and Hal floating and circling around as they both recite the Green Lantern Oath.]
Jessica: In brightest day, in blackest night.
[The camera quickly pans around to Hal.]
Hal: No evil shall escape my sight.
[Side view; they move close together with their backs turned to one another.]
Jessica: Let those who worship evil's might…
Hal: Beware our power…
Hal and Jessica: (in unison, their power rings glowing) Green Lantern's light!
[They both raise each arm and their rings unleash a burst of green light that fills the screen, with the Green Lantern Corps insignia briefly forming in the center before disappearing. The light clears in a Green Lantern insignia-shaped "iris in" to outer space, the sun, the moon, and earth in the background. Jessica, transformed into Green Lantern, is seen zooming through space with a streak of green light behind her and she strikes a pose in a medium view shot, her ring emitting a green smoke-like energy.]

[Cut to Hal. He flies up with a green streak, then zooms down and strikes a pose in a medium view shot, but the background changes back to normal and he does not transform as his ring starts sputtering out a green gooey liquid. Pull back to put Jessica into frame, who both notice this along with a confused Hal.]
Green Lantern (Jessica): What's wrong with your ring?
[Hal hides it behind his back and smiles nervously. She gasps upon realizing something.]
Green Lantern: Hal! Are you scared?
Hal: Dude! She really freaks me out.
[A blast from Star Sapphire connects with the tackle dummies, blowing them up and sending the two into the air with a grunt. Green Lantern lands neatly while Hal lands face first on the ground and moans in pain.]
Green Lantern: Run, Hal, (pointing) the locker room!
[The camera zooms over to it on the other side of the sports field. Cut to a close up of Hal, who makes a break for the locker room. The scene cuts to an extreme long shot of the school sports field. Star Sapphire pursues Hal while firing hearts at him from above.]
Star Sapphire: You can’t hide from my love, Hal Jordan!
[Hal keeps running to avoid the blasts, a heart explodes behind him, sending him flying a bit. To protect him, Green Lantern drops into frame and creates a bow and arrows, which she shoots. The arrows destroy three hearts, shattering them like glass. Then she flies above Hal and creates a hamster ball to surround him and herself in as a shield.]
Green Lantern: (to Hal) What did you do to her?
Hal: Nothing. She’s just mad ’cause I broke up with her. (Cut to Star Sapphire, still throwing hearts)
Star Sapphire: WORST... TEXT... EVER!!!!! (Back to Hal and Jessica)
Green Lantern: Wait!
[Green Lantern stops the ball, causing Hal to end up running into its wall with a thud. He slides down to the ground and falls as the hamster ball disappears.]
Green Lantern: You broke up with her over text? (pull back on the last two words to a wide shot to frame Hal facing Jessica. Star Sapphire, still airborne, is seen with her right arm clenching her left one.)
Hal: I put a smiley face in it. I’m not the Joker. (Cut to Star Sapphire)
Star Sapphire: WELL, NOW THERE'S A FROWNY FACE... (creates a heart with said face on it above her head as she yells) ON MY HEART!!!!!
[Hal whimpers in fear and gets up running again. Cut to a frontal view of him with not just Star Sapphire, who is seen on the left, but also Green Lantern, seen on the right, on his tail.]
Green Lantern: How could you do that to her?!
Star Sapphire: YOU BROKE MY HEART!!
[On the last word, she fires the big frowning heart at Hal, which explodes and sends him flying in the air screaming, but Green Lantern zooms in and catches him in her arms.]
Green Lantern: If anyone deserves to be hit, it’s YOU!!!
[On that last word, she creates a brick wall, which stops Star Sapphire in her tracks as she exclaims. Then Jessica and Hal fly towards the locker room.]

[Head-on view of the locker room interior entrance. Jessica burst through the doors, still carrying Hal. Her eyes suddenly widen in shock. A pull back shows that they see that there are boys in the locker room, who are staring at them shocked and speechless. This is what happens…]
Boy: Girl!
[All the boys run out of the locker room screaming as Jessica looks on in confusion and puts Hal down. She then slaps him in the back of his head.]
Hal: Ow! Come on. I didn’t know she was a Violet Lantern when I started dating her. She was just Carol.
Green Lantern: (crossing her arms and cocking an eyebrow) A violet what?
[Over-the-shoulder view from Jessica.]
Hal: A Violet Lantern. You know, how our rings use will-power, hers uses love.
Star Sapphire: (from outside) You can’t run from me, Hal Jordan! (he flinches) Love will always find a way!
Hal: (slumps as he sighs) If only I wasn’t so effortlessly charming and ruggedly good-looking, (on the last five words, the camera pans right to follow him as he flicks his hair with sparkles hovering around his face while he walks over to the lockers and he rests his left elbow on them) then she wouldn’t have any power.
Green Lantern: (gasps) Wait a minute. You might be onto something there.
Hal: Oh, so you think I’m ruggedly good-looking, huh?
Green Lantern: Ugh!
[She slaps Hal in the face as she walks pass him with the camera panning right to follow her.]
Hal: Ow!
Green Lantern: (pulls him by the shirt across the locker room) She’s powered by love, right? (they stop at the other side where there are mirrors an inch above sinks.) So, we have to make her not love you. By... (makes him face a mirror as we cut to a frontal view of them) making you ugly.
Hal: (chuckles) Good luck!
[Jessica tries the first hairstyle on Hal and he does a pose.]
Hal: Hey.
[She tries again with another hairstyle for Hal. He poses again.]
Hal: Hmm.
Green Lantern: (groans in annoyance) Ugh.
[Then, she tries the messy hairstyle. She bares a hopeful smile.]
Hal: (clicks tongue as he poses once more; left eye shut and pointing his index fingers) See? Lost cause.
[Suddenly, they hear someone whistling from their left side. We cut to a medium long shot behind the group looking towards the source. It is revealed that the whistling was coming from Garth, who walks into view from the other side of the lockers with his eyes shut and carrying laundry consisting of four white towels. Push-in for a medium shot of him: He sees the group.]
Garth: Oh, hey, guys, what’s up?
Green Lantern: Garth, (points at him o.c. with a slight zoom-in) take off your clothes.
Garth: (confused) What?
[He grunts as Jessica grabs him. The towels he was carrying falls to the floor and acts as a transition to floor level, showing Garth’s feet clad in white and with yellow toe sections, with his toes wiggling and the rest of Garth's body covered by towel. Tilt up to show Garth staring at the camera, looking embarrassed from being stripped of his clothes. As we pull back to frame the rest of the group, it turns out that Jessica decided to dress Hal in Garth's clothes.]
Green Lantern: Thanks, Garth. We just need to borrow your style for a bit.
Garth: Yeah. You’re not the first to tell me that. (on the last four words, Jessica walks past him) Everyone loves my flava.
[On the last two words, Jessica turns around and looks at Hal, with her left arm held up and her thumb sideways before turning it upwards.]
Green Lantern: (To Hal) Okay, Hal, (camera cuts back to him and Garth; she continues o.c.) slouch it down a little.
[With a slight grunt, Hal does so as Garth watches.]
Green Lantern: (o.c.) Now, shorten your neck.
[With another grunt, Hal does that too.]
Green Lantern: (o.c.) Stick out your gut.
[He does so, his cheeks slightly puffed.]
Green Lantern: (o.c.) Little more.
[He grunts as he does that one as well, his cheek a little more puffed. Now, Hal looks like an absolute ape.]
Green Lantern: (o.c.) Perfect! That’s super unattractive!
Garth: (facing the camera, confused) Wait. What?

[Cut to a side view of the exterior of the locker room. Jessica pushes Hal out through the double doors and he lands on the ground with a grunt. He stands up, holding the right side of his face as we cut to a three-person shot of him and the others peeking from behind the double doors. He looks back at the group, and Jessica motions him to go to Carol. He prepares himself with an exhale, then takes a deep breath and does the same position Jessica instructed him with in the locker room, as Suspenseful music plays with Hal going forward out of view. Cut to a back view of him walking up to confront his ex, who is still airborne and facing him. The sports field a mess from Carol's onslaught. Cut to a low-angle view of Carol with her arms crossed and tapping her left high heel.]
Star Sapphire: There you are.
[Extreme long shot of them in a side view.]
Hal: (weird voice) Greetings, Carol. (Medium shot of him) You want to hear all about my new allergies?
[On the last three words, Jessica and Garth peek from behind a trash can behind Hal. Cut to a medium long shot of Carol, who's glare starts to soften a little.]
Star Sapphire: (her hands covering her mouth) Eww.
[She descends a bit. Cut to Jessica and Garth, the former letting out a gasp.]
Green Lantern: (as the camera pulls back to bring Hal into frame) It’s working. She’s losing power.
Hal: Or... Or maybe... Maybe you want to come check out my... (softly) Hey, Garth, what’s something dumb that you like?
Garth: Star Battles comic books. But they’re not dumb.
Hal: My Star Battles comic books.
[Garth grunts, feeling offended. Frontal medium long shot of Carol, who is frowning with worry. Pull back to Hal, who does a little silly dance the moment Carol descends close to the ground into view on the next line.]
Hal: Look at me, I’m such a losery nerd.
[Carol cups her hands to her mouth on this.]
Garth: (offended, o.c. as Hal says the next line.) Hey!
Hal: Ooh!
[Frontal view of Star Sapphire. She fully descends to the ground as the scene goes back to an extreme long shot and the flaming heart around her recedes. She crosses over to Hal as we push-in for a full shot of them.]
Star Sapphire: (gasps) What happened to you? (Over-the-shoulder shot from her to Hal. She caresses the left side of his face; crying) My beautiful Hal Jordan.
Hal: Sorry, baby. This is the real me.
[Over-the-shoulder view from Hal; Carol whimpers as she backs up a couple from him with the camera panning left to follow her, tears in her eyes.]
Star Sapphire: (whimpers) Look at you, so sad. (medium shot of Hal; she continues o.c.) So pathetic. So gross.
[Snot is seen oozing from Hal's nose. He sniffles as he wipes it from it with his left index finger. Cut to a low-angle view of Carol.]
Star Sapphire: No one can ever love you like this.
[She pauses for two seconds… until suddenly, she realizes something.]
Star Sapphire: Except me. (the violet flame ignites around her. She powers up, her flaming heart now back) I’ll love you forever! (Over-the-shoulder view from her. Hal is gaping as he stares up at her dumbfounded.) Only I can see the beauty behind the geek! (frontal medium shot) No one can love you like I can, Hal Jordan. Not even… (whip pull back to bring Hal, Jessica and Garth into frame) Her! (points at Jessica.)
[Garth whimpers with fear and runs away from view while Jessica rises up from the trash can and does the "who? me?" gesture. Over-the-shoulder view from Jessica.]
Star Sapphire: (to Jessica) Once you’re out of the picture, there’ll be no one left between me and MY HAL JORDAN!
Green Lantern: Oh, wait. (pointing at herself and Hal) You think…? (she laughs incredulously as she stands up from the trash and walks up to Star Sapphire with the camera panning left to follow her, passing Hal as she does) No, no, no, no, no, no, no. (laughs) No, no, no. No. (laughs) No, no, no. (seriously) No, no, no. (points up at Star Sapphire o.c.) No! No, no, no, no, no, no! We are not together. Not even close to being together. We couldn’t be less together–
[She gets interrupted when Star Sapphire fires a flaming heart at her, forcing her to duck down. As Star Sapphire says the next line, her eyes are glowing burning white with pink steam coming out and she unleashes blasts everywhere, causing Jessica to jump back and create a bo staff from her power ring. Cut to a head-on shot of Star Sapphire.]
Star Sapphire: You will so regret the day you stole my Hally Wal from me.
[In the last three words, Star Sapphire summons a flaming heart in each hand and grunts as she hurls them at Green Lantern. She manages to deflect them with her bo staff, but the third heart breaks it in half. Then, Green Lantern creates a bow and arrows and tries to shoot them at the hearts. But the arrows bounce off of the hearts instead of shattering them. Cut to frame Green Lantern with Hal and Garth in the sidelines as hearts fly in the air.]
Hal: Powered up like this, who knows what destruction she’ll cause. You have to fight her.
Green Lantern: (with green aura surging through her hands) No. There’s got to be another way.
[She fires a beam from her hands at Star Sapphire and encases her in a construct safe. However, she uses her powers to break free and shatter the safe with a scream. Then, Star Sapphire creates a heart-shaped bazooka and starts firing hearts from it. Green Lantern flies to avoid them as Star Sapphire screams with fury. Green Lantern creates a big wall to block the projectiles, only for it to be destroyed when Star Sapphire forms a horizontal line on the wall and blow it up into pieces. Cut to a two-shot of Hal and Garth shielding themselves from the debris that flies past them.]
Hal: Just hit her.
[Whip pan to Green Lantern, who uses a construct shield to protect herself from the destroyed pieces of her construct wall. The shield has received cracks on it from the impact.]
Green Lantern: No!
[Extreme long shot of the school sports field, where Debris from Green Lantern's wall falls down everywhere from the sky. A big piece of debris acts as a transition to a push-in to a full shot of a furious Star Sapphire letting out a grunt. Cut to a frontal view shot of Green Lantern staring up at her as she (Star Sapphire) lets out another furious grunt. Then we cut to a medium long shot of Star Sapphire.]
Star Sapphire: HAL JORDAN IS MINE! (she fires a big devastating blast at Green Lantern, who holds up her shield to block it: push-in for a close-up of her grunting with effort, struggling to keep her shield up; Star continues o.c.) Mine! Mine! Mine!
Hal: Come on. (chanting) Fight, fight.
Hal and Garth: (chanting) Fight, fight.
[Frontal close-up view of Green Lantern through the shield, which starts cracking more and more from the intensity of Star Sapphire's blast, threatening to break.]
Hal: (still chanting o.c.) Fight. Fight!
Green Lantern: There’s no other way. (grunts)
Hal: (still chanting o.c.) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Green Lantern: I have to hurt you.
[She makes constructed fists on each of her hands, taking Star Sapphire by surprise as she gasps. Green Lantern lets out a scream as she charges at Star Sapphire, with the fists extending towards her. Star Sapphire fires multiple hearts at the fists to try to stop them, but the fists fly past and plow through the hearts and don't break. They finally make contact with her. In a close-up of Star Sapphire struggling to break free, we can see that the fists have a tight grip on her instead of hitting her. She looks down in surprise, followed by a whip pull back.]
Star Sapphire: What... What are you doing?
[Green Lantern pulls her construct fists back, bringing Star Sapphire along and brings her into an embrace. Star Sapphire grunts and whimpers trying to break free, but Green Lantern doesn't budge. Medium close-up of Green Lantern and Carol.]
Green Lantern: Carol, he doesn’t love you.
Star Sapphire: (whimpering, crying as violet flames erupt from her) No!
Green Lantern: (as Carol sobs) I’m sorry. I know it hurts. (Close-up of Carol) He doesn’t love you.
[Carol's crying stops and has a sad and shocked expression on her face from this for a moment. Slight pull back: Jessica's construct fists vanish and she tears up. After a few seconds, Carol soon returns the embrace, still crying. Extreme long shot with a slight pull back. Pink particles and small black smoking debris rain down from the sky around them as they continue the embrace. Cut to Hal and Garth.]
Hal: That is not how you hit!
[Side view of Green Lantern and Star Sapphire.]
Green Lantern: Listen, Carol, I get it. We all want to be loved, but you can do so much better than Hal Jordan.
[Cut to Garth and Hal, the latter of whom has his arms crossed.]
Hal: (scoffs) Pfft. Good luck.
[Garth raises a left eyebrow at him.]
Green Lantern: (o.c.) I mean, look at him.
Hal: Huh?
Green Lantern: (o.c.) His face is way too small for his head.
Hal: Hmm.
Green Lantern: (o.c.) He’s got terrible breath.
[OTS view from Green Lantern.]
Star Sapphire: It smells like dog food.
[OTS view from Star Sapphire.]
Green Lantern: His real name is Harold.
Hal: (o.c.) My name is Hal!
Green Lantern: The only book he’s ever read, is a playbook.
[OTS view from Green Lantern.]
Star Sapphire: I tried to get him to read Pride and Prejudice once, and he asked where the pictures were.
[Side view of them.]
Green Lantern: See? He’s a smelly, freakish, nincompoop.
Hal: (o.c.) Uh, hey, Star, (cut to him) hit her.
Green Lantern: (medium shot) Listen, Carol, you’ll find the love you need, (medium shot of Star Sapphire) when you learn to love yourself.
[Putting her hands to her chest, she powers up and levitates into the air out of view. Green Lantern watch this in a high-angle shot of with a slight pull back. Extreme long shot of Star Sapphire in the center of a gigantic heart.]
Star Sapphire: Thank you, Green Lantern. (Push-in for a full shot of her.) I don’t think I’ve ever felt love like this. My blind desire for Hal Jordan kept me from seeing how much love I had inside of me. (OTS view from Jessica; Carol descends to the ground, then runs up and hugs Jessica) You’re right, if he can’t appreciate me, then he isn’t good enough for me.
[She smiles for three seconds... but then she turns to Hal o.c.]
Star Sapphire: (to Hal, as she powers up) So be warned, Hal Jordan, (cut to him, flinching from her as she continues o.c.) one day, (as she points at him) I will make you good enough for me! (full shot of her) And then you’ll be mine, forever!
[She laughs maniacally with the camera following Star Sapphire as she flies off into the city. A violet flash of light becomes visible for a few seconds before disappearing during a pull back to frame Jessica as the sky turns back to a light blue color. Medium shot of Jessica; during her line, Hal and Garth join her and look on where Star Sapphire went.]
Green Lantern: Yeah... That’s not really a healthy attitude either.
Hal: You know, you could have just hit her, Jess. Now that she loves herself, she’ll be totally unstoppable. Trust me, I’ve seen a million chicks like this.
[Jessica punches him in the left arm.]
Hal: (holding his punched arm) Ow!
[theme music playing]